Review:Modular and innovative Insta360 ONE RS

Review:Modular and innovative Insta360 ONE RS

Insta360 has officially released the ONE RS action camera, which still uses the same modular design as the previous generation ONE R, allowing users to change different lenses to shoot. The performance of the new host, lens and battery is better than that of the previous generation. For users who like to travel and exercise, it is a portable image shooting tool with anti-shake performance.It can meet the recording needs of users' photos and Vlog videos.

With modular design, one camera can be used to meet the shooting needs of different scenes by changing the lens.
It can be equipped with 4K wide-angle, panoramic lens and three Leica one-inch lenses.
With anti-shake function, the performance is significantly improved compared with the previous generation.
 Insta360 ONE RS

- 01 -
Appearance design:
In this trial, the author got a dual-lens package version with 4K and panoramic shooting. There are abundant accessories in the package, including camera host, battery, 4K wide-angle lens, panoramic lens, panoramic lens protective case, protective frame, charging cable, manual, sticker and wiping cloth.

Insta360 ONE RS adopts the modular design concept, and the whole machine is divided into three parts: the host, the lens and the battery. The host's own screen is mainly responsible for the core work of viewing, computing and processing, while the lens can achieve different shooting effects.

Disassembly and assembly between modules are also very simple, and it is easy to replace other lenses. It has to be said that this design idea is really good, if we can develop a more advanced lens module in the future, we can infinitely expand the camera's shooting performance.

The ONE RS camera continues the shape design of the previous generation ONE R and is very compact. The fuselage uses black and red collocation, which is more dynamic and in line with the taste of young users.

The right side of the front of the camera identifies its model number, and next to it is the working status indicator. The left side of the fuselage is an independent lens module, and the red base below is a battery. The main body is also equipped with three microphones, and its radio effect is better.

The host's own screen allows users to use the camera to shoot without connecting any devices, although the size is small, but it has touch function.

The manufacturer also configures a 360-degree panoramic lens for users. Compared with the ordinary wide-angle lens, the panoramic lens can shoot more interesting panoramic images, and give full play to the user's creativity through the later period. Its unique visual experience is not given by the general lens.

To protect the camera and provide better heat dissipation, the included protective bezel comes in handy. The author suggests using this frame throughout daily shooting, and installing a base with a standard 14-inch screw through nuts to facilitate the installation of the camera on a tripod for shooting.

It is worth mentioning that the battery used on ONE RS has also been upgraded in an all-round way, with a capacity of 1445 mAh, which is 21% higher than that of the previous generation.

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Experience a high-performance 4K wide-angle enhanced lens:
As one of the highlights of modular design, ONE RS is equipped with 4K Boot enhanced wide-angle lens, which I think is the most commonly used lens. It can take videos and photos. The new lens uses a larger 12-inch CMOS sensor with 48 million pixels, which greatly improves the image quality of still photos.

Insta 360 ONE RS can shoot ordinary JPG or RAW original format pictures, and when using RAW, it can also start the PureShot algorithm in the fuselage later. The algorithm is more advanced and can effectively improve the image quality. First, let's take a look at the specific imaging performance of the lens:

It can be seen that the 4K enhanced lens, supported by the PureShot algorithm, can get a clearer 48 megapixel photo, which is enough for daily life records.

In addition to ordinary photo shooting, this camera is also equipped with HDR photo function. For many scenes with large light ratio or large contrast between light and shade, this function can take pictures with more details and texture.

The 4K video recording quality of this lens has also been improved, and users can choose the video resolution and frame rate they need through the APP menu. This enhanced lens can shoot up to 4K 60p short films, which is enough for most occasions.

The lens can also select ultra-wide angle, wide angle and other angles of view, and support Instant Zoom function. It can be adjusted steplessly by clicking the zoom + sign on the APP screen, with a maximum zoom of 2.7 times.
 Insta360 ONE RS

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Experience fun 360-degree panoramic shots:
The imaging performance of the Insta 360 ONE RS panoramic lens is similar to that of the previously released Insta 360 ONE X2, which can also shoot PureShot algorithm (RAW) format pictures.

The panoramic shooting module is imaged by the front and rear lenses, so after taking a picture, it will directly form a panoramic photo preview that can be moved at will at the app end.

After selecting the picture to be reserved, the export operation can be performed. If the plane photo is exported, the ordinary JPG photo will be output according to the picture scale selected by the user.

The video recording performance of panoramic lens is also excellent and interesting, and it can support the recording of up to 5.7K 30p resolution short films.

After the video recording is completed, the user can process it on the APP. Because the panoramic video cannot be saved directly on the mobile phone like a photo, it needs to be uploaded to the Insta 360 community for normal browsing through the software.

Therefore, in most cases, we will choose to save the plane mode, and in the later stage, we can also choose a variety of different perspectives to switch, such as fun asteroids, ultra-wide angle, and allow users to drag the screen freely to change the perspective, and finally output a playable MP4 file after the second creation.

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Experience multiple shooting modes:
As a portable action camera, Insta 360 ONE RS is highly playable. In addition to ordinary videos and photos, it also has a variety of different shooting modes. For example, we are familiar with mobile delay, delay, stars, interval shooting, and of course, sports HDR mode for sports subjects and so on. Let this camera have multiple functions.With different lenses to help users shoot novel and brilliant works.
 Insta360 ONE RS

- 05-
The ONE RS is a full-featured, easy-to-use and highly playable action camera. It continues the concept of ONE R modularization, one camera can complete the platform ultra-wide angle and panoramic video shooting, eliminating the trouble of carrying multiple cameras, and saving costs.

The performance of ONE RS has been upgraded in an all-round way, with stronger host processing power, larger sensor size for 4K lens, increased battery capacity and so on. In the actual experience, it can run smoothly whether it is connected with mobile APP or used independently, and users themselves can constantly explore new shooting ideas and play methods, and through modular design, they can even install more lenses with better quality in the future.To make its expansion performance stronger, I believe that this small machine will be able to meet the photography needs of outdoor travel, sports, Vlog bloggers and other groups.