Best Phone Gimbals For iPhone & Android 2023 – Top 5 Ultimate Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Phone Gimbals For iPhone & Android 2023 – Top 5 Ultimate Reviews & Buying Guide

With the rapid development in phone technology, most smartphones can now produce videos equivalent to those made with high-quality cameras. They currently serve as the primary video recording tool for most content creators. 

However, only a few phones in the market have built-in video stabilization and shake-reducing tool to produce. This has prompted creators to adopt the use of Handheld gimbals for high-quality shots. 

 This article will give you a top 5 ultimate review and buying guide for the best phone gimbals

1. Vlogsfan’s Recommend best Phone Gimbals: DJI Osmo Mobile 6
The Osmo Mobile 6 is a professional gimbal that comes in handy when you want to capture a video with friends or a more professional one for your YouTube channel. 

2. Best 3 Times Brighter Phone Gimbal: Zhiyun SMOOTH 5S
Zhiyun SMOOTH 5S is brighter phone gimbals with a better and broader clamp for bigger phones and add-on lenses. It also has wider-spaced axes to capture a wider angle.

3. Best AI Follows Phone Gimbal: Hohem M6
Hohem M6 is an innovative phone stabilizer that will take your smartphone videography to the next level. It is incorporated with AI face recognition features for an easy caption. 

4. Best Lightweight And Portable Phone Gimbal: Feiyu Vimble 3 SE
Feiyu Vimble 3 SE has a timeless, stunning gray color with a combination of an elegant design and advanced technology to make your shooting experience effortless. The gimbal is also lightweight and foldable, making it easy to carry wherever you go.

5. Best Mini Folding Phone Gimbal: MOZA Mini-S
Moza Mini S is one of the best mini folding gimbals in the market. The mini S is polished with a three-axis design, offering content creators a wide range of shooting angles. 

Top 5 Phone Gimbal Ultimate Reviews & Buying Guide:

1. DJI Osmo Mobile 6

DJI Osmo Mobile 6 looks fantastic and more professional in its new slate gray. The gimbal is user-friendly and comfortable to handle with its anti-slip grip. Its unique handle is Stain resistant neat, and sleek.  

Additionally, DJI Osmo Mobile 6 has 3-axis stabilization that enables it to capture on-the-move, smooth captions that are great and mesmerizing. The gimbal uses DJI’S advanced technology to produce stable and shake-free videos effortlessly. 

The gimbal launches immediately after you unfold it and put a smartphone. This enables you to capture every moment without delay. 

All controls are conveniently placed to make it easy to shoot with one hand. A new wheel on the left side regulates manual focus or zoom, and the handles are user-friendly and comfortable. 

It also has a status screen with LED light indicator that lets you easily monitor the recording count, battery level, and shooting mode.  

What do we love it for?

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Functional status readout
  • Availability of a Zoom wheel
  • Extendable selfie stick
  • Availability of a tripod for smooth and stable footage
  • Additional features on  DJI Mimo app

 What could be improved?

  • A too-sensitive Zoom wheel 
  • Best features are only available when using iPhone
  • Difficult to use Stories and ShotGuides 

2.  Zhiyun SMOOTH 5S

Zhiyun SMOOTH 5S gimbals are available in white and gray colors. The gimbals are great in filmmaking as they have more features to make your filmmaking experience seamless. 

The 3-axis design makes it stand out and gives you more usability at hand tips. The more expansive space between each axis enables you to have extreme-angle shooting without any limitations. 

 Additionally, SMOOTH 5S has a strong motor performance with its magnetic steel motors with upgraded algorithms that firmly hold and power large-size phones. 

The magnetic built-in fill light with upto 650 lux for a better quality video also has 2 more magnetic mounting points you can use to add fill lights. 

With the intuitive panel control designs, you can adjust any perimeter without a hassle. 

The unbreakable stabilization is excellent for any cinematic footage. It ensures that you produce stunning anti-shake footage with splendid quality. 

 What do we love it for?

  • Creates ultra-smooth footage
  • Functional control options
  • More advanced features 
  • Accurate zoom wheel
  • Powerful Built-in fill light
  • Easy to set up and balance 

 What could be improved?

  • Not user-friendly 
  • No selfie stick
  • It's large and heavy
  • Poor translation in apps and instructions
  • Tiny mode display
  • Button functions vary depending on the app you are using 
  • horizontal shooting is inaccessible

3.  Hohem M6

Hohem M6 is sleek with a more professional look. It has a phone clip with a clipper for easy installation and still has more space for more accessories if needed. The M6 gimbal is designed for video creators, vloggers, and others in content creation.

