Feiyu Pocket2 & Pocket2s comes out, unlocking a smaller, more stable and wider shooting mode

Feiyu Pocket2 & Pocket2s comes out, unlocking a smaller, more stable and wider shooting mode

Today, with the rapid development of the video industry, more and more people choose to use vlog video to record their lives, which has also led to a variety of devices for short video shooting, and is still being updated and iterated. Although cameras and cameras have excellent picture quality and excellent post-production space, it is difficult to shoot at any time because of their huge size, and the emergence of pocket gimbal cameras seems to solve this problem. Feiyu, a major stabilizer manufacturer, launched a brand new gimbal camera Feiyu Pocket2 and Pocket2s, which perfectly solved the pain point.
Feiyu Pocket2
Next, we will feel the specific performance of Pocket2 and Pocket2S from the aspects of appearance details, interaction experience and use experience.

The first impression of Feiyu Pocket 2 is that it is small and comfortable. The all-metal body weighs only 127 G, and the ergonomic design fits perfectly in the palm of the hand, so you can't help but want to hold it in your hand.

In addition to the upgrade of the body to aluminum alloy material, the front interface of Pocket2 and Pocket1 has also changed significantly. One of the operation keys has become a five-way remote lever, and switching the direction of the gimbal can be easily achieved through the joystick.

In addition to the addition of the four-five-way joystick and the metal body, the overall appearance of Pocket 2 is similar to that of Pocket 1. Storage still uses SD card as storage medium, supporting up to 512G SD card. The front uses a 1.3-inch ips touch screen. The bottom of Pocket Pocket 2 continues the 1/4 thread opening of Pocket 1. I also love the fact that you can easily attach it to a tripod without having to extend it. Pocket 2 also has some changes, that is, it adds a speaker, which can play the recorded sound anytime and anywhere. If you want to get better sound quality, you can also achieve it by expanding the microphone, which is very thoughtful.
Feiyu Pocket2
Poctet2s has the same all-metal process as Pocket2, compact size, overall weight of 179g, storage support for up to 512G SD card, 1.3-inch ips touch screen on the front, smooth handle and good grip. In addition to a five-way joystick and built-in speakers, the Pocket 2 also adds an HDMI video output expansion port.

The most surprising thing for me is that poctet2s innovatively adopts the separate design of gimbal and handle, which separates the gimbal part and lens part from the camera body and battery, and connects them with wires. Make the head of the gimbal lens as small and light as possible, which is more conducive to the wearing and placement of the lens in a special position, and the camera can still be controlled by the main body.

In this way, it not only has the super image stabilization performance of the three-axis gimbal, but also provides a huge imagination and expansion space for shooting in various sports. The base of the gimbal adopts a magnetic design, supports the installation base of gopro, and also supports binding installation to increase reliability. The manufacturer also provides a platform for receiving control lines, which can be turned into a normal hand-held gimbal for hand-held use only by adsorbing the gimbal. In addition, in the package, there is also a magnetic installation base with a quarter screw hole for you to expand freely.

About the interactive experience, we will introduce the Pocket Pocket2/2S hardware interactive experience and APP software experience in detail.
Feiyu Pocket2
● Hardware interaction
The addition of the five-way joystick greatly improves the operation experience of Pocket Pocket2/2S. You can easily operate the rotation direction of the gimbal through the joystick. In order to have more accurate operability when using some pocket gimbal before, you have to turn the gimbal through the mobile app. Feiyu FeiyuPocket2/2S pocket head has the support of five-way joystick, and with the small screen, you can get rid of the mobile phone when shooting.

With a five-way joystick, I love it very much. Compared with the DJI DJI Pocket or Snoppa's vmate used in the past, most of the ways they control the turning of the gimbal are remote control in the app or touching the screen on the gimbal. DJI allows you to have the function of a mini joystick through modular design. But they are not as convenient as the four-way joystick of Feiyu Pocket2.

