Is the DJI OM 4 SE magnetic mobile phone head worth buying?

Is the DJI OM 4 SE magnetic mobile phone head worth buying?

The DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal series is well received by users, and the latest generation of OM 4SE is also quietly coming to us. The most surprising thing about DJI OM 4 SE is its price, which is less than $100, the lowest price in DJI mobile phone Gimbal at present, and even lower than the listing price of the previous generation OM 4. So what's the difference between DJI OM 4 SE and OM 4, and is it worth buying?
Core Parameters of DJI OM 4 SE:
> Head weight: 390g
> Magnetic phone holder weight: 34g
> Battery capacity: 2450mAh
> Battery life: 15 hours
> Charging time: 2.5 hours
> Charging port: USB-C
> Power interface: USB-A

What is the difference between DJI OM 4 SE and DJI OM 4?
1. Prices have fallen sharply.
DJI OM 4 SE is a new product. It's been a year since DJIOM4 was released. The DJI OM 4 SE can be seen as a redesign of the OM 4. The biggest difference between the two is the price. The issue price of OM 4 is 899 yuan and the issue price of DJI OM 4 SE is 599 yuan. The main purpose of DJI is to further reduce the price of DJI OM 4 SE, so that more users can experience high-quality mobile phone stabilizer products.

2. Cancellation of the gift of the ring buckle
This ring clasp is a stand-alone accessory that attaches directly to the phone to replace the OM 4 magnetic phone holder. That is to say, the mobile phone can shoot at any time and anywhere on OM 4. But there are limitations to this accessory. For example, a replacement phone or replacement case cannot be used because it is a one-time use. As a result, users do not use this attachment very often, so it was cancelled on the DJI OM 4 SE.
3. Upgrade to magnetic mobile phone clip 2
Starting with the DJI OM 4, DJI's mobile gimbals have been changed to a magnetic quick-release design. Therefore, users need to use their mobile phones during the shooting process and take off the interface at any time. Eliminate the need to frequently install and remove the phone holder.

The DJI OM 4 SE also inherits this design. However, magnetic cell phone holders have some limitations. For example, when used on a larger phone, such as the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, the magnetic phone holder is tighter when installed and removed, which requires special features. Hard work. The DJI OM 4 SE is equipped with a magnetic phone holder2, which means that even the current large phones can be installed or removed more easily, and the more popular phones have better compatibility.

Is it true that many users are worried about whether the magnetic mobile phone holder is firm? The magnetic mobile phone holder has enough suction, when the mobile phone is sucked, even if the mobile phone shakes violently, it will not cause the mobile phone to fall off and break. Therefore, everyone can rest assured with the magnetic design of the DJI OM 4 SE. After all, convenience and stability are of the utmost importance.
Core features of the DJI OM 4 SE:
1. Stability performance
Stability is the housekeeping skill of DJI mobile phone gimbal. When we tested the DJI OM4SE, we went through three States: walking, running, and taking selfies. Through the video, we can see the DJI OM 4 SE in each state. The stabilizing effect is good.

2. Smart follow 3.0 and gesture control
In the video, the left side of the screen is DJI Mimo APP mobile phone screen recording, and the right side is the video shot by the mobile phone. The first half of the video shows the effect of Smart Follow 3.0, and the second half shows the effect of gesture control. It can be seen that the upgraded intelligent follower has better performance, optimizes the following response of people and pets, and recognizes more accurately. At the same time, the recognition object does not need to be located in the center of the screen. Therefore, we have a better intelligent following experience during shooting, and after gesture control, the intelligent following mode will also be turned on.

3. Dynamic zoom
Dynamic zoom is a new feature that comes with OM4, and it has been perfectly inherited on DJI OM4SE. When shooting, you can choose to go from far to near or from near to far. The zoom effect is a "Hitchcock" effect commonly used in the film and television industry. Many movies and TV shows use this camera language. This function can be easily achieved using DJI OM 4 SE and mobile phone, which is very practical and thoughtful for many users who shoot Vlog or bean sound video.

4. Time-lapse photography and motion time-lapse
In the video, I show you two important features of trajectory time-lapse photography and motion time-lapse photography. The DJI OM 4 SE can shoot static delays, track delays, and customize the tracks to be shot. As a result, the DJI OM 4 SE can shoot a variety of time-lapse videos with excellent results.
In addition, the DJI OM 4 SE has a track time-lapse feature, which is a feature of the DJI phone gimbal. To be Frank, time-lapse can be done on the move. The shooting effect is very interesting and can be widely used in various applications. This video is used as a transition scene.

For home users, travel users, Vlog users, TIKTOK and other video users, the function and stabilization effect of DJI OM 4 SE can fully meet everyone's needs, and the experience of APP and magnetic speed release is very good. In fact, at this price, DJI OM 4 SE is definitely the best choice for users.