MAONO DM30 RGB Gaming USB Condenser Microphone

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High-performance dynamic variable voltage, ultra-low noise and no interference
DM30 microphone is equipped with professional compressor technology to control the dynamic range of sound, which limits the dynamic range of recorded audio. Powerful ultra-low noise transformer technology can effectively reduce the interference of keyboard sound, mouse sound, air conditioning sound and other environmental sounds.

Intelligent adjustment of radio intensity
Equipped with professional radio limiter technology, intelligent control of signal strength, automatic adjustment of sound distortion and explosion caused by excessive volume, the sound output is still stable at the moment of passion.

4 EQ modes
Designed for gamers, 4 equalization modes can attenuate low-frequency noise interference in the environment, highlight the human voice, and make the sound more accurate and clear.

Simplify the complex, multi-functional one-key operation
The microphone uses a multi-function knob button to control the gain and adjust the microphone reception distance; long press to switch and adjust the volume of the monitor earphone. ; Short press of one key to mute ? Easy operation and control.

Monitor sound control
The microphone is equipped with a monitoring switch function, connected to the headset, you can hear the computer sound and your own voice when you turn it on, and you can only hear the computer sound when you turn it off, so you can easily adjust the sound you want to hear.

4 exclusive timbres to make game voice more interesting
With the microphone tone adjustment function, players can switch the four tones of deep, natural, bright and classic according to their sound preferences, and easily have the sound effect you want.

Metal weighted shock absorption base, skin-friendly non-slip silicone
The microphone angle is adjustable, the metal weighted shock absorption base is designed, and the bottom is equipped with skin-friendly anti-skid silicone, which can effectively reduce the vibration caused by knocking and collision, and stabilize the transmission.

8 RGB light switching
Eight kinds of RGB atmosphere lights are specially designed for game scenes, with 7 colors of dazzling dynamic breathing lights, so that games and live broadcasts can be immersive and ignite the fighting power of blood.

Maono Link exclusive software, one-stop portable management
Use the MaonoLink control software on the PC/Mac side to adjust the advanced audio settings of the microphone, adjust various functions and States of the microphone in real time, and expand the sound experience.

Plug and play, no waiting
Microphone is equipped with USB interface, easy to connect computer equipment, driver-free, plug and play, bottom standard 3/8 "and 5/8" thread interface, you can connect any stand you like.

Technical Specs:-

> Model: DM30    
> Type: Capacitor    
> Directivity: cardioid pointing    
> Sensitivity: -4dBFS (1V/Pa at 1kHz)    
> Frequency: 20Hz ~ 20kHz    
> Interface type: USB interface