AstrHori 85mm F2.8 Macro 3-in-1 Manual Full Frame Lens

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The AstrHori Full Frame Lens is a versatile and high-quality lens designed to provide excellent macro capabilities and stunning portrait photography. With its 85mm focal length and F2.8 aperture, this lens delivers sharp and detailed images with beautiful background blur. The 3-in-1 functionality of this lens allows you to switch between three different modes: macro, portrait, and manual focus. In macro mode, you can capture intricate details and close-up shots with a minimum focusing distance. In portrait mode, the lens produces flattering and professional-quality portraits with a pleasing bokeh effect. The manual focus mode gives you full control over your focus for precise and creative compositions.

Excellent Image Quality:-

This Lens designed to deliver outstanding image quality. The combination of the 85mm focal length and the fast F2.8 aperture ensures sharpness, clarity, and beautiful background separation. The lens engineered to minimize aberrations and distortions, resulting in images with superb color accuracy and contrast.

Full Frame Compatibility:-

This lens is specifically design for full-frame cameras, providing comprehensive coverage and maximizing the capabilities of your camera's sensor. It captures images with exceptional detail and resolution, allowing you to make large prints or crop your images without compromising quality.

Precise Manual Focus Control:-

The manual focus operation of the AstrHori 85mm F2.8 Macro Lens gives you full control over your focus. This allows for precise adjustments, enabling you to emphasize specific details or create selective focus effects. Manual focusing is particularly advantageous in macro photography, where precision and control over focus are crucial.

Versatility for Macro and Portrait Photography:-

The AstrHori 85mm F2.8 Macro Lens offers versatility for both macro and portrait photography. It allows you to explore the tiny details of the macro world and capture stunning close-up shots of flowers, insects, and other small subjects. At the same time, it excels in portrait photography, producing beautiful and flattering portraits with a pleasing bokeh effect.