A must-have artifact for video beginners — Brief Review of Hohem M5

A must-have artifact for video beginners — Brief Review of Hohem M5

More and more people are turning to the field of short video, on the one hand, through this way to enhance visibility, on the other hand, through new channels to show talent; Vlog or tiktok video, in addition to good-looking and interesting content, shooting props are equally important, not just holding a mobile phone can shoot out. Then we need to use the handheld stabilizer, which allows us to become a vlog short video master anytime, anywhere and simply.

Hand-held stabilizer, as its name implies, is a stable shooting balancer that can be held by hand. Its function is to assist the stability of shooting, so that users can shoot stable and smooth pictures when standing, walking or even running. The core of the handheld stabilizer is the three-axis gyroscope and the supporting stabilization algorithm. The most famous brand of performance and algorithm is DJI, but its high price has deterred many users. And the one to be recommended today is: Hohem Stabilizer New Handheld Gimbal Hohem M5.

Hohem M5

For the purchase, the first thing to see is the packaging, although the quality of the product should not be judged from the packaging, but exquisite, beautiful packaging will definitely give consumers a lot of first impression. Hohem M5 handheld stabilizer is such a design scheme, and the design of the outer packaging is exquisite and beautiful!

The hand-held stabilizer will inevitably be worn out in daily carrying, so it comes with a special storage bag to protect the product when carrying and transporting. The plastic shell feels hard and can effectively protect the stabilizer.

Hohem M5

The accessories of Hohem M5 handheld stabilizer include user manual, USB cable and tripod. The accessories are very complete. It is especially reminded that the tripod is a complimentary accessory.

Hohem M5 handheld stabilizer uses black as the main tone, which is low-key and calm, and the grip part has a concave design.The handshake posture of the personnel is considered from the aspect of ergonomics, so that the handle is more suitable for the arc of the palm, and a certain degree of holding comfort is increased.

As a three-axis stabilizer, this product has a built-in brushless motor, with the stability control algorithm iteratively optimized by the manufacturer, which can ensure the stability of the three directions of up and down, vertical and left and right, and can shoot stable video pictures or Vlog works even in motion.

Hohem M5

The core control area of the Hohem M5 handheld stabilizer is in the middle, including the four-way joystick, Bluetooth light, mode light, focus push button, mode button and switch button; the four-way joystick can be like the dial wheel of the camera. Adjust the direction and angle; the focusing push rod can focus effectively. ? Make shooting more comfortable; the mode key can be switched with one key With the indicator light, the user can see at a glance, and can easily realize the four modes of course & pitch following, POV, etc., which greatly facilitates the user's operation.

The Hohem M5 Handheld Stabilizer Clip can be freely adjusted to basically cover the vast majority of mobile phones on the market. The mobile phone clip also supports 8-gear rotation direction adjustment, so it is no problem to record video in landscape or portrait. At the same time, with rubber on both sides, on the one hand, it is conducive to clamping the mobile phone, on the other hand, it avoids scratching and wearing the body of the mobile phone.

Hohem M5

Hohem M5 handheld stabilizer also uses a built-in battery design, the battery capacity is 1800mAh, the official claim can achieve 13 hours of lasting life, the overall shooting is no problem; but also support reverse charging When shooting outdoors, it can be used for emergency charging of mobile phones, so you don't have to worry about not being able to charge because of no electricity.

The gun key of the stabilizer is located right behind the operation panel, with a power indicator on one side and a standard 1/4 threaded hole on the other side, which is used to facilitate the expansion of tripods, fill lights, extension rods and other equipment. Moreover, there are three expansion interfaces on the fuselage, which are on the waist, bottom and mobile phone clip, so it is easy to use a variety of tools together. In addition, there are two interfaces under the waterproof rubber plug, which are reverse power output USB-A interface and TYPE-C interface, which are convenient for users to use.

Hohem M5

With the help of the included mini tripod, it is convenient for users to calibrate or record videos, which can ensure the stability of the non-hand-held working state of the stabilizer. If you want to use the stabilizer to shoot time-lapse videos, it is a perfect partner.

For operation, the gun key: long press can switch the motion mode. When shooting fast motion, the motion mode can be turned on, so that the motor can respond quickly and the picture can be more synchronized when actually following the motion scene.

