DJI Ronin SC Cameras Gimbal With 3-Axis Support Most Camera Brands

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DJI Ronin SC cameras gimbal with 3-Axis support most camera brands

Designed for mirrorless cameras, the Ronin SC weighs only 1.1 kg, is about 38% smaller than the Ronin S, is easier to hold in one hand, and has a load capacity of 2 kg, supporting most mainstream mirrorless cameras.

Ronin SC is equipped with a three-axis mechanical lock, which can lock the axis arms in three directions of the Gimbal separately, adjust the three axis arms to the same plane when storing, and add a memory slider on the edge of the camera quick release plate. Compared with Ronin S, the leveling and disassembly efficiency of Ronin SC will be significantly improved. Ronin SC has a conductive slip ring in the translation shaft, so that the translation shaft can rotate 360 degrees continuously.

After connecting the mobile phone, through DJI Ronin App, Ronin SC can also achieve panoramic photography, mobile phone somatosensory control, track video, fixed-point delay, intelligent follow 3.0, track delay and other rich play methods. Like the Ronin S, the Ronin SC is available in two versions, the Regular Edition and the Professional Package. In addition,Users can choose and buy a variety of accessories according to their needs, such as focusing motor, focusing wheel, battery handle, mobile phone clip, accessories adapter plate, etc.

Compared with the price of Ronin S ordinary version and professional package, Ronin SC has made an addition in function and a subtraction in price.


Light, With no difficulty
Made of lightweight magnesium alloy and high-strength composite materials, it weighs only 1.1 kg, reduces its volume by about 38% compared with Ruying S, and is only A4 paper size after disassembly. Comfortable to hold, easy to shoot stable and smooth video.

Excellent performance, the same strain
Powerful motor from Ruying series products is used, and the torque is strong. Under the strict test standard of DJI, the load reached 2.0 kg. The shutter release supports mainstream camera brands, can control the shutter and focus, has good compatibility, and can be used with most mirrorless cameras.

More stable, fast response
DJI continuously optimizes the Gimbal stabilization algorithm for a variety of shooting scenes, which can cope with a variety of complex environments. In the motion mode, it will detect the user's action changes in real time, dynamically adjust the following speed of each axis, and be able to follow quickly and easily shoot various fast motion shots.

Innovative structural design, unique shooting experience
Innovative non-orthogonal Gimbal design, not easy to block the camera screen, can better adjust the composition when shooting; In the direction locking mode, with the unique Gimbal structure, the seamless switching between high and low positions can be realized.

There is no limit for 360 ° of translation axis
The built-in conductive slip ring of the translation axis can achieve 360 ° continuous rotation. After the 3D 360 rotation function is turned on, the rocker is pushed left and right to make the camera rotate continuously in the roll direction, bringing dazzling creative effects.

Carefully design the details
Excellent human-computer interaction, reasonable key layout, one hand can complete the Gimbal back to the center, enable the motion mode and other operations. The radian of the handle conforms to ergonomics, making it more comfortable to hold.

Creation mode
The powerful DJI Ronin app brings a more experience-friendly creative mode, without additional equipment and complex settings, simple operation can achieve shocking results.

Smart Follow 3.0
When shooting, press the mode switch button or direct box selection, and the Gimbal can immediately start to follow the shooting target. The motion of that follow process is smooth, and the composition can be maintain. From now on, there is no need to be distracted by follow-up and focus on content creation.

Mobile phone somatosensory control
Use the mobile phone to control the movement of the Gimbal, remote control the Gimbal in a simple and intuitive way to complete the operation of the mirror, even if there is no experience in using the Gimbal, it can also be operated quickly. The control algorithm is deeply optimized, with low latency, rapid Gimbal response, sensitive and smooth control.

Making the Profession Simple
DJI Ronin app presets a variety of scene parameters, with a more friendly and intuitive graphical interface, eliminating complicated equipment debugging and parameter setting operations, making shooting simple. Built-in leveling instructions and video instructional tips help you get up to speed quickly.

Mechanical shaft lock, faster disassembly and assembly
The three-axis mechanical lock can lock each axis arm, which is convenient for leveling and storage. After the first leveling, you can use the memory slider to fix the leveling position of the camera, and the same set of equipment can be installed and used without leveling again.


> Accessory connector: 1/4 "mounting hole, 3/8" mounting hole, camera control/accessory connector, charging connector (USB-C), RSA accessory expansion connector
> Load weight (reference value): ≤ 2.0 kg
> Angular jitter: ± 0.02 °
> Supported interface type: Bluetooth 5.0; Charging interface (USB-C)
> Installation requirements for DJI Ronin app: iOS 9 and above; Android 5.0 and above
> Operating current: Quiescent current: 0.2 A
> Transmit power: ≤ 8 dBm
> Operating ambient temperature: -20 ° C to 45 ° C
> Maximum controllable speed:   
                Translation direction: 180 °/s
                Pitch direction: 180 °/s
                Roll direction: 180 °/s
> Weight:
     Gimbal: about 830g
     Handle: about 258 G
     Tripod: about 160g