Takstar PH 130 Smart Phone Microphone

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Everyone has his favorite rhythm, notes and music in his heart. Relaxed and cheerful music often improves the function of the brain and the whole nerve. Music can make people happy and sad. With the progress of science and technology, more and more K-song products have entered the public's vision, especially the emergence of mobile portable live K-song equipment.It also greatly enriches our lives. A karaoke device introduced today is the PH130 mobile phone microphone from takstar.

PH130, as a mobile phone microphone, is naturally not very large in size, with a diameter of 31mm and a length of 153mm. The upper part is a honeycomb hole for pickup, separated by a gold ring. The lower part is a control power button, which is distributed with volume addition and subtraction, sound effect switching and power switch. The model of the product is printed at the bottom.

There are four interfaces at the bottom of Takstar PH130 mobile phone microphone, three of which are 3.5mm headphone interfaces, namely headphone interface, mobile phone interface and accompaniment interface. Each interface has an icon to prevent mixing, and there is also a Micro USB interface for charging.

Takstar PH130 mobile phone microphone uses gold-plated diaphragm sound head, built-in DSP digital chip and deep reverberation algorithm in hardware. Support one-key switching between wet and dry recording. It has 9 kinds of effects, defined with songs, and is compatible with multi-platform App. It is equipped with a 700 mAh lithium battery, which not only supports fast charging, but also supports charging while using.


> Designed for mobile karaoke and live broadcast, suitable for smartphones and tablets, compatible with Android and iOS systems;
> Gold-plated small diaphragm sound head, with wide frequency response and dynamic range, can withstand large sound pressure level without distortion;
> Real-time ear return function, ultra-low delay, singing without snapping, without dropping;
> Built-in DSP digital chip, 9 kinds of Bel Canto effects can be switched by one key, with voice prompt, easy to operate;
> With the function of pressure limit, it will automatically attenuate in the case of singing with high sound pressure to reduce distortion and pop;
> Integrate the function of listening to wet and recording dry, which can also meet the needs of post-synthesis;
> Accompaniment input interface, which can be connected to external sound source equipment to facilitate the playing of background music or scene sound effects during live broadcasting;
> Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, energy saving and environmental protection, can be used while charging.

Technical Specs:-

> Sound head: gold-plated small diaphragm sound head
> Directivity: heart-shaped direction
> Frequency response: 30Hz-20KHz
> Sensitivity: -38 ± 3dB (0db = 1V/Pa/m at 1 kHz)
> Peak sound pressure: ≥ 120dB 1KHz (THD ≤ 1%)
> Main chip: DSP
> Slave chip: MCU
> Reverb mode: Reverb
> Digital equalization: EQ adjustment
> Battery type: Lithium ion battery
> Battery capacity: 700 mAh
> Charging method: USB 5V
> Service time: more than 5 hours
> Product size: Φ 31mm × 153mm
> Net weight: 137g