Benro GA168TB1 Aluminum Camera Tripod With B1 Ball

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Benro GA168TB1 Tripod Aluminum Camera Stands Monopod With B1 Ball|

Bino SystemGo series GA168TB1 is made of high-strength magnesium-aluminum alloy, which greatly improves the overall rigidity and shock resistance. It can be folded and stored, which greatly reduces the storage volume and is easy to carry out. The central axis can carry out 90 ° horizontal shooting and 360 ° horizontal rotation panoramic photography, full of creativity, the new Bino B series improved professional three-axis spherical head, up to 12 kg load, and a smoother sense of operation. Let us have a better photographic experience. When shooting macro and scenery, the camera can be exposed horizontally, which makes the composition more convenient.

Key feature:

1,The new Bino GA168TB1 tripod suit adopts Bino high-strength aluminum alloy material and magnesium alloy parts manufacturing technology, which has stronger support, stability and shock resistance.

2,It can be folded and carried, and its volume is smaller, so it can be easily carried on board when traveling and shooting.

3,Benro II head B series. In addition to the main locking knob and the horizontal locking knob, this Head also has a separate damping adjustment knob for the head. The independent design of the main locking knob and the damping fine adjustment knob is convenient for real-time adjustment, and it is convenient to deal with different camera configurations by adjusting the tightness combination separately.

4,After the safety button at the bottom of the central shaft is removed, the head bearing plate and the Head loading camera can be installed for use. At the same time, we can press the safety seat at the bottom of the central shaft, and then let the central shaft enter the horizontal pivot sleeve to complete the horizontal operation of the central shaft. In addition, the bottom of the central shaft can be provided with a hanging hook to facilitate the hanging of heavy objects to stabilize the camera shooting.