Funsnap Capture π Foldable Handheld Gimbal Stabilizerfor Mobile Phone

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Funsnap Capture π Foldable Handheld Gimbal Stabilizerfor Mobile Phone

Funsnap Capture π is a metal folding three-axis mobile phone head, which is small, light and easy to store. It has the functions of intelligent template editing, panoramic magic, live tracking, automatic adjustment and so on. It uses the eighth generation Smooth V + anti-shake technology, quaternion control algorithm, and powerful motor support to make the picture stable without virtual shadow. A gesture can control photography and video recording. It's that simple. Smart APP allows you to share various social media anytime and anywhere. It can work for 12 hours after charging for 3 to 4 hours. Funsnap Capture π is an indispensable handheld head for outdoor enthusiasts.

 Key feature:

1,Magnesium-aluminum alloy, light and convenient: 0.8mm magnesium-aluminum alloy arm, bearing capacity, both light and stable.

2,Ultra-wide-angle shooting: The newly upgraded design supports the wide-angle lens of the mobile phone, and the shooting is no longer blocked.

3, template shooting; intelligent shooting template, easy to shoot a blockbuster with one key.

4, Inception, easy blockbuster: master technique, the camera rotates to shoot the movie picture.

5, M key one key switch horizontal and vertical shooting: no manual adjustment, one key easy to switch mode, to meet different scenes shooting.

6, Hitchcock: Simple control of zoom speed shooting, play Hollywood blockbuster shooting techniques.

7, live tracking, outstanding C: support third-party software live tracking face, occupy the C.

8,Motion anti-shake: professional motion camera anti-shake algorithm makes motion shooting more stable.

9,Running time up to 12 hours,3~4 hours to fully charge.


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