Hohem iSteady M5 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

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Hohem iSteady M5 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

The current is a vlog short video era, walking in the streets and alleys can almost see people playing short video; at the same time, many people also like to use mobile phone recording. The vlog short video records the dribs and drabs of life.

Hohem M5 handheld stabilizer is very cost-effective, with outstanding hardware design and professionalism. Hohem M5 adopts three-axis design (orthogonal three-axis design), and is equipped with the developed iSteady6.0 anti-shake system, which has very high stability and more smooth mirror operation. Similar to this professional hardware configuration, the most expensive handheld PTZ in the market has reached more than $200, while Hohem M5 directly uses half the price to achieve almost the same stability effect and mirror effect, which can be said to be a professional handheld PTZ with high cost performance in the current market.

From the point of view of easy carrying and grip comfort, Hohem M5 is equipped with a special storage bag, and 474g is also a relatively light weight, so it is not a big problem to carry it out. In addition, thanks to the smooth ergonomic body design, multi-function operation can be carried out with one hand.

From the functional experience, the vast M5 is easy to use, and the overall function operation is not complicated. Especially with the addition of the classic structure design of orthogonal three-axis, the angle of this stabilizer is more free, the heading axis can reach 600 degrees, the roll axis can reach 320 degrees, and the pitch axis can also reach 320 degrees. In addition, due to the iSteady 6.0 algorithm, it brings a smooth transition experience.


Hohem M5 as a professional mobile phone stabilizer, the official attached storage bag makes up for the lack of portability, and the customized storage bag effectively avoids the shaking of the stabilizer in the process of carrying.

M5 is almost unique in the shooting of Inception, which can rotate up to 600 degrees. In the shooting mode is also very rich, in addition to the indicator light on the four, long press the gun key can also achieve sports mode.

High degree of APP customization:
Video resolution and frame rate can be switched through hohem joy. You can set the function of the four-way rocker according to your own habits.

Difficulty of getting started:
As a professional mobile phone photography gimbal, M5 is suitable for both professional video experts and beginners. Simple because the basic functions can be understood at a glance, and there are templates for beginners to apply.

Product highlights:
① Multiple preset interfaces,There are three quarter screw holes in the whole machine, which can meet the needs of microphone and fill light when we use it.
② Long battery life, charging for 2 hours, the longest battery life can reach 13 hours, and it can also power our mobile phones.
(3) The operation is flexible, and it is very convenient to operate the four-way remote sensing and gun keys with either the left hand or the right hand. In terms of horizontal and vertical screen switching, this way of rotating the handle is relatively novel (perhaps people think that non-orthogonal axis horizontal and vertical screen switching is more efficient).
④ Compatible with native cameras. The native cameras of Millet 10 Pro, OPPO Reno 7 Pro and One Plus ACE can control the switching of video and photography, zoom and the control of front and rear lenses through remote sensing.

Technical Specs:-

> Model: M5
> Weight: 74 G
> Bearing capacity: maximum bearing capacity 280 G
> Anti-shake performance: orthogonal design, three-axis anti-shake
> Main material: high performance composite material
> Compatible phone width: 58mm ~ 89mm
> mechanical property: heading 600 ° (full 360 ° rotation), roll 320 °, pitch 320 °     
> Endurance: 13 hours
> Charging time: 2 hours
> Battery capacity: 1800mAh
> Charging current: 2A
> Emergency Charging: Support