Sirui M6 Mini RGB LED Light For Vlogging Streaming

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Sirui M6 Mini RGB LED Light

Full-color colorful, stunning the audience
You have all the colors you want! The fill light is equipped with HsI color light adjustment which supports the control of color gamut 0-359. injecting special artistic atmosphere into ordinary scenes and shining brilliantly. Color light mode with time-lapse photography can achieve creative light painting effect.

Scene special effects, bizarre
Simulate the special light filling mode of 13 scenes, and combine special effects speed and brightness values at will to make you imitate lf you are in a real scene creativity mobilizes brilliant shooting inspiration with mixed colors

Cold and warm colors, infinite creativity
2500-8000K wide area color temperature selection 0-100 brightness setting Cold white light and warm yellow light can be adjusted at will.

Parameter pre-storage and memory function
It is equipped with light parameter memory function, which can save 20 sets of scene parameters and quickly call up the preset light setting scheme

High-energy finger display, natural color reduction
66 high-display finger lamp beads + 22 RGB color light lamp beads adopt constant voltage and constant current technology, and the light output is consistent without stroboscopic thus restoring the true color of the image. Under the high color rendering performance the color of the object is richer, and the details and edge positions are all covered.

Light and portable, master it with one hand
Compared with the thickness of 30mm in the industry, M6 controls the thickness to18mm, which can be carried with you. Although it is small and compact, it contains full "brightness" and can instantly light up the dark environment.

Clear screen, simple control
There is LCD display on the back of the lamp surface and there are only 4 buttons on the panel. The operation mode is simple and simple Visualization exercises Under this condition, you can quickly select options such as double color temperature RGB color light, scene special effects, etc. and accurately select color temperature Adiust the hue,saturation and brightness, so that the creator can get an ideal light distribution environment.

A soft light, both soft and hard
The product is matched with silicone soft mask and full-screen package, which can make the tough and dazzling light softer. Light and shadow are projected on th shooting object more naturally and evenly, creating a natural and soft feeling

Creative combination, seamless splicing
The supplementarv light adopts a full screen design without borders. and is equipped with three cold shoe slot expansion interfaces. Other photographic accessories can be extended through the standard connection buckle. and multiple supplementarv lights can be freely combined to realize seamless splicing. thus solving the pain point of uneven light under combined supplementarv light in the market.

Enrich usage scenarios
With 1/4 screw hole, it can be connected with tripod/lamp holder and other equipment It can also be used directly by hand or with mobile phone/camera/sports camera

Technical Specs:-

> Model: M6    
> Dimension: 80*80*18mm    
> Net Weight: About 110g    
> Built-in Lithium Battery: 2000mAh 3.7V    
> Power Source of Charging: 5V 2A and above
> Charge Time: 1.5H    
> Charging Port: Type-C USB    
> Power: 6W    
> Color Temperature Range: 2500K~8000K
> Color Gamut Range: 0-359°
> Light Effect: 13    
> Illuminance: 400lux/0.5m    1000lux/0.3m;    
> Illumination Distance: 3-5m    
> TLCI: Max.97    
> CRI: Max. 97    
> Illumination Distance: 0%-100%    
> Brightness Duration at Maximum: 2H
> Temperature Working Environment:  -10°℃-40℃
> LED Bead: 64pcs

Sirui M6Sirui M6Sirui M6
Sirui M6
Sirui M6
Sirui M6
Sirui M6
Sirui M6
Sirui M6Sirui M6Sirui M6Sirui M6Sirui M6