Feiyu's flagship SCORP series stabilizer with unique skills waiting for you to display!

Feiyu's flagship SCORP series stabilizer with unique skills waiting for you to display!

As a well-known brand of stabilizer, Feiyu has always been the pioneer of stabilizer products. On October 12, Feiyu officially released two new flagship series stabilizers, SCORP and SCORP Pro, opening a new era of camera Gimbal stabilizers.
SCORP series stabilizer
The two stabilizers, Feiyu SCORP and SCORP Pro, have their own characteristics and slightly different product positioning. SCORP is designed for mainstream video micro single and SLR cameras, with lightweight body, low grip center of gravity and integrated design, which is a sharp weapon for individual soldiers. But the SCORP Pro "holds the separation," the omnipotent hundred changes ", besides adapts the micro single and the SLR camera, but also may be compatible with the micro film machine upward. The design of extension shaft arm, detachable lifting and holding, double focusing system and remote control handle can better meet the needs of different expansion applications, such as extension rod, tripod, slide rail, two-handed rabbit cage and so on.

This time I mainly experienced the Feiyu SCORP stabilizer. Before I got the SCORP stabilizer, I couldn't imagine what a cross-era camera stabilizer would look like. The appearance of Feiyu SCORP surprised me. Next, I will talk about the three aspects of shape design, stable performance and rich functions.

Feiyu SCORP has a unique appearance, and it is easier to shoot when integrated
The shape of Feiyu SCORP stabilizer is very different, the shape is very low, the center of gravity is also in a lower state, the shape is similar to SCORP, and the design inspiration is also derived from this. This design style embodies the concept of integrated molding, and makes the bottom holding handle and clairvoyant handle into an integrated design, which can better meet various shooting needs for users.
SCORP series stabilizer
This time, Feiyu innovatively uses a one-piece structure and controls the weight at about 1200 G. When the fuselage weighs only 1200 G, the load can reach 2500 G. This load bearing is not castration, but it can be said that it accurately distinguishes the market, which is enough for micro single users. Especially for the Sony A7 series, the body plus 24-70 G Master, it is difficult to find a stabilizer on the market that is lighter than it.

The integrated suspension handle and the inclined grip handle, on the one hand, can make us more comfortable when holding, on the other hand, can make us better control the movement of the lens when shooting. Whether it is the handle held at the bottom or the handle of the pot, it adopts the design of non-slip handle, which I think is very practical for our sweaty people. The handle of the pot is also printed with the logo of the scorpion, and the appearance is very delicate and simple.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the waterproof carrying case it is equipped with, and the textured packaging makes the consumer experience full. This time, Feiyu has also upgraded the loading system of the stabilizer in an all-round way. The thick cloth fabric and cushioning material can protect the beloved stabilizer to the maximum extent. Unlike the stabilizer boxes used in the past, this waterproof carrying case will give you a clear sense of its professionalism and high-end experience.
SCORP series stabilizer
SCORP's standard package includes a stabilizer body, a 1/4 screw tripod base, a long and short single stackable quick-loading board, five cables covering almost all mainstream cameras on the market, an 18 w fast-charging cable and a camera lens bracket. With the support of such rich accessories, the three-axis stabilizer of Feiyu Scorpion has more camera equipment functions.

Strong stability, better shooting experience
Anti-shake stabilization is the most important part of a stabilizer. The high-performance main control CPU of this stabilizer provides powerful computing power support, and with the deep optimization of functional module division and scheduling algorithm, it makes the shooting picture more stable and smooth. At the same time, it upgrades the W6 generation stabilization control algorithm, which can improve the accuracy by 5 times in the motion mode.

It should also be mentioned here that its core sensor constant temperature control reduces the impact of temperature drift, provides robust and accurate data feedback for back-end control, and can effectively ensure the stability effect.
SCORP series stabilizer
The leveling function of SCORP is also very powerful, and the three axes of the stabilizer are matched with the memory leveling function. SCORP is not only marked with scales on each shaft arm, but also equipped with a memory module. After leveling, just push the memory module to the corresponding position, and then press the control position to align it directly. In the case of using only one lens and not adding accessories each time, it can achieve 30s leveling. It will have a lock on each axis, which will help us level our stabilizer, and our camera will give us a more stable control when we shoot.

On the Feiyu SCORP stabilizer, the five-way center of gravity adjustment can make the camera more adaptable, and there is a center of gravity memory module on the sliding wall, which can also make our camera level quickly after disassembly and assembly. The most important thing here is that my biggest concern is that I can't level quickly when I switch different cameras, and this stabilizer eliminates my concern. According to the size of the camera and lens, with the help of the five-way center of gravity adjustment and center of gravity memory module, the camera can be quickly adjusted to the required state through the connection of the Aka quick-loading board. In addition, the three scale lines it provides are very thoughtful, allowing us to quickly and accurately pass the scale data to ensure the installation of the camera.
SCORP series stabilizer
So rich in features, so easy to get started
Feiyu SCORP three-axis camera stabilizer is very rich in functions, which can be easily used by both professional users and novices. Feiyu is the first company in the industry to use touch screen as stabilizer. This time, SCORP series touch screen adopts a new UI interaction design, which can complete almost all setting operations without APP. I like this 1.3-inch OLED display screen very much, with a resolution of 240 * 240. Touch the screen to complete all kinds of operations, which saves effort.

It is worth mentioning here that SCORP series is the first FOC electronic focusing wheel in the whole industry, which can realize the functions of adjustable damping feel and automatic focusing. Electronic magic wheel, A-B point automatic focus, Foc electronic control focus wheel, so that every rotation is really as you wish. You can slide up on the display screen, you can directly enter the electronic focusing interface, and you can also set the wave wheel, you can customize the damping size, sensitivity and response speed.

Of course, the stabilizer's trigger button is located on the front of the handle, which has a 2500 mAh battery, and it also supports the PD fast charging protocol, which supports 18 W fast charging, and you can also see the Type-C charging interface. 18W fast charging allows this stabilizer to be charged quickly, which is enough for daily use, without worrying about the inconvenience caused by the charging speed of the stabilizer.
SCORP series stabilizer
From the packaging design, to the workmanship material, to the integrated handle, taking into account the functions of holding and clairvoyance, electronic magic wheel, A-B point automatic focusing, five-way center of gravity adjustment, center of gravity memory slider and so on, we can see the intention of this Feiyu Scorpion three-axis camera hand-held stabilizer, which I think is A rare good assistant for video creators.

To sum up, Feiyu SCORP three-axis camera stabilizer is an individual combat weapon, lighter and more portable operation, further reducing personal shooting pressure, at the same time with more focus wheel and A-B point focus key, raising the upper limit of operation. The excellent design structure ensures that the volume will not be very large after folding. As a micro single user, Feiyu SCORP almost meets all my needs. Until the next generation of SCORP comes along, it will be my workhorse.