Hohem introduces M6 phone stabilizer with adding AI face recognition components

Hohem introduces M6 phone stabilizer with adding AI face recognition components

Today, the development of mobile phone stabilizer seems to have come to an end? Hohem, a well-known stabilizer brand, has launched the M6 mobile phone stabilizer, which has been optimized and upgraded in structure-adding AI face recognition components that combine fill light and smart tracker, and adding physical buttons for time-lapse photography on the stabilizer. With these innovations, what will Hohem M6 do?

Appearance design

The overall body of the Hohem M6 is gray and black, and the grip is decorated with twill to increase the friction of holding.

Hohem M6 fuselage adds a circle of orange decoration to the pitch motor, roll motor and multi-functional roller, which makes the overall square design more flexible.

There is a sticker on the inside of the phone clip to indicate how to install the phone correctly, and a similar design is also reflected in the magnetic suction port where the tracker is installed, which is very friendly for first-time users of this stabilizer.

In addition to a 1/4 "" screw interface at the bottom of the fuselage, there are also 1/4 "" screw interfaces on the right side of the fuselage grip, the shaft of the pitch motor and the roll motor, which can install a variety of rich expansion accessories in the later period.
A screen and various keys are integrated between the grip and the gimbal. The front integrates OLED display, four-way rocker, M mode key and zoom combination key, the right side is Type-C interface, switch key, and the left side is the A/B point setting key for multi-function scroll wheel and time-lapse photography.

One of the important upgrade points of Hohem M6 is the addition of AI face recognition components. We got the Kit version, which is an accessory in the package. It is connected with the stabilizer by means of magnetic attraction without connecting app, thus eliminating tedious operation steps.

After the correct installation, turn the switch key on the identification component, the AI indicator light will turn red, and the fill light will flash twice, indicating that it is successfully opened. The fill light is built in the assembly and can be used as fill lighting at ordinary times, which is very convenient.

The tripod adopts a hollow design, which can effectively reduce the weight. Flexible gaskets are added to the three feet to protect the main body of the tripod and increase the friction force. The overall volume is smaller than that of the tripod similar to the stabilizer in the market. However, the small tripod can only be extended at a fixed angle, and there are still some limitations in the complex use environment.

AI Face Recognition Assisted Shooting

Hohem M6 mobile phone stabilizer can directly disassemble and assemble AI components through the top magnetic design, and can realize the function of automatic tracking after opening, which is very convenient for video, short video shooting and live broadcasting, and can be completed only by one person.

When keeping a distance of 0.5 to 1 meter and facing the AI lens with an OK gesture, the indicator light turns green to indicate that tracking is on. If you want to stop tracking, compare a five-finger gesture, and the indicator light turns red to indicate that the recognition component stops tracking.

Light filling function

The identification component also integrates the fill light function. Press the multi-function wheel for a long time to turn on the fill light. Press it three times to switch the CCT/RGB modes. Press it alone to adjust the relevant parameters of CCT/RGB. By adjusting, the color temperature and brightness of the fill light can be changed.

Hohem M6 can use RGB color light, which may open up many new ideas and ways for short video shooting users. But also can be switched to the RGB mode without changing a solid color chip, so that the brightness is not lost, and the situation that the color cannot be changed due to the loss of the color chip is avoided.

Heading 360 ° Unlimited Rotation

The heading axis of the M6 can rotate 360 degrees without limit, which can enhance the creativity and shock of shooting techniques such as "Inception". Roll axis and pitch axis can also rotate 335 degrees, almost no angle limit, can meet the shooting needs of all angles.

Horizontal/vertical mode switching

The bracket that holds the phone on the stabilizer roll shaft can be adjusted to switch from landscape to portrait shooting by twisting the bracket.

The M6 has a maximum load capacity of 400 G and can support the installation of various accessories, such as the addition of mini lights or mobile phone microphones. M6's roll axis can also be adjusted, so that even if the phone is big and heavy, it can basically adapt to protect the motor and extend the life of the product, but the problem is that the stabilizer will be slightly larger, and the convenience of carrying it will be reduced.

Ultra-wide-angle shooting mode

By pressing the gun button four times, the stabilizer can be switched to the ultra-wide-angle shooting mode, using the ultra-wide-angle lens to shoot video, and the various axes of the stabilizer will not appear in the picture to affect the perception.

Time-lapse photography

M6 body comes with A/B point control keys for setting time-lapse photography, which is very convenient for dynamic time-lapse photography.

The anchor point can be set by pressing the A/B key for a long time, and the stabilizer can be quickly moved to the A or B anchor point by pressing the A/B key alone. Double pressing the A/B key will rotate the stabilizer at a constant speed for 1 minute according to the set trajectory, but if you need to change the duration, you must connect the APP to set it.

Time-lapse photography and live broadcasting need to turn on the stabilizer all the time, which has a strong requirement for endurance. In the course of our use of iSteady M6, at the end of the day, testing, shooting and shooting delay, we finally did not run out of power, and felt that it was more durable.

The M6 improves the user's experience by adding AI face recognition components, physical delay keys on the body, and no need to adjust the details of the boot. Many functions can be used without connecting to APP, simplifying the steps of using the mobile phone stabilizer, allowing beginners to get started quickly, and also allowing veteran users to explore it in depth. As a professional positioning mobile phone stabilizer, compared with similar products, it is more competitive.

Hohem, as a professional mobile phone stabilizer brand, has a rich product line, including iSteady X for beginners, iSteady V2 for vlog and live broadcasting, and iSteady M6 for professional users. You can choose according to your own needs.

1,The AI face recognition component can be used without connecting to APP, and is integrated with the fill light function.
2, that motor is strong and can be well adapt to various mobile phones.
3,1/4 screw interface are arranged at multiple part of that machine body, so that the expansibility is strong.
4,with delay setting button, convenient and fast

1,The whole can not be folded, and it is not convenient to carry.
2,The adjustment duration of the delay button cannot be set in the machine, and the APP needs to be connected.