DJI RSC 2 / RSC 2 PRO COMBO Camera Gimbal For DSLR Camera

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DJI RSC 2 / RSC 2 PRO COMBO Camera Gimbal For DSLR Camera

DJI RSC 2 adopts a new foldable design, has more powerful motor performance, adds 1 inch adjustable screen, Mount Tai stabilization algorithm and fast folding shooting mode, and has excellent performance and portable body. DJI RSC 2's load weight is increased to 3 kg, using the industry's first foldable design, not only the body is more compact, but also can change different forms to meet the needs of different shooting scenes.DJI RSC 2 has a fully folded body area smaller than A5 paper, equipped with a double-layer quick-release board compatible with Manfrotto and Aka two mainstream interface standards, and the maximum battery life is increased to 14 hours.

RSC 2 continues the overall design of Ruying SC, and the main material is aluminum alloy. The most intuitive change is the use of a new unique foldable design, through different folding methods, RSC 2 can be easily switched in six forms, such as hand-held, upside down, hand-held, flashlight, vertical shooting and storage. The unique foldable design of RSC 2 makes it possible to quickly switch between horizontal and vertical beats.In the state of holding the PTZ handle vertically, double click the M button to enter the vertical shooting mode, and repeat the operation to return to the normal horizontal shooting mode.

The motor performance of DJI RSC 2 is improved by about 50% compared with Ronin-SC. It is equipped with a 1-inch black and white parameter adjustment screen and a front dial wheel. The body adopts a foldable design, which can flexibly adapt to various shooting scenes.


Foldable design, lightweight and portable
DJI RSC 2 adopts foldable design, which is not only more portable, but also can switch freely between six PTZ forms to meet the needs of different shooting scenes.

3kg load, compatible with SLR and micro single camera
Weighing just 1.2kg, the DJI RSC 2 is one of the lightest professional-grade camera heads available. Loads up to 3kg and is compatible with a wide range of cameras and lenses.

OLED display makes parameter adjustment more convenient
The body comes with a 1-inch OLED black and white adjustment screen, which can easily complete various settings with the lower rocker.

New front thumb wheel, easy to focus
Front thumb wheel added to RSC 2. Even with one-handed operation, you can easily adjust the focus point in various shooting scenes.

Hawkeye image transmission system makes shooting easier
With the help of Hawkeye wireless image transmission system, it can not only realize intelligent following function, but also realize real-time picture monitoring and Gimbal somatosensory control on mobile phones.


Accessory interface:
> NATO interface
> M4 threaded connection
> 1/4 -20 mounting holes
> Cold boot
> Image transmission/focusing motor interface (USB-C)
> RSS Camera Shutter Control Interface (USB-C)
> Focus following motor interface (USB-C)

> Model: RB2-3400mAh-7.2V
> Type: 18650 2S
> Capacity: 3400 mAh
> Energy: 24.48 Wh
> Maximum standby time: 14 hours
> Charging time: fully charged in about 2 hours with 18 W fast charge (supporting QC 2.0 and PD protocols)
> Recommended ambient temperature for charging: 5 ℃ to 40 ℃

Supported interface types:
> Bluetooth 5.0; Charging interface (USB-C)

Ronin App installation requirements:
> IOS 11.0 and above
> Android 7.0 and above

Load weight (reference value):
> 3.0 kg (Hand-held)

Maximum controllable speed:
> Translation direction: 360 °/s
> Pitch direction: 360 °/s
> Roll direction: 360 °/s

Operating frequency:
> 2.40 GHz -2.4835 GHz

Bluetooth transmit power:
>  <8 dBm
Operating ambient temperature:
> -20 ℃ to 45 ℃

> Gimbal: about 1216 G (including battery, excluding upper and lower quick-mounting plates)
> Upper and lower quick loading plates: about 102 G
> Handle extension stand (metal version): approx. 226 G
> Handle extension stand (plastic version): approx. 160 G

> Head folding: 260 × 210 × 75 mm (including handle)
> Working condition: 400 × 185 × 175 mm (height with handle, without handle extension stand)


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