However, the function of the five-way joystick is limited to the adjustment of the gimbal steering. In the menu interface, the left and right interfaces cannot be switched, and the functions such as page turning can only be realized by touching the screen. Here, I also hope that Feiyu can make the four-way joystick have more functions in the later period, instead of just controlling the gimbal steering, so as to give full play to the potential of the joystick.

There is a button on the right side of the fuselage, which can not only switch on and off the machine conventionally, but also switch the shooting mode quickly. After the machine is turned on, the shooting type can be adjusted by touching the button on the right side, such as photography, video recording, slow motion, etc., which perfectly exerts the convenience brought by the physical button. Other operations, such as switching following sensitivity, entering album mode, opening beauty and other functions, can be achieved by touching the screen or matching app.

In terms of hardware,Pocket2 uses 12 million pixels, 1/2.3 sensors, and the effective area of a single pixel is 1.55. Poctet2s uses 8 million pixels, 1/2.5 sensors, and the effective area of a single pixel is 1.62, which is enough for 4K video imaging. The aperture is a constant aperture of 2.0, and the night image of Poctet 2S is slightly better than that of Pocket 2 at the same aperture. Pocket 2's 12 megapixels take care of the needs of photography. Large enough aperture can ensure that in the night scene, get a cleaner picture, the lens angle of view is 130 degrees of ultra-wide angle of view, can get a wider angle of view, but inevitably will also bring more obvious distortion, manufacturers are also intimate with AI anti-distortion, imaging more "positive" function, support shooting dng format photos, maximum support 4K 4k60p. Recording of 2.7k 60p 7k60p1080120p.
Feiyu Pocket2
In terms of picture quality, it supports WDR function, which can produce clear images even in direct sunlight and dark night. The manufacturer also added log to the color options to get a larger dynamic range.

In terms of endurance, 875ah ion batteries are used, which can be charged through the usbc port, and it takes 1.2 hours to fully charge.

At 30 p in 1080p mode, you can shoot 180 minutes 180 minutes. At 4K 4K30fps, only 160 minutes can be charged once, which is enough for half a day's shooting.

The recording button below the joystick can be used to record video/take photos with one key. Whether you stay in the menu or connect to the mobile phone, you can quickly enter the shooting interface to record video and other operations by pressing the recording button. It is very convenient, so that you can quickly capture wonderful moments. The addition of these physical keys greatly facilitates the user's operation, even if you have never used this kind of device before or the elders at home, you can quickly use Pocket2/2S without reading the instructions.

There is a button on the right side of the fuselage, which can not only switch on and off the machine conventionally, but also switch the shooting mode quickly. After the machine is turned on, the shooting type can be adjusted by touching the button on the right side, such as photography, video recording, slow motion, etc., which perfectly exerts the convenience brought by the physical button. Other operations, such as switching following sensitivity, entering album mode, opening beauty and other functions, can be achieved by touching the screen or matching app.
Feiyu Pocket2
● Software interaction experience
In the real-time preview interface, most of the functions can be easily switched in this interface. The UI of the interface is relatively simple, but fully functional. At the same time, there is a very interesting way to play, you can shake the mobile phone to control the steering of the gimbal, which is faster than the joystick, somewhat similar to the appearance of the somatosensory game machine. If you master this skill skillfully in the later period, you can capture more wonderful moments through the somatosensory control of the gimbal.

Back to the photo album, photos taken in panoramic mode cannot be synthesized in the camera. If you want to get a panoramic photo, you need to do it in the mobile app. It is suggested that you match Pocket2 with a high-speed memory card, so that the efficiency of synthesizing panoramic photos can be higher. In the APP, you can easily and conveniently take panoramic photos and edit them into creative photos such as asteroid mode.

Compared with the hardware, the matching app still has some room for improvement, hoping that Feiyu can bring more perfect products in the later period.

The Pocket2/2S has a wider lens than the previous generation. The 130 ° ultra-wide-angle HD lens enables the Pocket2/2S to have a wider field of vision, and to incorporate as much of the scenery you see along the way as possible. AI anti-distortion makes your picture correct, and you don't have to worry that it will become a fisheye lens. In the self-timer mode, you can also open the beauty effect with one key, and more people can appear in the screen, which greatly facilitates the recording of vlog.

