MAONO PD100 Podcaster Dynamic XLR /USB-C Microphone

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MAONO PD100 Podcaster Dynamic XLR /USB-C Microphone

The PD100 is designed for anchors, bloggers, singers, voice actors and gamers. It has broadcast-quality sound. It works with the Maono

caster AME2 or AC2 and Maono's latest audio interface. The PD100 Video XLR Microphone also includes a metal bracket system for attaching a boom arm or for placement on a table.

Fixed brake ring sound head, broadcast-grade sound quality:-

Fixed brake ring sound head, comprehensively upgrade the audio performance, highlight the middle and high frequencies, the voice is full and loud, clear and natural, and the penetration is stronger.

Digital noise separation, intelligent noise reduction and purer sound quality:-

The same dynamic radio technology of Tianwangxin PD400X adopts intelligent digital noise separation technology to effectively reduce environmental noise interference, output clear and full real human voice, and experience high-quality and purer sound quality.

1 + 1 physical noise reduction, double filtering protection:-

Built-in double-layer blowout prevention net, double physical filtering noise, more effectively reduce the impact of air flow on microphone reception under the condition of ensuring sound permeability, and the noise reduction is better.

The heart-shaped directivity enables the receiver to concentrate the sound and make the sound clearer:-

The heart-shaped directivity enables the receiver to pick up more sound from the front of the microphone, block the sound input on both sides and the back, effectively suppress the background noise, and concentrate on recording the sound more clearly.

Control the gain with one key and intelligently adjust the radio distance:-

The microphone is equipped with a large gain knob. Turn the knob to adjust the microphone gain. Adjust the microphone volume and radio distance with one key.

XLR/USB lossless transmission meets more professional requirements:-

XLR/USB-C interfaces are available. Through the XLR interface, you can connect professional sound cards, mixing consoles and other audio equipment. When connected through the USB interface, the digital lossless transmission has rich audio adjustment functions.

Plug and play without driver:-

microphone plug and play without driver, easy to connect mobile phones, computers, Sound card, mixer and other equipment.



Microphone Type


Polar Pattern


Frequency Response



 -54+3dB@1kHz 0dB=1V/Pa 

Maximum SPL

132dB SPL

Audio Output


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