Sirui T60 Telescopic Tube Light Wand For Vlogging Streaming

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Sirui T60 Telescopic Tube Light Wand

DUKEN T60 is a telescopic tube lamp, which has the characteristics of strong mobility,large illumination range and strong controllability. It is especially suitable
for the use scenarios that need hand-held mobile supplementary light, high-gloss product stroking, light sweeping, accompanying dance,light painting, combined lamp array and fixed lamp holder. with three functional modes of double color temperature, full color and scene special effects and DUKEN intelligent control
system, it can create an ideal artistic light and shadow world for creators.

Trendy telescopic design, great!
Duken's innovative research and development of telescopio,two-stage design can be reached after elongation 740mm, which greatly improves the light range and is flexible and adjustable. After shrinking, T60 has brighter than similar brightness The range of products is smaller in size and more portable in storage.

Double color temperature, both cold and warm
2500K-8000K color temperature and high range selection, switch high cold white light, neutra soft light and warmth at will Warm yellowlight, smooth transition of light creating scene light such as Leon Lai Ming, early morning and dusk.

There is no end to color, and it is better and more brilliant
0-3599 full color domain, saturation and brightness can be adjusted at 100 levels, and colorful colors are under control.

Scene special effects, there is a good way to control the light
Built-in 14 kinds of scene special effects, which can simulate a variety of real scenes by setting specific speed and brightness. Lead you into realistic scenes with low-cost light control.

True color, but also true
Matrix high display refers to lamp bead + RGB patch full color lamp, adopts constant voltage and constant current technology, and the light output is consistent without stroboscopic. Restore the true color of the image. Under high color rendering performance, with soft light output, light and shadow are more natural.

Network light array, see the big from the small
Through the free combination of light arrays, combined with various splicing methods such as hand-held, bracket, wall hanging, ground, eto., thousands of brilliance are gathered with small light and shadow. and ever-changing shapes are readily available. thus outputting an unimaginable light and shadow world.

Wireless remote control, frequency division control
The tube lamp is equipped with 2.4 G wireless remote control, which can be taken out and used independently. By setting the channel, a remote control can The system controls the color and brightness of multiple tube lamps under the same channel, and can enter the scene lights under multiple remote controllers Line efficient grouping frequency divisior management, abandoning the tedious operation of single lamp debugging.

Smart APP, take the overall situation
Through DUKEN LIGHT APP, the lighting parameters are finely adjusted, the lighting data is intelligently stored, and the whole audience is controlled by fingertips, thus realizing the global lighting networking and grouping management.

Built-in battery for long life
Built-in lithium battery, charged by its own DO power adapter, with a maximum brightness life of about 2 hours.

Expand the matching of screw and tripod
There is a 1/4 sorew at the bottom, and it comes standard with a desktop tripod, which can be used by hand or fixed. It can also be used on other photographic accessories.

Technical Specs:-

> Model: T60
> Dimensions Extended: ф42*740mm Retracted:ф42*455mm
> Weight: Approx.658g
> Built-in Lithium Battery:  3*2600mAh 3.7V
> Adapter: 12.6V2A
> Charge: Time 1.5H
> Charging Port:  DC Power Jack
> Power:  Max.20W
> Color Temperature Range:  2500K~8000K
> RGB Color Gamut: 0-359°
> Light Effects : 14 Categories
> Illuminance  : 0.5m 1000lux
> Illumination Distance : 3-5m
> TLCI : Max.97
> CRI : Max.97
> Brightness Range : 0%-100%
> Duration(continuous output in 100% full power) : 2H
> Operation Temperature :  -10°℃-45℃
> Control Method : 2.4G Wireless Smartphone APP/
> Control Distance Bluetooth Wireless : 15m
> Remote Control Distance :  15m
> Channel :  10m

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