Its 360-degree rotation enables you to capture your videos without restriction. And with the AI-powered camera, you can move around while shooting as the camera focuses on your face. This function comes in handy if you are teaching, conducting an interview, or showing your viewers something without interfering with the quality of the video. 

The gimbal also has 360 kinds of ambient light. You can adjust your lights to fit any mode of shooting you want from the 360 options available. 

M6 has CCT warm and cold fill light and an RGB dimming dual lighting option. When using it, you are assured of shooting at night or during the day. 

Furthermore, it has different controls such as time-lapse, panorama, and motion control for excellent-quality videos. 

 What do we love it for?

  • AI tracking of the subject
  • Compatibility with various android and iPhones
  • Long-lasting battery power
  • 360 degrees rotation for limitless shots

What could be improved?

  •  The hands-free feature is too sensitive

4.  Feiyu Vimble 3 SE

Feiyu Vimble 3 SE is compatible with most smartphones making it ideal for many users. The gimbal has an ergonomic button layout that makes it easy to handle with a single hand. 

Its 4-way joystick controls the camera movement and selecting photos. The dial function is easily accessible, enabling you to zoom and switch focus anytime. You can also use the album button to enter and exit the album and the mode button to switch between vertical and horizontal modes.

Besides, the gimbal is solid and stable with the latest stabilization technology, allowing it to produce beautiful and sturdy shots, even when the subject is moving fast.

 It also has an ergonomically designed rubber handle that is comfortable for your hands and allows you to get a good grip. 

Feiyu vimble 3SE has additional functions when you connect it to the Feiyu app. There are more professional functions such as gesture control, intelligent object tracking, time-lapse panorama. 

What do we love it for?

  • Smooth movement (even shooting wide-angle)
  • Extension rod
  • AI tracking
  • Using gestures to record 
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight

What could be improved?

  • Poor time-lapse performance
  • No mode display

5.  MOZA Mini-S

Moza Mini S is an affordable lightweight gimbal that features a foldable design making it easy to carry around. The gimbal has a built-in 4-stage extension rod that stretches the gimbal’s length to make self-shooting and shooting with others more convenient and more accessible for a wider angle.

 Furthermore, it has a built-in object tracking inception mode, timelapse, and other significant shooting effects, making it easy for anyone to do a shot. 

With the magic mode, you can easily choose a desired template and create professional-looking movies flawlessly. The gimbal has several preloaded templates for you to create your magic. 

It also comes with Moza genie APP. This app has editing tools such as filter, cut, and paste transitions that you can use on your smartphone. 

Moza genie also has intelligent gesture control. You can control your camera hands-free while using gestures to direct the camera. 

What do we love it for?

  • Compact and lightweight
  •  The folding design 
  • Strong and responsive motors
  • Easy to set up and use. 
  • Self-calibrating
  • Excellent stabilization on performance 
  • Great advanced features

What could be improved?

The smartphone may hit the gimbal when shooting flashlight mode or below horizontal

  • Cheap build quality
  • A complex app

What Are the Best Phone Gimbals?

 DJI OSMO Mobile 6 is the best gimbal in the market. The gimbal has a great design, a stable joystick that is easy to use, and buttons that are easily accessible at an affordable price. It also has a display that lets you see the mode and battery level. 

Furthermore, it has the latest active track, which is better for tracking subjects and shot guides, enabling you to choose creative effects. The Mimo app also has features that take your creativity a notch higher.

Hohem m6 is also a good gimbal. The latest gimbal in town has an AI track that holds the subject and gives you better steady shots. It also has a 360-degree movement that enables you to create any blockbuster film at your fingertips. 

Should I pick a 3-axis or 2-axis gimbal?

A 3 axis gimbal will allow your smartphone to capture objects on the vertical and horizontal axis and all rotations around the axis. When using a 3-axis gimbal, you can capture great, stable images or videos with ease. 

A 2-axis gimbal is more suitable for still photos or videos as it will not help with stabilization or movements. A 2-axis gimbal will only support your camera when taking pictures. 

Can l use a gimbal with any smartphone?

No, you cannot use it with any phone. Depending on the gimbal brand, you will find some compatible with some types of iPhones and androids. Before buying your gimbal, check which phones are compatible.