Zhiyun Releases WEEBILL 3 Stabilizer and FIVERAY FR100C Light Wand

Zhiyun Releases WEEBILL 3 Stabilizer and FIVERAY FR100C Light Wand

With the development of vlog short video and photographers increasingly pursuing the portability and ease of use of camera gimbal stabilizer, Zhiyun has always been committed to the innovative development of lightweight stabilizer equipment. On June 15, Zhiyun released the smart camera gimbal stabilizer WEEBILL 3 and Zhiyun FIVERAY FR100C professional fill light Wand. Both of them adopt lightweight design ideas.It can work together to build a "simplified" mobile photography program, which is easy to use and can efficiently complete the professional creation of photographers.
WEEBILL 3 Stabilizer

In 2015, Zhiyun took the lead in the handheld gimbal industry and independently developed an intelligent handheld three-axis gimbal stabilizer, which reduced the mechanical weight by more than 50% compared with "Stanikon". In 2016, Zhiyun innovated CRANE1, a camera head stabilizer with a single-arm handheld structure, which reduced the mechanical weight by more than 40% compared with the dual-arm stabilizer structure. In 2017, CRANE2 with integrated professional focus was born; in 2018,WEEBILL with Zhiyun's innovative teapot design continues to lose more than 30% of its weight. In 2021, CRANE M3 with embedded fill light was officially launched, which also announced that it was the first to complete the lightweight system and enter the lightweight equipment market with integrated technology. Today, the WEEBILL 3, with its deep integration of fill light and microphone, lightweight, easy-to-use and professional performance, was launched on June 15.
WEEBILL 3 Stabilizer

WEEBILL 3 is about 30% lighter than similar products, even if it is composed of more than 390 high-precision components, plus supplementary lights and microphones, the net weight of the whole machine can still be maintained at 1130 grams, the first labor-saving bowl holder design, using the lever principle to distribute the weight of head shooting to the core arm reasonably, reducing physical fatigue by 40%, and liberating both hands. Easily operated with one hand.

WEEBILL 3 also heavily upgraded Zhiyun's self-developed pot lifting mode 2.0, which combined the inverted 7-type structure, wrist rest and pot lifting handle into a second-generation pot lifting structure. The pot lifting handle moved to the bottom increased the main power arm by more than 600% when lifting the pot, which greatly improved the stability when lifting the pot with one hand, and the large camera could be easily pried.
WEEBILL 3 Stabilizer

Compared with the previous generation, WEEBILL 3 increases 10% of the shaft arm space, 50% of the battery life, strengthens the force arm structure, integrates two complex core functions, and maintains the A4 paper size in a light and portable way. WEEBILL 3 adds embedded fill light and noise-reducing microphone to the structure. This insensitive design completely achieves the harmony of appearance and the integration of functions.

WEEBILL 3 shaft arm not only has 1000Lux fill light with high heat dissipation efficiency, but also has microphone with independent sound cavity design, which ensures scene fill light and voice radio, and the effect is comparable to the accessories purchased separately, which also makes the structural space arrangement of WEEBILL 3 difficult to reach an unprecedented level.

In addition, Zhiyun is also committed to building a team shooting program. Beginning in 2018, Zhiyun took the lead in integrating image transmission function and AI tracking technology into the platform to solve the problems of multi-scene and team shooting. The launch of Zhiyun FIVERAY FR100C professional fill light wand also indicates that Zhiyun has a new definition of the picture art of light and shadow, becoming the only 100 W high-power portable stick lamp on the market.
WEEBILL 3 Stabilizer

While maintaining a simple and lightweight design, the FIVERAY FR100C light wand of Zhiyun achieves nearly five times higher power than that of the same kind. Behind the amazing brightness of 100 W is the unique heat dissipation technology and electrical technology of Zhiyun. This stick lamp is also a benchmark. This is a professional cycle change, and the lightness of the stick lamp meets the needs of outdoor shooting, so that entry-level photographers can pick it up and use it.High power also opens up the shooting scene, making the profession accessible.

Technical Specs:-

> Power Supply: built-in lithium battery,
> PD charging time: 2H,30MIN
> DC charging time: 2H,33MIN
> Power: 50W + 50W
> Color temperature range: 2700 K ~ 6200 K
> CCT mode 6200K/100% LUX: 1200 (1m)
> Full power mode 4000K/100% LUX: 2200 (1m)
> TLCI: ≥ 97
> CRI: ≥ 96
> Dimming: 0 ~ 100%
> Number of beads: 256
> HSI full-color mode: H: hue 0 ° ~ 360 °
                                     S: Saturation 0-100%
                                     INT: Brightness 0 ~ 100%
> LUX: 62.2 (1m)
> Working temperature: -10 ° ~ 40 °
> Size: 502 * 46 * 47 (W * D * H)
> Net weight: 920 G