ZhiYun MOLUS X100 Powerful COB Pocket Light

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Zhiyun X100 100 W Powerful COB Pocket Light Fiveryay Camera Light Indoor and Outdoor

ZhiYun X100 is a professional fill lamp with high appearance and high quality. The net weight of the lamp body is 385 G. It is only the size of the palm, but it can burst out 100 W constant power. It is lighter and smaller than the COB video lamp with the same power. It can be easily carried in the pocket. ZhiYun X100 adopts electronic backpressure cooling system, applies fluid mechanics and airflow control algorithm integrated with attitude model, optimizes the heat sink process, and introduces gyroscope gravity variable modeling to design FOC variable frequency fan, which reduces the volume while bringing efficient and lasting cooling performance, and creates a safe and reliable light effect experience.

ZhiYun X100 uses the core power supply and discharge technology, which can not only quickly build the professional lighting effect of studio level indoors, but also easily accommodate the transition. It can achieve full power output by using mobile current outdoors. When shooting outdoors, the whole set of equipment can be packed and taken away, so it is portable and efficient. ZhuYun X100 has three power supply schemes: 1: use X100 handle battery to supply power, 2: support DC adapter power supply. 3. Support 100W PD protocol Type-C fast charging power supply. Zhiyun X100 has dual color temperature and high color rendering index to restore true color. ZhiYun X100 can also achieve full power output outdoors. With full-scene light control accessories, it can bring professional lighting experience in still life commercial photography, portrait photography, TVC, interviews and other scenes.


> Palm size, 100 W high power.
> ZY bayonet, compatible with Baorong accessories. (The adapter ring shall be purchased separately)
> Electronic backpressure cooling system.
> Adaptive integrated power supply system.
> the live broadcast is done by one person.
> Double color temperature and high color rendering index.
> Voice control: Music atmosphere mode, built-in independent radio module, which can dynamically control the light flashing according to the volume of human voice. Rhythm frequency umbrella creates a unique shooting atmosphere and ingeniously improves the atmosphere of the picture.
> Bluetooth Mesh networking APP remote dimming: light parameters can be adjusted in groups to make scene construction easier. APP remote real-time dimming reduces tedious dimming work and greatly improves lighting efficiency and operation convenience.


> Output power: 100W
Cooling method: active cooling Working
voltage of adapter: AC100V ~ 240V (50/60HZ)
Working voltage of lamp body: DC 24V,
PD ≥ 9V
PD input power: ≥ 18 W
Color temperature: 2700 K ~ 6500 K
Dimming range: 0 ~ 100%
CRI  (RA) ≥ 95 TLCI≥97  

Illuminance of 4300K/100% brightness (1m) 3881 Lux (room temperature 25 ℃, indoor brightness is less than 0.1 LX during the test, and the distance between the test equipment and X100 is 1m.)
APP control mode: Bluetooth
Power supply mode: PD adapter, power adapter,
handle battery Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Extension: 1/4 universal screw hole * 2
X100 size (W * D * H): 144.5 * 94 * 36.1mm
Net weight: 385 G
X100 handle battery Voltage: 22.2 V
Power: 15600mAh 57.72Wh
Parameters: 6 * 2600mAh
PD charging time: 2H33MIN (19.6V/1.4A 28W )
Room temperature 25 ℃,
X100 handle battery charging power off.
QC Charging Time: 2H24MIN (9.7V/3.1A 30W )

> MAX: 30W X100 handle battery is fully charged and powered on

  1. Adjust the brightness of X100 to 100%
  2. Adjust the color temperature of X100 to 6500K
  3. Record X100 shutdown time Battery life (100% power consumption): 30 min
  4. Charging temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
  5. Size (W * D * H): 52.8 * 94 * 61mmZhiYun X100 -001ZhiYun X100-001ZhiYun X100-003ZhiYun X100-004ZhiYun X100-005ZhiYun X100-006ZhiYun X100-007ZhiYun X100-008