SHURE Announces All-New 5mm Miniature Lavalier Cardioid Microphone UniPlex!

SHURE Announces All-New 5mm Miniature Lavalier Cardioid Microphone UniPlex!

UniPlex provides the ideal miking solution for speech applications, suppressing noise from the stage, the audience, and the presenter in close proximity to convey audio information effectively! UniPlex's UL4 Lavalier Cardioid Directional Microphone is designed for corporate presentations and guest speakers in conference rooms, lecture halls, theaters, sports venues, and more, with excellent closed audio capture and off-axis suppressed cardioid pickup to minimize feedback.

Previously, highly visible cardioid lavalier microphones were required to provide the gain-before-feedback and sound quality necessary for professional speaking and presentation scenarios.Now, UniPlex delivers more relevant, high-quality audio for professional presentations and presentations!
The UniPlex's compact size matches the performance of larger lapel microphones and offers better audio quality than similarly sized miniature lavalier microphones, making the UniPlex an ideal solution for speech applications where the sound quality is not affected by noisy environments.

UniPlex uses 1.6mm Shure Plex cable technology to ensure long-term durability and wearer comfort, while staff and engineers can easily and efficiently use the microphone. The cable has a helical construction that provides dual redundant grounding and is immune to kinks and memory effects. The cable can also be fully colored to fit a variety of speakers or clothing.

Shure has created a line of Plex lavalier microphones, including UniPlex, for use with wireless solutions such as Axient Digital, ULX-D, QLX-D, SLX-D and others. In this way, audio professionals can still provide high-quality audio for various activities and performances in spectrum-limited and complex settings.

UniPlex is available in 4 colors (Black, Sepia, Tan, White) and 3 connectors (TA4F, LEMO, XLR) and comes with all the accessories you need for seamless use, including a carrying case, a snap-in windscreen and a single retention clip.
* Note: UniPlex UL4 lavalier microphones with LEMO terminals are only compatible with LEMO bodypack transmitters and preamps.
UniPlex joins TwinPlex and DuraPlex in Shure's award-winning line of miniature lavalier and headset microphones. "We know there is a need for smaller, more powerful, directional lavalier microphones for use in important situations such as presentations," said John Born, associate director of global products at Shure.

UniPlex uses Shure PLEX cables to enhance durability while delivering clarity and noise suppression, making it ideal for speakers, presenters, educators, and expanding the Shure Lavalier and Headworn Microphone portfolio.