ZHIYUN CRANE M2S 3-Axis Mirrorless Cameras Gimbal

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ZHIYUN CRANE M2S 3-Axis Mirrorless Cameras Gimbal

The CRANE-M2S stabilizer is designed with a lock catch. The handle is only the length of the mobile phone and weighs only 549 grams. It is easy to carry and hold. Then the M2S stabilizer supports mobile phones, card machines, micro single cameras, etc. It also has a 0.66-inch screen with real-time PTZ status. The folding size of the whole machine is 240 * 68 * 150mm, and the tripod weighs about 175 grams.

CRANE M2 S still continues the color contrast design of the previous generation of products, and the product is more fashionable. More importantly, this product uses a lot of compact design in the volume of the fuselage, making the whole machine more compact and light. The weight of the fuselage is only 549 G, which is a relatively excellent design in the current stabilizer.In order to support the portable and fast use of the stabilizer, the CRANE M2 S has been optimized and upgraded on the motor, increased the torque of the motor, and greatly improved the loading space, supporting the use of mobile phones, card machines, small micro-single and even full-frame cameras with part of the lens.This is enough to meet the needs of most people for the use of portable stabilizers.

In order to improve the shooting experience in dark light, CRANE M2 S also has built-in light source, built-in Lumen Amplifier brightness doubling technology, which can achieve a maximum brightness of 1000 lumens under a coin-sized light source, while supporting magnetic filters, which can create a different color atmosphere. It greatly improves the user's demand for shooting scenes.


> The handle is designed symmetrically and can be held by one hand.
> Embedded highlight light source can fill the light in real time.
> Equipped with Quick Release System 4.0.
> It supports PD fast charging and can be fully charged in nearly two hours.
> Type-C interface is reserved to provide 5V1A power supply for the camera and support the shutter recording function control within the camera authority.
> It supports the commonly used modes of course following, full following and locking, and can expand the global POV, three-dimensional dream, mad dog mode, etc.
> Built-in 1150mah battery lasts about 10 hours.



> Operating voltage: 12.6 V larger, 11.1V standard, 9.6 V smaller
> Working current: larger 4000mA, smaller 135mA
> Working temperature: larger: 50 ℃, standard: 25 ℃, smaller: -10 ℃
> Power supply output voltage: 5V
> Duration: 10H35min
> Charging time: 1H 41min


> Pitch axis mechanical action range: 320 °
> Mechanical action range of roll shaft: 320 °
> Mechanical action range of course axis: 360 °
> Size: 240 * 68 * 150mm (W * D * H)
> Net weight (single host): 549 G (including battery)