2022 vlog-making photography led fill light recommendation

2022 vlog-making photography led fill light recommendation

With the popularity of vlog video and live broadcasting, how to shoot high-quality pictures has become a problem that many people have to face. Apart from the shooting equipment itself, lighting is a very important factor. This requires choosing a suitable fill light.

I. Basic Knowledge

1. What is the use of fill light? ?
Before we understand the fill light, we must first understand the soul of photography-light; whether it is photography or photography. The importance of light to the picture is self-evident.

So what are the attributes of light that are worth studying and considering?
The first is the intensity of light: simply speaking, it is not bright, which directly affects the exposure and light ratio of the picture. Reflected in the index of the fill light is the "illumination" of the fill light, the unit is Lux, usually at a distance of 0.5m, under the same color temperature value for comparison.
The second is the contrast of light: that is, whether the light is soft or hard. Here is a small knowledge point: the larger the light source area is, the softer the light is. The reflected light is softer than the direct light. It is reflected in the fill light. It is the size of the light source area and whether it can be matched with accessories.
The third is the color of light, which mainly includes the color temperature and specific color of light. Reflected in the fill light is whether the color temperature is adjustable, whether it is two-gear adjustable or stepless adjustment; in addition, some fill lights can also cooperate with mobile phones. App, adjust RGB values, and bring up various colors.

2. Difference between continuous light and flash light
The fill light discussed here actually refers to the continuous light fill light. According to the broad concept of fill light, flash light is also a kind of fill light.
In a narrow sense, the fill light is generally a continuous LED fill light, as the name implies, the light is continuous light; the flash light, as the name implies, is a flash light.
▶ [Continuous fill light]
Advantages: visible, friendly to novices, easy to master, and suitable for various video and photo shooting scenes. Disadvantages: the light intensity is not enough, and the color temperature reduction and color display are not as good as the flash.
▶ [Flashlight]
Advantages: a burst of light intensity, good texture, can freeze the moment; Disadvantages : Can only be used for photography, cannot work in video scenes; cannot be visible when taking pictures ? Higher requirements for users.
Photos can be taken with flash and led lights with continuous light.
Shoot a video and buy a continuous-light LED fill light.

2.Types Of Fill light
There are many types of photographic fill lights, which can be divided into constant light fill lights, portable fill lights, live fill lights, etc. Here are the differences between these fill lights.
▶ Constant-on fill light
Conventional fill lights are highly professional and need to be used with various accessories, such as shadow lamp covers and soft light cloth. In terms of price, the price of this conventional fill light is also relatively high.
▶ Portable fill light
The portable fill light is small in size and low in price, and has the advantage of being convenient to carry; and the portable fill light can be divided into two types, wherein the first type is a square portable fill light, and the second type is a rod-shaped fill light.
▶ Live fill light
The use of live fill light is relatively single, and the light angle that can be controlled is relatively small, but the price is relatively affordable. The live fill light is more suitable for some video bloggers.

The FAQ about Photographic Fill Lights:
Q ①: What aspects should we pay attention to when choosing the fill light?
▶ Operation panel: It is recommended to select some photographic fill lights with simple operation. After all, not everyone is a professional photographer. Simple operation panel will bring more operability.
▶ Heat dissipation function: Some photographic fill lights with high power will generate heat during use, so the fill light with strong heat dissipation function should be selected when selecting the photographic fill light.
▶ Color temperature: The fill light has monochrome temperature and multicolor temperature. It is recommended to select the fill light with multicolor temperature to cope with different photographic scenes.

Q2: What are the reliable brands of photographic fill lights?
The well-known and mainstream brands on the market are: Shenniu, Traveler, Jinbei, Beiyang, etc.

Q③: How to maintain the photographic fill light?
Although the function of the photographic fill light is very powerful, it is also very fragile. When replacing the hood and other items, do not touch the bulb of the fill light, because the bulb of the fill light is very fragile and fragile, so be careful to protect it.

Unplug the power cord of the fill light when moving the photographic fill light to prevent short circuit of the filament of the fill light in the process of moving.

III. What indicators should be paid attention to when selecting fill light?

Fill light effect, that is, illumination, the unit is Lux, in theory, the higher the illumination, the better the fill light effect.
Color rendering index. The higher the color rendering index is, the more the color of the object or person can be restored. The basic requirement of the fill light is ≥ 92.
Control, because not everyone is a professional photographer and cameraman, so the simpler the operation, the better, remote control or app operation is a plus.
Battery life is also an important indicator for the portable fill light carried when shooting outside.

IV. Recommendation of the best fill light:

The following brands are recommended for constant lighting:
Different types of photographic fill lights with high cost performance are recommended:

JINBEI SPARK400D Studio Flash Set
The capacitance of the photographic lamp is low and customized, so the performance of the photographic lamp is relatively stable and the capacity is relatively large. The photographic lamp has small calorific value, can resist pressure and high temperature, and is suitable for mass and high-intensity shooting. The transparency of the lamp is high, not easy to fog and black, is a very good fill light!

