Hohem M6 Mobile Phone 3 Axis AI Stabilizer

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Hohem M6, as a smart stabilizer product featuring mobile phone shooting crowd, is a very professional mobile phone stabilizer with strong stabilization effect, global free mirror effect, innovative AI visual follow-up function and rich light and shadow effects. Of course, M6 is also a very easy to use mobile phone stabilizer, professional button layout makes shooting faster and more accurate, intelligent one-button finished Moment template helps users lower the threshold of shooting. The Hohem M6 is a great choice if you like to use your phone for all kinds of high-quality video capture.

360 kinds of ambient light
With CCT cold and warm fill light & RGB dimming dual lighting mode options, and support for infinite color, adjustable color up to 360 kinds, clear night shooting, light up more creativity.

Super wide angle shooting
Support classic mode and ultra-wide-angle shooting mode two-way boot, meet different photography habits, create more freely.

Global Free Motion Mirror
335 ° super large pitch angle, low angle one mirror to the end, to achieve no burden on the full angle attitude of the mirror.

ISteady 7.0 Anti-shake system
Steady the big scene, let you walk to shoot, run to shoot, even if it is fast movement, can easily shoot a movie sense of high-definition picture quality.

Multifunctional roller
Control the stabilizer to roll, adjust the shooting picture, CCT & RGB dual dimming.

Memory A/B key
Record the shooting track intelligently, set the starting point quickly, move the delay, and start shooting directly

Shortcut gun key
Turn on the extreme sport mode with one key, quickly return to the center, switch to the ultra-wide angle shooting mode or enter the full lock mode.

400 G extra weight
Four-way expansion port, strong motor performance, load-bearing up to 400g, can carry more professional accessories, help you shoot more good works

18H ultra-long endurance + reverse power supply
Two-way endurance, mobile phone emergency power supply companion, refuse low power anxiety.

AI follows
No need to download APP, connect Bluetooth, boot through simple gesture commands, quickly open the follow-up.

To achieve cross-software and third-party platform interaction, mobile phone native camera, beauty software, short video and live software can achieve follow-up.

360 ° Endless Inception
Private "special effects master", the creation is endless, there is no need to worry about the angle is limited, the view is not complete, how to turn, so that the creation does not leave regret: no APP support, just press the mode button three times, surreal special effects blockbuster at your fingertips.


> Weight: 551 G
> Main material: high performance composite material
> Maximum load: 400g
> Clamp stretching range: 58mm ~ 98mm
> Battery capacity: 2600mAh/7.4 V
> Charging time: 3 hours
> Battery life: 18 hours
> mechanical property:
       Heading: 360 ° unlimited
       Roll: 335 °
       Pitch: 335 °
> Operating temperature range of stabilizer: -10 ~ 45 ℃
Motor protection device: when misoperation is harmful to the motor, the stabilizer will automatically shut down to protect the motor