Global Limited 10000! 100 w Zhiyun 5x FR100C stick lamp

Global Limited 10000! 100 w Zhiyun 5x FR100C stick lamp

Previously, when Zhiyun released Weebill3 stabilizer, it also brought a Zhiyun 5x FR100C stick lamp, which was originally thought to be a more powerful stick lamp, more gimmicky than practical, but this is not the case

Considering the lightness, power supply, heat dissipation and cost control, most of the stick lamps on the market will control the power to achieve portable light filling. If I remember correctly, Zhiyun FR100C stick lamp should be the only one on the market that combines professional lighting performance, portability and provides 100 w high-power stick lamp. It is also an important part of Zhiyun's desire to build a mobile photography ecosystem.
Zhiyun 5x FR100C stick
When it comes to mobile photography, portability is very important. Zhiyun controls the overall length of this 100 W high-power rod lamp at 50cm and the weight is only 920g. Under such volume and weight, it can provide 100 W high-power lighting, and the full load brightness can reach 20708 Lux, which has fully achieved the effect of a main lamp. In terms of appearance style, Zhiyun 5x FR100C stick lamp follows the design language of Zhiyun, which is divided into black and white. Beta got the black model. Almost three quarters of the upper part of the stick lamp is the luminous lamp bead (the back is completely covered by the fan), and about a quarter of the lower part is the grip part.

The hand grip part is woven with snowflake cloth, which can not only prevent sweat and skid, but also clearly separate the lamp bead part, so as to avoid shielding when using it. There is a classic Chinese logo of Zhiyun in the handle part. The stick lamp is designed to be square as a whole, and the handle part is made of inclined guide angle. The overall grip is comfortable, but for users with small hands. The grip still has room for improvement.
Zhiyun 5x FR100C stick
The control panel is on the back of the handle, which is just in the thumb position when held with one hand, and can completely cover the operation dial and buttons. Above it is a black and white LCD panel, which can display parameter information very intuitively, including color temperature, brightness, HSI parameters in color mode, power and so on.

The control wheel follows its own new control language. This interface first appeared on the Zhiyun Smooth 4 stabilizer. Since then, many products have continued this design. Therefore, Zhiyun users should be able to get started quickly, and the operation has also been minimalist.

Can achieve a key MAX mode, 4000K color temperature can be 100 w high power continuous output, whether it is the main light or fill light is fully competent, if multiple lights are used together, it can even achieve a simple studio lighting effect, without the use of additional lights. Top-light and photometric portrait shooting effects can be achieved by using the five times FR100C stick lamp of Zhiyun.

Zhiyun 5x FR100C stick

As far as the size of the stick lamp is concerned, this power is really unexpected. The maximum power is basically five times that of the common stick lamp on the market. In order to achieve full power and continuous output, heat dissipation is a big problem. Zhiyun has adopted an active heat dissipation design this time, providing up to six cooling fans for the stick lamp. However, the noise of more fans will affect the shooting, especially the live lighting. Or for scenes that require quiet shooting.

In order to solve this problem, Zhiyun has made a lot of efforts, and has also assembled a new structure cooling fan with exclusive patent design for the stick lamp. The design takes into account that the fan noise will affect part of the shooting when the power is increased for heat dissipation, so a new structural design is adopted, which can reduce the weight, volume and noise under the condition of ensuring the air volume.

The actual indoor temperature is 28 ℃. After 20 minutes of full load, the surface temperature of the luminous part of the stick lamp bead can be controlled at about 40 degrees. Because there is no cooling fan inside the handle, the temperature will be higher, but it will also be controlled within 55 degrees. The body will feel a little hot, but it will not be very hot. And this time Beta got the engineering machine. The mass production machine has improved a lot.
Zhiyun 5x FR100C stick
With good heat dissipation and excellent energy efficiency performance, let's take a look at the specific parameters of this lamp. Zhiyun FR100C rod lamp provides 256 lamp beads, which can provide 2700k-6200k color temperature range performance. In HSI mode, the adjustable color gamut supports 0-360 ° adjustment. It can meet the needs of some professional users.

In HSI mode, the bar lamp offers three numeric settings, Hue, Saturation, and Intensity. The H is used to define the frequency of the color, the S is used to represent the depth of the color, and the I is used to represent the brightness (which can also be understood as intensity). The operation is also very simple. The four directions of the wheel are to enter the HSI mode, adjust the button and then turn the dial. This mode is very suitable for creating an environmental atmosphere.

In RGB and Max modes, the new lamp uses two different arrangements of lamp beads. In RGB mode, the lamp beads are displayed in two rows, while in Max mode, the lamp beads are arranged in four horizontal rows.
Zhiyun 5x FR100C stick
As a portable stick lamp, especially the power is so large, in addition to the heat dissipation performance, we should be most concerned about the battery life, this stick lamp has six built-in 2600mAh batteries, in actual use, the battery life performance is quite good, fully charged in two and a half hours.

100W full power can be continuously output for 31 minutes, 50W power can be continuously used for 1 hour and 04 minutes, 25W can be used for more than 2 hours, and 10W can even be continuously output for more than 5 hours and 40 minutes. The lamp body is equipped with Type-C interface, round socket charging interface and 120 W power adapter. This stick lamp supports 25W PD fast charging, which can be used while charging, and there is no need to worry about the endurance.

With more and more individual and small group creators in recent years, the "omnipotent" equipment with strong mobility, light portability, simple operation and adaptability to various environments is what everyone wants, but not much can really be achieved, and even if it can be achieved, the cost is absolutely not coming down.

Judging from the new products launched by Zhiyun in the past two years, it seems that Zhiyun intends to take this road. Whether it is the continuous subtraction of the volume of the whole series of stabilizers or the integration of fill lights on the stabilizers, it indicates that Zhiyun hopes to create suitable mobile photography for individuals and small teams and improve the ecology of mobile photography.
Zhiyun 5x FR100C stick
The addition of the new Zhiyun 5X FR100C stick lamp seems to break the expensive cost and complicated shooting process required for professional shooting. The FR100C stick lamp provides five times the power of the conventional stick lamp, simplifies the use process, improves the control experience, and enriches the lighting settings, so that one stick lamp can complete the shooting that can only be completed by multiple or complex professional equipment. It is a very worthwhile experience, which is suitable for individual soldiers and small teams to create lamps and lanterns.

In addition, this lamp is currently 10000 in the world, all have a unique number, this lamp is really good, there is a need, like to hurry up, late may not be able to buy.