Zhiyun Releases New Generation of Mobile Phone Stabilizer SMOOTH-Q4

Zhiyun Releases New Generation of Mobile Phone Stabilizer SMOOTH-Q4

Based on years of technology accumulation, Zhiyun has gradually explored a new form of mobile phone gimbal stabilizer products that meet the needs and habits of the public, and is committed to creating a portable, lightweight, feature-rich and easy-to-use consumer Gimbal stabilizer. Zhiyun once again released the mobile phone gimbal SMOOTH-Q4, transferring the professional level to the consumer level, thus reducing the dimension of product strength, which can be called the benchmark of the new generation of mobile phone gimbal.


SMOOTH-Q3's fill light and SMOOTH-X's extension rod have been presented in new forms in the hands of consumers and are deeply loved by the market. This time, Zhiyun is the first in the industry to integrate the fill light and extension rod into the mobile phone platform. Thanks to the accumulation of heat dissipation and integration technology, it will bring a soft and complete, excellent, comprehensive and intelligent shooting tool to the public. Zhiyun has elaborately created SMOOTH-Q4, a smartphone gimbal stabilizer.

High-quality industrial design has always been one of the most important business cards of Zhiyun. The fourth generation of SMOOTH series gimbal retains the characteristics of compact and easy to use, so that you can shoot easily by yourself. It is an excellent helper for VLOG shooting.


SMOOTH-Q4's patented folding technology really takes the lead in realizing the use of one-step folding, which can start shooting immediately with only one folding action. After storage, the ultra-small volume can be put into the backpack or pocket at any time, which is convenient for travel and daily shooting.

SMOOTH-Q4 has a built-in 215 mm extended selfie stick, which can be used to sweep the street with friends, go on an outing or go camping. When taking a selfie, you can load more pictures without pulling down any of them. At the same time, you can extend and retract the length of the extended stick at will. It can follow the pet from a low angle of view, easily capture the picture close to the ground, and also maximize the shooting height.


The SMOOTH-Q4 magnetic fill light is designed to meet the requirements of portability and fill light. It simulates the color temperature in the daytime to make the self-timer feel real and bright. At the same time, it can provide better portrait presentation on vlog short video live broadcast and mobile phone interview video recording. The fill light can also be used for portrait photography. Dark lighting, highlighting the image outline.

SMOOTH-Q4 integrates a variety of intelligent shooting functions, intelligent gesture recognition, gesture recognition in the air, and remote control of gimbal recording by one person; intelligent scene recognition Let you have your own shooting ideas in different scenes of seaside and city, and support the teaching of follow-up shooting.


SMOOTH-Q4 core stabilization technology truly enables mobile phones to achieve video-level video anti-shake effect, plus one-button intelligent tracking function, support face tracking, video protagonists are all framed in C position, whether children or the elderly can also shoot stable video films.

SMOOTH-Q4 further extends the use of gimbal stabilizer from the photographic needs of professionals to the daily life of ordinary people. Every scene we are familiar with can be better recorded in the form of video, which also allows ordinary consumers to take the simplest vlog video clips of life and retain more good memories.


-Small, folding design, 374 G, with storage bag and hand strap

-Three-axis stabilized structure for heading, pitch and roll, five PTZ modes

-Dual-control thumb wheel, which can adjust both the focal length and the brightness of the fill light

-Magnetic adsorption fill light, removable, positive and negative installation, equipped with filter

-Built-in 215 mm extension bar makes it easier to take selfies with a tripod

-1200mA battery, Type-C charging interface, 10-15 hours of battery life

-ZY Cami APP, many ways to play, easy to operate, do not understand the small light bulb.