Benro BV6 BV4 BV8 BV10 Series Camera Tripod video Tripod

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Benro BV6 BV4 BV8 BV10 Series Camera Tripod video Tripod

Benro BV4, BV6, BV8, BV10 series is a professional camera tripod, it has hydraulic head, strong stability, suitable for a variety of terrain. It can easily meet all kinds of creative shooting needs.

Key feature:

1,10 Kg load bearing professional camera.

2,Independent locking mode, ergonomic streamlined design, easy locking and more labor-saving.

3, BV series foot pad analysis: removable foot pad, easy to cope with different terrains.

4,The handle can be installed left and right: the photographer can install the panning handle according to his personal use habits.

5,The length of the handle can be adjusted: the handle can be freely extended and retracted by adjusting the knob, and the photographer can adjust it according to his habit.

6,Foot tube storage locking buckle: The detachable foot tube storage buckle avoids the inconvenience of accidental opening of the tripod during the journey.

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