Camera Gimbal 101:How to use the camera stabilizer

Camera Gimbal 101:How to use the camera stabilizer

Today, with the development of short video, the stability of video pictures has become an essential element of shooting works. Whether your device is a mobile phone or a camera, anti-shake is one of the features we want to have. Because the video picture has been shaking, it will undoubtedly bring visual fatigue, even accompanied by dizziness, while seriously affecting the viewing experience.The stability of the picture is conducive to making viewers more willing and comfortable to enjoy video content, and the emergence of stabilizer is also in line with the trend of video development.

So if your device lacks a stabilization system and you want to improve the quality of your video, the stabilizer is the best way to solve this problem. Here is the popular science camera stabilizer.

I, the necessary knowledge for the introduction of stabilizer

The core of the stabilizer is the three-axis gyroscope and the supporting stabilization algorithm. The equipment is mainly composed of three gyroscope motors, namely, the heading direction motor, the transverse direction motor and the pitch direction motor, which control one dimension respectively, a bit like the XYZ axis in mathematics. The working principle is also very simple, that is, through the activities of these three axes to achieve the effect of anti-shake.

How to use the camera stabilizer:

There is a misunderstanding here, many friends think that as long as the stabilizer is used to shoot, or even without operation, the video picture is stable.In fact, before that, you have to set the initial balance value for the stabilizer system in advance, and this value is like a fixed reference object. Once the attitude module changes, it can successfully detect and report the situation to the motor. The motor responds quickly, compensates the position by controlling the direction and speed, and finally realizes the function of correcting the picture, successfully keeping the picture stable.

How about the camera stabilizer:

According to different service equipment, the stabilizer can be divided into camera stabilizer, mobile phone stabilizer, motion camera stabilizer, micro single camera stabilizer and so on. This article focuses on camera stabilizers. There are many types of camera stabilizers, which are usually classified according to weight, such as setting up card cameras, setting up stable cameras or setting up SLR cameras.With the change of the weight of the camera, the volume, weight and other configurations of the camera stabilizer will also change.

II. How to choose the camera stabilizer

How to choose a suitable camera stabilizer? Six indicators of camera stabilizer purchase.

1. Camera stabilizer brand

Brand is almost a factor that must be considered when buying high-priced products. There are still many brands of camera stabilizers, but there are five most recommended ones: DJI , Feiyu, Zhiyun, MOZA and Hohem. Friends familiar with stabilizers know that these companies are experts in the industry. If the budget is enough, it is recommended to choose the above five brands.

2. Adaptability

What you buy back is only good if it can be used. Therefore, when choosing a camera stabilizer, it is necessary to find out what equipment they are suitable for. In this process, it is recommended to ask the customer service, or find the adaptation list through the official website of the stabilizer brand. Generally, there will be a list available for download on the product page.

3. Weight

Devices like cameras are very heavy, and they are usually used outdoors. If the camera stabilizer is heavy, it is not only difficult to carry, but also the arm will be sore at the end of the day. Experienced friends must have a deep understanding of this. Therefore, when choosing a camera stabilizer, it is recommended to choose a light one as far as possible.

4. Tolerance

Tolerance refers to the space and weighing capacity of the camera stabilizer to accommodate the equipment. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to be more tolerant in case of emergency.

5. Endurance

Of course, the longer the battery life, the better. Personal requirements in this respect are still very high, whether it takes so long or not, but the endurance must be guaranteed, ah, who knows which day I will go out to shoot for a whole day. In this respect, it is recommended to choose a device with strong endurance.

6. Modularization

What is modularity? Simply speaking, it can be loaded and unloaded according to needs and matched freely, so that the weight of the stabilizer can be adjusted according to the needs of video shooting!

2023 high quality camera stabilizer recommendation

1、DJI Ronin SC
DJI Ronin SC stabilizer currently ranks first in Jingdong Mall, and its price is relatively low. Made of magnesium alloy, it is light and easy to use and weighs 1.1 kg. It's also 38% smaller than the previous DJI Ronin S, has a maximum battery life of 11 hours, and can be used with most cameras.
• Name: DJI Ronin SC
• Features: Innovative structural design, unique shooting experience,
no limit for 360 ° of translation axis,Carefully design the details,Smart Follow 3.0
• Type: 3 axis
• Application: DSLR Camera,Mirrorless Camera,Action Camera,Cinema Camera

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The DJI RSC 2 Stabilizer is higher priced relative to the recommended first, but is worth the money. The equipment can be folded, and can be changed into 6 different forms to meet the shooting requirements; the bearing weight can reach 3kg, supports 18W fast charging, and can quickly switch between horizontal and vertical screens to shoot better videos.
• Name: DJI Ronin SC 2
• Features: Foldable design, lightweight and portable,3kg load,
compatible with SLR and micro single camera,OLED display makes parameter adjustment more convenient
• Type: 3 axis
• Application: DSLR Camera,Mirrorless Camera,Action Camera,Cinema Camera

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3、Feiyu AK2000C
Feiyu AK2000C stabilizer is also very cost-effective, with a movable angle of 306 degrees, which can almost meet the needs of shooting from various angles. Made of aviation aluminum alloy, its own weight is only 1078 G, but it can weigh 2.2k G. At the same time, you don't need to install any app, which is enough to show that the operation is simple. With a touch screen, the page is also very simple, time-lapse photography and other trends can be easily achieved.This is what I am currently using!
• Name: DJI Ronin SC 2
• Features: The pitch axis can be controlled by 230 degrees, the roll axis can
be controlled by 306 degrees, and the transverse Angle axis can be controlled by 360 degrees.
• Type: 3 axis
• Application: DSLR Camera,Mirrorless Camera,Action Camera,Cinema Camera

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4、zhiyun WEEBILL S
This intelligent cloud stabilizer is equipped with a more efficient attitude algorithm, modular design, and can be freely selected. Visual OLED screen design, can directly adjust the motor force; at the same time support electronic focusing ; Endurance up to 14 hours, charging is worry-free. What's more, it supports six shooting modes, which is enough for you to give full play to your creativity.
• Name: zhiyun WEEBILL S
• Features: Honeycomb algorithm extremely fast response,The A4 fuselage
is easy to lift,Stunning upgrade of image transmission module.
• Type: 3 axis
• Application: DSLR Camera,Mirrorless Camera,Cinema Camera

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5、zhiyun CRANE 2S
The handle of CRANE 2S stabilizer is made of industrial carbon fiber, which is non-slip and wear-resistant, and conforms to ergonomics; the ninth generation honeycomb stability control algorithm It can be said that it makes stability more stable. The disassembly and assembly of the camera is also very simple, and the unlocking operation can be completed at one go. It can easily switch between horizontal and vertical shooting without additional accessories, and it is also equipped with safety locks and locking screws to ensure the safety of the camera.
• zhiyun CRANE 2S
• Features: Fast release board,Smooth and stablizaion,OLED SCREEN,
Mechanical and digital focus,360° RANGE CONTROL 
• Type: 3 axis

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6、MOZA Mini-P
The Talon Stabilizer is as small as its name suggests. At the same time, it is compatible with mobile phones, action cameras and micro single cameras to meet your various needs. It has a foldable design to make travel easier. Support Inception mode and FPV full follow mode.
• MOZA Mini-P
• Features: Support a variety of digital equipment, micro single,
motion camera, mobile phone all support, go out shooting with one is enough, strong compatibility;
• Type: 3 axis
• Application: Smartphone,DSLR Camera,Mirrorless Camera,Action Camera

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