Sirui B25R Dragon Series Bendable RGB Panel Light

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Bendable RGB Panel Light from the Sirui Dragon Series B25R

One of the considerations when choosing an outdoor lighting system is the ability to bend light as far as possible. This is where the Sirui Dragon Series B25R comes in.

This panel light is much more intelligent than other models regarding surface colors and angles. Here we’ll show you how much power this little device has. 


  • It is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. 
  • it is made of high-quality aluminum.
  • The bending lights can be flexibly joined to create impossible shapes with flat light sources.
  • Bluetooth wireless control
  • The B25R bendable light softens the transition of light from one side of the face to the other by removing some of the shadows the primary light source cast.
  •  It softens the light and enhances the natural appearance of individuals.
  • Each end of the B25R has a fast design that seamlessly blends natural light for a longer, brighter sight.
  • At 0.5 meters, the B25R can produce 2000 lux. 
  • High CRI and TLCI ratings demonstrate the light's advanced color rendering capabilities.
  • For still images, items, and portraits, the B25R is excellent for producing rim lights and streak lights. 
  • Attaching the B25R to light stands features three 1/4" screw holes. 
  • The light skit includes a specifically created connector. As long as the connector is attached, a stand can support two lights for more excellent illumination while using less set space.
  • The B25R's Colour temperature  range from 2700K to 8500K. 
  • GM adjustment is introduced to the CT mode to counteract the color shift from green to magenta while retaining the homogeneity of the same set of light sources.


  • Model: B25R
  • I6 lighting effects
  • Dual power solution
  • Optional mode of control; onboard control and app control
  • CRI: 96
  • Weight: 986g
  • Dimentions : 583*75*32.5 mm
  • Power Consumption:  Max25W
  • Ambient temperature operation -10 to -45 Degrees Celcius
  • TLCI: 98
  • NP-F970 Battery
  • Adjustable RGB mode: Red, green and blue