Marsace ET-0541S/0551S Camera Tripod Set

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MV-10 2D damping Marsace ET-0541S ET-0551S tripod camera set

Marsace ET-0541S is a professional tripod, suitable for most shooting settings such as weddings, field scenery, news interviews, etc. That means it's a  wonderful option for photographers. Tripods may be utilized for lengthy periods while still shooting, preventing camera wobble. It can still be used as a monopod after being disassembled.

Design Capabilities 

  • Marsace ET-0541S has a tiny camera damping head that works with the fans to create a simple, light, and stable tripod without a central axis.
  • The quick assembly plate's quick disassembly charges the clamping seat from knob type to quick disassembly, which is quicker.
  • To make it easier to fix the quick mounting plate horizontally or vertically, the clamping seat of the quick mounting plate increases panoramic rotation.
  • To satisfy your photographic needs, the uniquely created metal ball head can rotate 360 °. You may acquire the perfect shot and spectacular results thanks to the precise 360° scale, which realizes accurate image alignment and obtains free angles. 
  • You can also employ the central column's upside-down position for macro photography to get a closer look at the object. You can fire anything at a lesser angle and lengthen the central column by rotating the knob mechanism.

User Experience

  • Built-in locking gasket. Compared to the industry standard two-piece gasket, the integrated locking gasket is easy to disassemble and has a longer lifespan.

Compatibility is also considered, and the quick-release board can be installed and disassembled more rapidly.

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