The magnetic design of Pocket2S is refreshing, and naturally it has a variety of ways to play. The bottom of the head and the back of the handle are both magnetically designed, so you can easily attach to the surface of various metal objects and unlock different shooting angles. Feiyu's talented designer is really great, making the head smaller and easier to use in many occasions where large devices can't be used. Because of the separation design of the gimbal and the handle, the gimbal is more compact and can be worn freely, and the handle can easily monitor the picture, which is equivalent to a small monitor, and the shooting angle is more free and diverse.

Through magnetic attraction, Feiyu pocket2s can also be attached to more places for framing and shooting, as long as it is a surface that can be attached, such as iron pipes, refrigerator doors, etc. Because of magnetic attraction, it is no longer necessary to buy many photographic accessories, and the places that can not be attached can also be fixed by tying a rope, so that more camera positions and more perspectives can be unlocked.
Feiyu Pocket2
Feiyu also has a 1/4-inch screw-hole magnetic base to expand the viewing angle of the camera, such as installing it on a tripod. It is installed on the head-mounted equipment to achieve first-person perspective shooting. The base is fixed by nano-glue and installed in other places that can not be magnetically attracted, so the application scenarios are more abundant.

The magnetic base is also very delicate. In order to reduce the weight, Feiyu digs holes in the base. The author deeply feels the designer's intention to the product. The details are taken into account. The edge of the metal is chamfered, which has texture and does not cut hands. Through the close-up picture, we can see the wide hole at the bottom of the head, which is very suitable for rope or magic belt to pass through to fix the head. Magnetic attraction and rope fixation, double insurance, increase the safety factor of shooting.

At the same time, the handle is integrated with a playback unit (the author is a prototype, the playback position may be changed), and the video can be played at any time to review the video effect. An HDMI port is also integrated below to realize high-definition image output. Connecting other display devices can expand the use of larger screen monitoring or video and picture playback. It can also connect wireless image transmission system to achieve long-distance monitoring of pictures, which opens up a new creative idea for self-Media workers.

In video mode, I was surprised to find that Pocket2/2S also has Fy-log mode, which is somewhat similar to Sony's s-log mode. After opening, the picture is relatively gray, but it can have a better degree of reduction in the later color mixing. The addition of this mode greatly facilitates the use of some professionals and makes the pocket head more professional.

With Pocket2/2S, you don't have to worry about unstable pictures at all. 6-axis hybrid anti-shake makes your picture more stable. It supports up to 4K, 4K and 60 frames, as well as 2.7 K, 1080p and other picture quality options. Open the professional mode, you can adjust the exposure value, white balance and so on. The camera mode also supports the export of RAW format, which adds more playability to the later stage. Pocket2/2S is sufficient for your daily vlog needs. Pocket2/2S can shoot 720p 720p 8x slow motion, 1080p 1080p 4x slow motion, 4K 4k2x slow motion. A variety of formats are available so that you can better record the wonderful moments.

The small pocket head adds more playability to the track delay. You can shoot static delay or dynamic delay, and even record the track delay. The delay interval can be set from 1 s to 1 min, and the duration can be up to 5 hours. Pocket2 brings endless possibilities for video creation. When you leave your mobile phone, you can also complete the setting of the predetermined track on the screen of Pocket2/2S.

To sum up, as an entry-level pocket camera, Pocket2 camera is fully capable of daily picture and video shooting. At the same time, portability is also very strong, daily travel can be easily put into the pocket. If you just need a shooting device to record your life, Feiyu Pocket 2 must be a good choice. Feiyu pocket2s tripod head separation, magnetic base, can be used in wearable mode, light and powerful anti-shake performance, strong professionalism, excellent workmanship, compact and portable body, integrated external amplifier, integrated HDMI, strong expansibility, more suitable for professional photographers to shoot, increase the fun of shooting, reduce the burden of shooting.