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The Godox SL series hasevolved to provide a more convenient and efficient experience.Inheriting the excellent quality and performance of the predecessor.now the SLIll(SL150111 / SL150111Bi/ SL200111/ SL200111BiSL300Ill / SL300ll1Bi) comes with the added Godox Light Appcontrol, offering you more flexibility on set. lt's an ideal solutionfor live streaming, broadcasting, and other video applications.


1,Incredible Output.

The SLIll creates impressive illuminance, especially with the included reflector, providing you with highly effective value at its output. The step less adjustment from 0% to 100% ensures precise

and flexible control to achieve the exact lighting you want.

2,Free Option of Color Temperature.

SL1501l1/SL2001l1/SL300lll features 5600K day light-balanced lighting, suitable for users who only pursue intensity. The Bi-color version SL1501Bi/SL2001l1Bi/SL3001l1Bi enables you to match the ambiance or other lights on a set in the shortest time without worrying about gels or filters.

3,Control it in Hand.

In addition to the intuitive on-board operation and RC-R9 remote the SLlll can also be controlled by Godox Light App, with which all complex coordination can be achieved at your fingertips.

4,High Color Fidelity.

With a high CRI/TLCI rating of 96/97, the SLIll reproduces faithful colors and delivers natural results, greatly saving your time for post-production.

5,Built-in FX Effects.

With built-in cinematic FX effects, the SLlll brings simulated lighting scenarios to your set and provides more creative possibilities.

6,Set it at Will.

The rotatable U-shaped yoke offers excellent flexibility and can be used with most light stands. You can easily set the lights at any angle you want, catering to your different requirements on


7,Wide Compatibility.

Equipped with the Bowens mount, the SLlll is widely compatible with a versatile system of modifiers, opening up more possibilities for creators.


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