Ko-star M-500 High-quality USB desktop microphone

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USB socket, plug and play
It is suitable for clear pickup and multimedia microphone for online classes, competitions, recording and live broadcasting.

Clear pickup, multimedia microphones
Suitable for a variety of scenes, clear pickup allows you to record
The effect is charming and pleasant to listen to without distortion.

Easily handle a variety of scenes to meet your different scenes
It is suitable for live broadcasting, competition, podcast, storytelling, speech, etc.
Sound quality of professional recording studio brings more real and delicate sound

Digital echo cancellation
Acoustic pickup, noise removal
Implementation of Intelligent Processing Algorithm with Powerful Audio Core Fusion
Removes 99% of the noise from the raw material

360-degree omnidirectional high-sensitivity pickup
360-degree omnidirectional pickup, omnidirectional design so you don't have to get close
It is also easy to record everyone's speech at the meeting.

Can be externally connected with sound box/earphone and other equipment
Microphone 3.5mm audio interface, external speaker
Or a device such as a headset

USB interface, plug and play free driver
Supports desktop, laptop, Mac, etc.
Compatible with multiple systems

Convenient switch design with indicator light prompt
Switch status at a glance Rotate volume up/down key
The volume can be adjusted at will

Powerful, intelligent and compatible
Notebook and desktop computers can be used.
Live broadcast software such as karaoke, games, live broadcast and chat
Recording makes your recording effect charming and pleasant without distortion.

Technical Specs:-

> Diameter: 14* 6.5mm
> Head pointing: all pointing
> Sensitivity :-30±2dB
> Impedance: 2.2 kω
> frequency response :100Hz to 10,000Hz
> Operating voltage :5 volts DC
> Port: USB
> Main control chip: SSS1623
> Bit depth: 16-bit
> sampling frequency: 48khz
> Standard wire length: 1.7m
> Dimensions: φ78mm*28.5mm