How to Become a YouTube and TikTok Vlogger?

How to Become a YouTube and TikTok Vlogger?

Youtube has over 2.6 billion active users every month, more than ¼ of the world's population. On the other hand, more than a billion videos get viewed on TikTok monthly. No wonder there are more youtube and TikTok millionaires than ever before.

However, Vlogging may look easy when you watch people's videos, but it's not. The whole work of creating good content is complicated. Here is how to become a youtube and TikTok vlogger

Find Your Niche

Choosing the right niche is a deal breaker when it comes to vlogging. You want to do something you are passionate about but still offer viewers something that is unique and creative. The youtube recommendation system analyzes channel genre and shows your video to people with the same interest. 

However, if the niche is overcrowded, you may never reach the first page of recommendations, which gives you a slight chance of ever reaching your audience. 

9 Vlogging Equipment

 1. Lighting 

You should consider having at least one or two portable lights when shooting your videos irrespective of the place you are doing the shots e.g outdoor, studio, or in a room. This is because lighting improves the quality of your video and you can get away with a not so good camera when you have good lighting. 

Affordable alternatives lighting include LED ring lights and compact LED video lights. Additionally, you can purchase softbox or umbrella lights for softer highlights and shadows if you plan to film indoors or in a home studio.

2.  Microphone 

A microphone is another vital equipment for vlogging since you want your audience to hear your voice well. Therefore, It should not just be any microphone but a good quality microphone. 

A vlogging microphone should be able to suppress background noise and produce clear and crisp sound. If you can afford a USB microphone then get one by all means. Check on its noise cancellation ability. 

3. Camera

You need a high-resolution camera to capture high-quality videos for your vlog. Using a heavy and bulky camera to document your daily activity can be a pain in the arm. Therefore, you need a small, lightweight camera. 

You do not have to invest in a camera if you have a good smartphone camera for a starter. But if you are considering buying a camera, go for one with high-resolution videos and portable. 

4. External Storage

High-resolution video clips take up a lot of space when recording with your  phone. For example, 512 GB memory of most high-end phones can only hold a four-hour 4k video. This is before considering other apps, the operating system, and other data on the phone. 

Look for the biggest possible microSD to support your phone memory, or invest in a USB flash drive or lightning to save your videos after recording.

5. Gimbal 

Consider purchasing a gimbal for smooth videos when moving around. Gimbals are great for holding your camera firm when in motion to capture smooth non shaky videos. 

Gimbals are camera stands that use sensors and motors to stabilize the camera and reduce shaking when moving around and shooting a video simultaneously.

6. Video Editing Apps

Editing softwares is another piece of equipment every vlogger needs unless you only want to focus on live videos. Video editing softwares helps you improve the video color quality, ensure the video coherently flowing, split clips, and cuts out all bloopers. 

Editing apps will also allow you to add introduction and outro clips, effects, and other onscreen elements for more amazing videos.

Depending on your editing needs, you may need a free or premium version. If video editing is not your thing, hire a professional video editor for your vlog.  

7. Drones 

Consider investing in a drone if you want  great videos. Drones will help you capture the landscape and create more stunning, creative, and professional videos. 

There are many drones brands available in the market, and the prices depend on the amount of control it offers, how far it can fly, the quality of the videos, and the GPS quality. 

8. Backdrop

A backdrop is not a must for all vlogging, especially if you love your background and want a natural video. However, you can consider a backdrop if you want a more professional, one color video background.

You can also use a green screen for a formal background. The prices will vary depending on quality. 

9. Teleprompter

Teleprompter is the tool used to provide presenters with visual access to the text they should say while presenting and still focusing on the camera. It enables the reader to maintain eye contact with the audience while appearing spontaneous.

Even though you are not speaking to people directly, you may need to make eye contact with the camera for viewers to feel like you are addressing them. It will also help if you have not memorized all your content.

Create a Youtube and TikTok channel

After having all the equipment and finding your niche, you are ready to create a channel and upload your videos. Here is how to create a youtube channel. 

  1. Go to the YouTube website and sign in with the email you want to link to your account. 
  2. Click on settings at the top right corner of the website click on the profile icon and then click on create a channel.
  3. Fill in the needed details, check, and confirm to create the channel.

Steps to creating a TikTok channel 

  1.  Download TikTok app from google play store or app store in IOS
  2.  Open the app
  3.  Click on me 
  4.  Then choose a method for signing up. You can either use google, facebook, email, or twitter to sign up.

Edit Your Vlogs

A great vlog needs outstanding editing. You can achieve this by using editing apps on your phone or PC. There are apps with free versions and premium versions.

Use the editing app to transform video clips into cohesive stories. Trim and rearrange video clips for the vlogs to follow the proper order. You should also remove content that is irrelevant to the topic or does not add value to the whole video. 

Take your time to fine-tune the vlog introduction and ensure that it snags the audience's attention. Then, run through the footage and check if the narrative is flowing in chronological order. 

Get more creative with the cuts and transitions. You can do this by adding transitions between the clips. You can also use fade content to guide the viewers through the vlog. Creative cuts will make your videos more entertaining and hook the audience. 

Promote Your Channel

With millions of people venturing into vlogging, getting an audience is not easy if you do not promote your channel. Here is how to promote your youtube channel to get an overflow of audience. 

  •  Use keywords.
  • Use concise and descriptive titles. 
  • Create an eye-catching custom thumbnail for the video.
  •  Fill in all the needed profile information and optimize SEO. 
  • Optimize the video description to capture your audience's desired information. Also, use SEO keywords.
  •  Interact with your fans in the comment section. 
  •  Urge your audience to share and subscribe to your channel
  •  Promote your channel on your other social media handles.
  •  Provide your audience with quality content and videos to make them hooked and yearning for more.

How to Get Products to Review

One of the ways that people earn on youtube and TikTok is through affiliate marketing. The youtuber gets a product to review, and if an audience buys through their URL, they get paid a commission.

 Here is how to get products to review

  1. Search for companies in your niche already giving vloggers free samples to review. It is much easier to convince a company already into affiliate marketing with some bloggers to add you than those not. For example, if you are into a fashion niche, you can search dress reviews on youtube. The results will show some of the recent dress reviews. 
  2. Click on the website of these companies and look for their contact information in the contact us option. 
  3. Email the company telling them what you are doing and ask if they can add you to their affiliate program. 
  4.  Wait for their response.

More Vlogging Tips

  •  Be consistent in creating quality videos.
  •  Grab your audience's attention in the first seconds. 
  •  Follow trends and what your audience would like to hear.
  •  Promote your channel to your other social media channel.
  •  Ensure that you produce high-quality videos.
  •  If you are not good at editing, hire a professional video editor.


How much do vloggers make?

The amount vloggers make depends on the number of views in a video. On average, youtube will pay $0.18 per ad view, which translates to $18 per 1000 ad views. This amount also varies depending on the number of clicks the ad received, the ad quality, the video length, the number of views on the video, and ad blockers. 

Who are the most popular vloggers ?

MrBeast is the most followed YouTuber with 116 million members. He is followed by PewDiePie, who has 111 million followers.

TikTok has Kaby lame with 155.2 million followers, Charli D'Amelio with 150.2, and Bella Poarch with 92.9 million followers.