Master Shot Experience: Hohem Launches M5 Handheld Phone Stabilizer

Master Shot Experience: Hohem Launches M5 Handheld Phone Stabilizer

On April 21, Hohem released Hohem M5, a new M series classic upgrade product. As a professional mobile phone stabilizer, Hohem M5 has made great improvements in stability, mirror effect and other aspects, and is the first choice for professional video enthusiasts.

In recent years, mobile phone stabilizers are developing in the direction of portability, and folding mobile phone stabilizers have become the mainstream products of many stabilizer manufacturers of major manufacturers. Such folding products are popular with daily users because of their portability, which is an important step for mobile phone stabilizers to move towards the mass consumer field. However, the folding design will sacrifice part of the pitch angle, if professional photography enthusiasts use this kind of product.

Many of the needs of the lens can not be met. Hohem focuses on the field of intelligent imaging equipment, which will bring some troubles to professionals in video shooting. After conducting long-term research on the shooting needs of professional photography enthusiasts, Hohem upgraded the M series classic products. Now that Hohem M5 has come out, Hohem has brought a product focusing on the essence of "anti-shake and mirror" of mobile phone stabilizer to the vast number of users.
hohem m5
Pay tribute to the classic design, the work of more than one million users
Hohem has a classic orthogonal three-axis professional mobile phone stabilizer in the global market, Hohem Mobile +, which has been popular with users since its launch in 2019, and has remained the best seller of major Amazon sites overseas. More than one million users around the world are using this product to shoot professional videos.

Orthogonal 3-axis design is the classic design of mobile phone stabilizer, and it is also the optimal design scheme of mobile phone stabilizer anti-shake performance and mirror effect at present. Under the classic design, how to further improve the product use effect, how to further enhance the user experience. Hohem deeply studies the essence of "anti-shake and mirror" of mobile phone stabilizer, upgrades the anti-shake algorithm, while inheriting the classic three-axis design of Hohem mobile +, upgrades the anti-shake algorithm.
hohem m5
1000 yuan anti-shake, the super value experience of real anti-shake
The anti-shake effect of mobile phone stabilizer comes from two aspects, one is the hardware design of the product, the other is the anti-shake algorithm of the product. Hohem M5 inherits the classic orthogonal three-axis design, has and supports the upgraded latest iSteady6.0 stable algorithm, showing the "1000 yuan anti-shake" performance.

How to judge whether the anti-shake effect is excellent? Here are two test tips:
1. The mobile phone itself has an anti-shake system, which can be turned off for testing;
2. You can check whether the mirror is silky by following the hand when moving the mirror.

1. Turn off the anti-shake system of the phone itself
Nowadays, most mobile phones are equipped with anti-shake system, but the current mobile phone anti-shake system will cause the cutting of the shooting picture. Hohem M5 and mobile phone stabilizer, as a physical and mechanical anti-shake product, can shoot pixel-level anti-shake video without damaging the picture quality.

Using OPPO Reno7 to test Hohem M5, in the case of turning off the electronic anti-shake of mobile phone, holding Hohem M5 with OPPO Reno7 and trotting all the way, Hohem M5 can still achieve amazing and excellent anti-shake effect, which is not only far superior to electronic anti-shake, but also better than electronic anti-shake. Moreover, the anti-shake effect is not inferior to the thousands of yuan mobile phone stabilizer products on the market, which is rare in other mobile phone stabilizers.
hohem m5
2. The heel effect of the vast M5
Professional mobile phone stabilizer to serve professional shooting, the mirror range is larger, some products in the mirror will appear stutter phenomenon, this is because the anti-shake algorithm is not perfect.

For example, when we use the mobile phone stabilizer to move the mirror from top to bottom, there will be some changes in the structure of the mobile phone stabilizer. Without a strong enough stabilization algorithm, we will feel obvious stuttering in the process of moving the mirror. Hohem's newly upgraded iSteady 6.0 algorithm overcomes the technical difficulty of switching stutter. It can realize timely switching of switching points in the process of moving the mirror. The mirror is very smooth and there will be no stutter.

Master-level operation makes professional video shooting easier
Excellent anti-shake performance serves the professional operation of the mirror. Hohem M5 achieves a "master-level mirror" without dead angle in the whole area, which can achieve various shooting methods such as overhead shooting, overhead shooting, low-angle shooting and so on, and can meet the multi-angle shooting needs of users in an all-round way.

Hohem M5 has a three-axis design of 600 ° course axis, 320 ° roll axis and 320 ° pitch axis, which achieves a large range of controllable angles. At present, there are few three-axis designs with such a large controllable angle in the ranks of professional mobile phone stabilizers. This allows the Hohem M5 to have a wider range of lenses and a larger operating space, which brings more convenience for shooting professional videos.
hohem m5
The 600 ° heading axis brings a more fantastic shooting effect, allowing Hohem M5 to shoot 600 ° Inception videos. Users can use Hohem M5 to shoot cool videos anytime and anywhere, making "everything in space can be 600 °", which is not available in most other mobile phone stabilizers.

The excellent anti-shake system also enables Hohem M5 to achieve smooth operation from vertical shooting to horizontal shooting to low-angle shooting. When other professional mobile phone stabilizers make this operation, most of them will appear obvious stutter. With the support of iSteady 6.0 anti-shake system, Hohem M5 realizes the smooth operation of the mirror without dead angle in the whole area, such as up and down, left and right, push and pull, etc., which brings more playability to the shooting mode of professional enthusiasts and great convenience to video shooting. Hohem M5 makes it easier to shoot professional, high-quality video.

Treasure brand focusing on stable technology
Hohem is one of the earliest brands focusing on mobile phone stabilizer products, driven by hard-core innovation, with nearly ten years of professional technology accumulation. Deep research on anti-shake system. It is understood that 18% of the annual revenue of Vast Excellence has been invested in technological innovation and R & D, and more than 100 patents have been applied for, including many invention patents and overseas PCT patents.

Hohem has launched a number of industry-leading products, such as the world's first mobile phone stabilizer with APP intelligent interaction, the world's lightest mobile phone stabilizer, and the world's first mobile phone stabilizer with built-in AI vision sensor. Its products have won the favor of millions of users in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, and it is the leading brand in the mobile phone stabilizer industry.