How do Vlog beginners choose the right wireless microphone?

How do Vlog beginners choose the right wireless microphone?

What is the most important thing to solve for beginners who have just started their Vlog creation journey? Is it a clear picture quality or a creative script? No, the pickup problem is always the first difficulty that beginners need to overcome, and the key to solving this problem is to have a professional pickup microphone!

Do you really need an external microphone?

External microphones are very important, and the raw radio capabilities of most recording devices (including, but not limited to, mobile phones, cameras, tablets, etc.) are terrible. The sound is full of all kinds of background noise, environmental noise and other noise, which greatly affects the quality of the work, and professional pickup equipment can effectively solve this problem.

Which microphone is better for beginners?

At present, according to the classification of microphone, it can be roughly divided into wireless microphone, lapel microphone, USB desktop microphone, shotgun microphone and camera microphone. The appropriate microphone type can be selected according to different use scenarios. Among them, USB desktop microphone is usually used for indoor and other fixed scenes, such as live broadcasting, studio recording and other scenes. For Vlog, which requires frequent movement and long-distance recording, the wireless microphone is the best pickup device, mainly because the wireless microphone has the following advantages:

① It is not limited by wires, and can move freely during the recording process (within the range of wireless signal reception) to unlock more recording scenes.
② After successful pairing, it can be used directly without connecting various wires.
③ Easy to use, Xiaobai can also get started quickly.
④that carry is convenient, the receiver and the transmit only need to be taken away together, and wires do not need to be carry.

Wireless Microphone Selection Precautions

  1. Endurance

The length of battery life can be said to be one of the criteria to measure whether the wireless microphone is good to use. If the battery life is too short, it will affect the efficiency of recording, especially outdoor Vlog recording. When the battery is out of power, you have to find a place to charge it. The delay is several hours. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a model with a battery life of more than 5 hours.

  1. Microphone pointing

The so-called microphone direction refers to the pickup direction of the microphone, which direction will pick up the sound and which direction will not pick up the sound, you can choose according to your own needs, the common types are:

> Heart-shaped direction
Pick up the sound source right in front of the microphone. Applicable scenes: indoor live broadcast and studio recording.

> Omnidirectional
The pickup range is 360 ° per circle, applicable to scenes such as Vlog, performance, conference, etc.

> Figure 8 points to
Pick up the sound source on the front and back of the microphone. Applicable scenes: duet, interview, etc.

At present, the wireless microphones of various brands basically adopt the design of omni-directional pickup. If you plan to get a USB microphone or other types of microphones, you can make a choice according to the content above

  1. Sensitivity

The so-called sensitivity refers to the microphone's sound pickup ability, the higher the sensitivity, the more sensitive to sound, and the stronger the sound pickup ability. But at the same time, it will pick up the small sound around it, so the model with high sensitivity is suitable for use in quiet scenes such as professional recording studios. Therefore, the choice of sensitivity mainly depends on the actual needs of users.

  1. Signal-to-noise ratio

Signal-to-noise ratio refers to the ratio of the microphone's inherent noise to the output signal. In order to have less noise, the microphone's signal-to-noise ratio must be high, so the sound quality will be higher.

  1. Maximum sound pressure level

The only thing you need to remember here is that the higher the sound pressure level, the less likely the microphone is to malfunction and distort.

  1. Frequency response range

It refers to the range between the minimum value and the maximum value of the microphone in the process of outputting signals. The greater the difference, the more original sound quality can be output.

Recommended microphone models for beginners:Saramonic Blink900S

Blink900 S series mini dual-channel wireless microphone system adopts 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology, which effectively reduces the interference of other signals. It has the characteristics of low delay and stable signal transmission. It can provide a wireless transmission distance of 200 meters and unlock more recording scenes. It is smaller and more portable than the "old-timer" Blink900 B2.

In human-computer interaction, it adopts the design of light sensing and high-resolution full-color LCD display screen, which can sense the brightness of the surrounding environment and automatically adjust the screen brightness, so that users can intuitively view the current audio information and remaining power, bringing a clearer visual experience. The screen cover has a professional IML process, which can provide an additional layer of protection and effectively extend the service life.

The mainstream dual-channel design of Blink900 S can freely switch between mono and stereo modes, meet the pickup needs of two people at the same time, reduce the operation of microphone transmission, and ensure the flexibility of post-production. The TX transmitter has a built-in professional omnidirectional pickup microphone with 48 KHz sampling rate and 20-20 KHz full-band sampling, providing users with more full high-resolution sound quality.

The RX receiver is designed with a 3.5mm headphone Jack, which can support real-time monitoring. Users can adjust the recording status according to the real-time feedback recording effect to ensure the accuracy of recording, reduce the workload of later modification and improve the recording efficiency.