Hohem M5

The operation panel of Hohem M5 handheld stabilizer provides four shooting modes (which can be switched by one key to make the control of heading, pitch and roll more flexible), as follows:

① RF mode: following the course. When the lens of the mobile phone or camera moves and rotates with the manual direction, the pitch and roll axes are locked, and the shooting picture is more stable. It is often used to record daily life. Vlog records and other shooting effects are more shocking.

② In PTF mode, the heading and pitch follow. The lens of the mobile phone or camera will translate and pitch with the manual direction, but the roll axis is locked. The advantage of this is that the following effect is very good when shooting panorama (panorama shooting).

Hohem M5

③ L mode, that is, full lock mode, the lens of the mobile phone or camera is always kept in the same direction for shooting, with the choice of time-lapse photography, you can take a picture of time travel.

④ POV mode, pitch, heading, roll all follow the shooting, which can bring the most realistic first perspective shooting picture.

With the help of these different shooting modes, besides daily video shooting, you can also shoot cool video effects, such as Inception, Hitchcock, panoramic effects and so on.

Hohem M5

Hohem M5 handheld stabilizer uses orthogonal 3-axis design, at the same time, through the powerful brushless motor, stable three-axis motor and the newly developed iSteady6.0 stabilization algorithm, it can shoot smooth picture quality, and capture the stable picture of motion, making M5 achieve professional anti-shake.

Do not use the Hohem M5 stabilizer, directly with the mobile phone shooting experience, the video can be seen in the process of running forward, there is a slight shaking left and right, the picture is somewhat cut.

Hohem M5

With the Hohem M5 stabilizer turned off to enhance the anti-shake, the video shows that the running process is very stable, there is no shaking left and right, the viewing angle is wider, and the anti-shake effect is very good.

Of course, if it is used with Hohem "Hohem Joy" App, the effect is the best; the orientation on the APP interface provides settings, lens conversion, and flash camera settings; and the orientation design under the interface is the core area. Commonly used functions, such as slow motion, time-lapse photography, photography, video recording, Moment, etc., are available for users to use in different scenes to get a more shocking visual sense.


After selecting Inception in Moment mode and clicking Start, the course axis and pitch axis of Hohem M5 stabilizer will automatically rotate, just move vertically, and the rotation process is smooth and stutter-free. Inception is my favorite, through the rotary shooting of the subject and the environment, forming the contrast between the subject and the environment, which is an indispensable means to highlight the subject and create a sense of space.

Hohem M5

Hohem M5 has a three-axis design of 600 ° course axis, 320 ° roll axis and 320 ° pitch axis, which realizes a large range of controllable angles and a larger operation space. Professional video photographers can operate more mirrors through the vast M5. The 600 ° heading axis can also bring more fantastic shooting effects to video creators. With Hohem M5, we can shoot 600 ° Inception videos.


Compared with Inception, the zoom shooting technique is more sophisticated than the photographer's zoom technique. In Moment mode, Hitchcock is selected. After locking the subject, the zoom operation is carried out by moving the dial wheel while retreating at a uniform speed. In the actual experience, most beginners will have the problem of zoom image stuttering. I believe that after diligent practice, they can shoot the perfect Hitchcock zoom.
Hohem M5

Panoramic ring shot:

Select panoramic shooting in Moment mode, put Hohem M5 stabilizer in the area you want to shoot, if you don't want to hold it, you can install a tripod to shoot. In particular, panoramic shooting needs to place the object to be shot within the shooting range of the stabilizer to prevent the failure of panoramic shooting.

Dream rotation:

For the dream rotation, when we aim at the object we need to shoot, after choosing the dream rotation in Moment mode, the stabilizer will automatically rotate, and the picture will be full of rhythm, very cool.

Hohem M5 Stabilizer provides both a good feel and a stable picture; excellent anti-shake system Hohem M5 can easily realize the shooting mode of one mirror to the end, and can complete a series of operations from vertical shooting to horizontal shooting to low-angle shooting in one breath. With the support of the anti-shake system, Hohem M5 realizes the smooth operation of the mirror without dead angle, such as up and down, left and right, push-pull, panning and so on, which makes it easier to shoot high-quality video.