The first handheld Gimbal worth getting-MOZA Mini MX

The first handheld Gimbal worth getting-MOZA Mini MX

For many digital enthusiasts, handheld anti-shake gimbal should be a necessary digital equipment, especially for vlog video creators. When choosing a handheld platform, you can compare other brand products, such as Zhiyun, DJI, Feiyu, etc. From the perspective of cost performance, MOZA Mini MX is the first handheld anti-shake platform worth starting with.

From the packaging point of view, the design sense of the MOZA Mini MX is not bad, the anti-shake platform unfolded graphic, MOZA Logo, model and so on, take the simple design style.
The back is printed with the state of MOZA Mini MX after storage, which is also eye-catching.

Open the outer packaging, the second layer of MOZA Mini MX packaging is also a bright spot, all black lining + upper and lower double-layer design. The MOZA Mini MX really put a lot of thought into it.

In addition to the MOZA Mini MX gimbal, there are instructions, Type-C charging cable, anti-loss rope, a tripod and a storage bag in the package. I think for an anti-shake gimbal of less than 500 yuan, the Talon MOZA Mini MX gimbal is still very conscientious in terms of accessories.
In terms of shape, the MOZA Mini MX does play the suffix "mini" very well, the storage state is not large, the size is only 145 X 50 X 180mm, compared with the author's standby iPhone 8 Plus, the width of the MOZA Mini MX is a little smaller; There is also a complimentary storage bag, so it is very convenient to carry the two devices together.

But the unfolding state of the MOZA Mini MX is not small.The first time I opened it, I pinched my finger, because it was too tight, and I didn't dare to use too much force. After reading the instructions for half a day, I finally decided to "make a miracle vigorously", and then I was pinched.

The included tripod is not only easy to store, but also has good stability, which is very useful for those who like to shoot delayed photography.
After downloading the MOZA Genie APP and turning on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, the connection with the Talon MOZA Mini MX is relatively fast. However, the first use prompts the firmware design, and the firmware upgrade method APP also gives a hint that the overall upgrade takes about 8 minutes.

Then it's time to put it on the shelf. Open the locks of several joints first, then pay attention to the direction of the camera of the mobile phone, the degree of fixation, and then turn on the power after the mobile phone is fully installed. And the maximum support load supported by the MOZA Mini MX is 280 G, the size is also very good, the author tried a number of mobile phones, even with a protective shell is no problem.

In addition, I think that in video recording and photography, the MOZA Genie APP can be used together with the camera software of the mobile phone. After all, sometimes the camera software that comes with the phone performs better in optimization.
Of course, the use and experience of MOZA Genie APP is also very good. Take the connection for example, after opening the Bluetooth and APP of the mobile phone, the connection between the mobile phone and the gimbal can be completed in a few seconds. Then you can enjoy the richer applications brought by MOZA. Such as shooting mode, resolution, filter, zoom effect and so on.

As for the anti-shake effect, look at the dynamic GIF below, you can feel that even in the night scene link, holding the MOZA Mini MX around and back and forth swing, the overall picture remains stable, there is no too much picture shaking.

At the same time, by passing through the crowd in the night scene, the overall anti-shake performance of the MOZA Mini MX is also good. The following is the GIF dynamic picture taken by delayed photography, which intuitively shows the stable performance in the video.
However, in running and other excessive movements, the MOZA Mini MX can not completely eliminate the jitter. Through the following GIF dynamic picture, we can see that when the author runs in the hand-held state, the recorded picture still has a little ups and downs, of course, it is much better than the traditional hand-held state.

In the aspect of picture tracking, the MOZA Mini MX also performs well, especially when the face recognition function is turned on, it can easily complete various operations such as chase shooting, surround shooting and so on.

To say what bright spots MOZA Mini MX, in addition to the body compact portable, anti-shake performance is good, I think there is MOZA Genie APP video clip creation template is also worth mentioning. For example, the author's DJI Royal mini DJI Fly APP has some editing templates, which can make it easy for novices to create videos that make people look bright.
There are 17 video creation templates in the MOZA Genie APP, and these video creation templates also show the difficulty of shooting, indicate the shooting time and so on, so that users can choose their favorite templates through video preview. Of course, I also hope that MOZA can add more creative templates in the later period to bring richer creative experience.

As a mobile phone with less than $100, I feel that the comprehensive performance of the MOZA Mini MX is good. For example, the volume of storage, the performance of anti-shake, the design of keys, the creation template of its own APP and so on.