Miliboo MTT705BS Aluminum Carbon Portable Trip Camera Monopod

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Miliboo MTT705BS Aluminum Carbon Portable Trip Camera Monopod

The Miliboo monopod has a 4-section 3-section design, with a minimum height of about 77 cm and a maximum height of about 192 cm. You can also remove the middle section of the monopod, leaving only the head and claws to form a shorter desktop mode. The highest height is higher than me, but the average person should not use such a high to shoot, if you have to use it, it's okay to take pictures, but it's hard to stabilize the video.

The foot tube is made of 8 layers of carbon fiber, and the thinnest section is about 2cm. The thickest section is about 3.4 cm and looks very strong. When the monopod is assembled and held in the hand, the first feeling is that it is not light. Although the foot tube is made of carbon fiber, the head and claw use a lot of metal, so the whole monopod is not light. The weight of the hydraulic head is more than 1 kg. The whole assembled monopod weighs about 2300 grams, which is about twice the weight of many lightweight carbon fiber tripods, so the monopod is not necessarily portable, but the maneuverability is certainly not bad.

The Head supports 360-degree rotation, 90-degree overhead shooting and -75-degree overhead shooting. By turning the camera, you can also achieve 90-degree overhead shooting, but you need to adjust the direction of the handle or remove it. The locking design of the ball head of the claw is more scientific. A nut is clamped between the ball head and the tripod. This design can effectively reduce the pressure of the ball head and will not cause shaking after locking.


> Lightweight monopod with 4 sections foot tube,convenience ,suitable for DSLR ,camcorder.
> Heavy capacity & strong tube thickness which can load 10kg object.
> Ergonomic buckle design,which open and fold it quickly to save time and power.It also protect hands no danger while using.
> Unique 90° angle photography design,realize multi-angle and multi-function photography.360° horizonal achieve your any angle shooting requires.
> Removing the head,monopod can be spilt into mini tripod and alpenstocks.
> Quick release plate adpots baroclinic type installation and common use in Manfrotto 5 Series.
> Advanced Hydraulic damping head ,beautiful surface
> Sponge sheath being wrapped on the top of monopod for winter protection & skid resistance


> Brand: miliboo
> Name: Monopod
> Model: MTT705BS
> Weight: 2.15kg
> Folded height: 79.6cm
> Work Height: 79.6-187.6cm
> Tube: 34.2mm
> load: 10kg
> Material: Carbon fiber
> Section: 4
> Head: Fluid Head