GODOX SL60 W Constant-On Fill-Light Photographic Lamp
This entry-level 60 W camera lamp has two modes of white light and warm light. The white light is 5600-300 K, and the warm light is 3300. When choosing, you should pay attention to the model and color temperature to avoid choosing the wrong one. Equipped with wireless remote control adjustment, easy to operate; LED light-emitting chip, brightness is relatively high, color temperature and quasi-light are relatively soft, not very dazzling. The service life of the photographic lamp can be as long as 50,000 hours. The design of Baorongkou can be matched with different accessories.

JINBEI EFIII150W live fill light
Circular LED light source, stable performance, no light spots and other conditions. The heat dissipation mode of heat diversion can help the photographic lamp to dissipate heat quickly, and can also be connected to the Bluetooth of the mobile phone. ? Remotely control the camera light through the mobile phone. The camera lamp also has a silent mode without fan, which can bring a quiet shooting environment.

GODOX SL200 W 2nd generation fill light
200W power fill light, does not support the adjustment of warm light, is always bright white light, the highest color temperature is 5600, the color rendering index is also high, the interface type is also Baorong bayonet, with 7400 LUX high brightness, 200 W power is very strong, the brightness is high without noise, the light source is relatively stable, to meet some relatively large scenes fill light. The color reproduction of the lamp bead COB is better than that of the general long light.

Recommendation for portable fill light
Travor STL-900 LED Handheld Light Filler
The light of the fill light is soft, the power is large and the heat is small, so it is a very good choice for the fill light. The fill light has ten levels of brightness adjustment, which can adapt to different environmental shooting requirements; there are two power supply modes. The battery can also be replaced, simple and light shape, easy to carry!

JINBEI LS-520 LED fill light stick
The appearance and workmanship of the fill light are relatively meticulous; the fill light can be adjusted in many ways. The effect of the fill light is also relatively uniform; however, the fill light has a heavy hand feeling. It is not suitable for long-term use; there are also many kinds of scene lighting effects that can be adjusted Easy to create a sense of atmosphere!

Manbily MFL-03 led fill light
The volume of the fill light is relatively small, which is very suitable for carrying out; the color temperature and brightness adjustment range of the fill light are very large Battery life is also relatively long, can be used for a long period of time! And. LED display, you can clearly see all kinds of values, very suitable for shooting portraits and night scenes!

JINBEI LED ring light live fill light
The light of the fill lamp is very soft, not dazzling, and can effectively protect the eyes; high color rendering can achieve the effect of no ghosting 。 Three colors, can be switched at will, is a good fill light, it is worth starting!

YONGNUO YN360III PRO LED Fill Light Camera Light
YONGNUO fill light, 360 lamp beads and 60 RGB full-color lights, full-color phase can be adjusted, the light source system uses constant current drive technology in video shooting can effectively prevent the emergence of stroboscopic, color temperature between 3200 K-5600, there are RGB slow cycle lights, simulating lightning, sunrise, police car lights. And so on more than ten kinds of special fill light mode, the playability is higher, the photography light drawing is more convenient.

Iwata GS-01 fill light
Iwata brand belongs to Beijing Iwata Boyuan Technology Co., Ltd., which is a LED comprehensive enterprise. It has not been established for a long time and has a strong promotion. It has a good exposure rate on micro-blog and domestic digital websites, and is more well-known than other traditional brands.
The IwataGS-01 has 94 built-in led beads, a maximum output power of 8 W, and an adjustable color temperature of 3000-5500 K. It weighs no more than 300 grams, has a battery life of up to 18 hours, charges through the mircousb interface, and supports fast charging and charging while using.

YONGNUO YN60 fill light
YONGNUO is one of the well-known brands of photographic equipment in China. In the early years, it mainly sold products such as LED constant lights and flashers.
YONGNUO has a large number of fill light lamps, but compared with Jinbei, its product type is relatively single, all of which are constant fill light lamps, which can be divided into large constant fill light lamps, hand-held stick fill light lamps and ring fill light lamps, mainly used in video recording, live broadcasting and other scenarios.
YN60 is a portable fill light, weighing about 249 grams, built-in 5200mAh large-capacity lithium battery, fully charged, can last for about 150 minutes.

GODOX LED500 fill light
GODOX is a Chinese photographic equipment brand founded at the same time as JINBEI. GODOX has entered the market since 1993. Its high cost performance makes it stand out from many brands and its comprehensive performance is excellent. In the eyes of many photographers in the industry, GODOX is also the second Chinese fill light brand after JINBEI.
GODOXLED is similar to YONGNUO, mostly in the form of flat panel. The advantages of this kind of constant lighting lamp are low cost, simple use technology, usually no need to carry too complex functions, so the price is relatively low, between 500-700 yuan, the more the number of lamp beads, the greater the power, the wider the illumination range.