Brief Review Of Moza Mini-P Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Brief Review Of Moza Mini-P Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

With the advent of the Vlog era, countless Vloggers have emerged as the times require, which has become a synonym for a profession. As a travel blogger, daily shooting is one of the compulsory courses in his career. How to choose a suitable shooting assistant?
Part 1: Black tone with aluminum alloy material to create a tough guy image
EPP suitcase, full of cool sense and military style, is my first impression of the overall packaging of Moza Mini-P handheld stabilizer. The whole suit is mainly composed of host, L-shaped quick-loading version, mobile phone clip, tripod, Type-C charging cable and Multi camera control line.

Moza Mini-P handheld stabilizer is designed with black as the main color, which is low-key and luxurious, with neat lines and refreshing feeling. The overall material design of aluminum alloy can not only reduce the weight, but also improve the hand feeling and improve the performance.

Type-C charging interface design is in line with the mainstream trend of charging interface. The ultra-long battery life of 20h can meet the needs of shooting for a whole day, and the remaining power can be easily identified according to the indicator light. For Vlog control, it solves the problem of conventional endurance.
Part 2: Flexible folding design of shaft position, easy to realize hands-on operation
The Moza Mini-P handheld stabilizer has a foldable design, with a fully unfolded size of 305x166x51mm and a storage size of 198x166x102mm, which greatly reduces its own volume, makes storage extremely convenient and saves space for storage.

With the help of a tripod on the Moza Mini-P handheld stabilizer, you can release your hands and make an excellent companion for shooting delay. Of course, another advantage of installing a tripod is that it can improve the stability of two-handed shooting operation and bring good news to those who use micro-single.
Part 3: Intelligent stability system lights up the way for beginners to advance
As a stabilizer compatible with mobile phones, action cameras and micro single cameras, what surprises will it bring? It is mainly interpreted from the perspective of assisting the shooting practice of iPhone 11.

Leveling is the first and most important step in using the Moza Mini-P handheld stabilizer. As a senior digital blogger, it is easy to achieve leveling work in less than 5 minutes.

Based on the L-shaped quick-loading board, the iPhone 11 is fixed in the middle of the mobile phone clip. Since there is no 1/4 screwdriver attached, I use coins to complete the relevant operations.
In terms of balance regulation, there are four main steps:
Firstly, the roll shaft is leveled and fixed through the roll shaft knob;
Condly, leveling the pitch axis to make the pitch axis horizontal;
Thirdly, the L-shaped quick-mounting plate is leveled, and the standard is that the lens is vertically upward;
Finally, the course axis is leveled so that the course axis can be stabilized at any position. In each axial direction, the Moza Mini-P handheld stabilizer is designed with a scale, which is convenient for beginners to use.

The installation operation is relatively simple, and the connection between the stabilizer and the mobile phone is realized based on the Moza Genie APP downloaded from the Apple Store. From the point of view of the use of APP, it is more humane and in line with the conventional concept of mobile phone gimbal operation.

From the point of view of the distribution of the key operation area, it is mainly composed of four parts: the upper circular remote sensing area, the lower disc control area, the side key control area and the back trigger key. The physical key area conforms to the basic operation cognition and is relatively simple to use.
From the shooting point of view, Moza Mini-P truly achieves 360 degrees without dead angle, whether it is up and down or left and right, properly meets the omni-directional recording, supplemented by sports elements, to achieve the recording of dream images. Press the trigger key twice to reset.

For the host's friends, the self-timer mode is indispensable. Press the trigger button three times in a row to easily enter the self-timer state and achieve the best state of you. Inception mode is still an indispensable and important function of many Gimbal. From the overall experience effect, the Moza Mini-P handheld stabilizer runs smoothly.

Based on the three-axis hardware design and related software algorithms, the effect of Moza Mini-P in anti-shake is quite in place, keeping the mobile phone in a stable state at all times.
Handheld Mini-P
Running recording test, compared with the results of hand-held Moza Magic Claw Mini-P shooting and hand-held mobile phone shooting, Mini-P shows excellent performance in video recording stability, the picture is stable, there is no obvious shaking phenomenon, while the mobile phone picture shaking caused by hand shaking is very obvious. Time-lapse photography has become a cliche. With the support of tripod and Moza APP, time-lapse images are generated in a short time. It is a pity that the template shooting tutorial based on Moza APP does not support Moza Mini-P handheld stabilizer at present, and can not realize the small white mode of template shooting, but can only realize the splicing of video segments manually.

Moza Mini-P handheld stabilizer, easy to operate, is a professional stabilizer with three-axis stabilization design as its core feature, which integrates aluminum alloy material and folding design. With the help of Moza Genie APP, you can become a professional Vlogger every minute, create the beauty of light and shadow with cool techniques, and lock the wonderful moments in audio and video.