Top 25 Gaming Microphones 2023: Best USB And XLR Mics For Streaming

Top 25 Gaming Microphones 2023: Best USB And XLR Mics For Streaming

With the increasing demand of game players for game experience and voice experience, and with the live broadcasting industry getting better and better, the number of anchors is increasing, so it is particularly important to have a desktop microphone with good radio effect, which can automatically shield the surrounding noise and has a high appearance. Therefore, under the influence of this environment, major game peripheral manufacturers have also launched their own game microphones, whether in the shape, backlight, radio and other aspects have made great efforts.

1. HyperX Microphone Series

The HyperX family of microphones includes the HyperX QuadCast, HyperX QuadCast, HyperX DuoCast, and HyperX SoloCast, as well as the latest HyperX ProCast professional condenser microphones. Prices also range from $50 to $250, and the HyperX QuadCast S and HyperX SoloCast are available in a more girl-friendly version called Bright Moon White.

HyperX Quadcast is its first microphone, compatible with PC, PlayStation 4 and Mac platforms, as well as SkypeTM, Mumble, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and XSplit software. It can meet the needs of game players, game commentary, online live broadcasting and audio and video production. At the same time, it provides a bracket adapter and built-in sound card. It can be connected through USB without additional power supply. The plug-and-play feature makes it very easy to use.

HyperX QuadCast S enhanced RGB professional microphone has a more prominent performance in the face value, its luminous area is composed of two parts, not only has a richer lighting playability, but also can better fit the user's desktop lighting atmosphere, creating a better visual experience. In addition, it also has a more concise and pure white moon color matching, which can bring more unified performance for players with different desktop styles.

Both headsets have four polar modes, including stereo, omnidirectional, directional and bidirectional, which are suitable for vocal performance, multi-person meetings, live recording and face-to-face conversation. They also have a 3.5mm headphone Jack, which allows precise and clear monitoring when recording, and can also adapt to a variety of devices and voice software. At the same time, they are also equipped with three 14mm microphone cores, which support a sampling rate of 48kHz/16 bits. The frequency response is 20 Hz-20kHz, and the sensitivity is -36dB. In terms of sound quality, thanks to the anti-collision shock absorption bracket and the anti-spray cover inside the microphone, the noise control is excellent. The vibration sound of the collision desktop and the sound of the microphone when enunciating can be greatly reduced. It is also because of the condenser microphone, so its radio is real and clean, no echo and noise, the details are very clear, the breathing sound at a distance of half a meter is quite clear.
The HyperX Solo Cast Mini microphone is also available in black and white, and it is a small, lightweight, cost-effective desktop microphone that can flexibly adjust the angle of the bracket and is compatible with a large external bracket. Because it is an entry-level product, there is only one heart-shaped pickup in the mode, which is more sensitive to the sound in front of it and can isolate the redundant ambient noise. In addition, it also has a built-in blowout prevention net, which can effectively eliminate the sound of spitting when enunciating. Although it does not have monitoring function, it is also suitable for PC, Mac and PS4 devices, and has passed Discord and Team Speak certification, which can be widely compatible with a variety of voice software.

After introducing high-end and entry-level microphone products, HyperX continues to introduce DuoCast, which is positioned in the middle range. It has two polar modes of directional and full-directional, and has a 3.5mm audio monitoring port. The RGB light strip can also be used to indicate the current working status and enhance the lighting atmosphere. In the pickup effect, the sound recording is accurate and clear, there is no obvious low noise, current sound and other noise, the recording effect is still very good. At the same time, it can also adapt to PC, Mac, PS4 and other devices, and has passed Discord and TeamSpeak certification, can be widely compatible with a variety of voice software, has a high degree of versatility.

The HyperX ProCast Professional Microphone is the latest product from HyperX, but it is not yet officially available. It adopts cardioid pickup mode, with frequency response of 20Hz ~ 20kHz and sensitivity of -38 ± 3dBV. It has XLR interface and built-in gold-plated large diaphragm capacitor, which can achieve high-quality radio effect. It is an XLR interface microphone with vivid reproduction ability, which can bring users a high level of radio effect.

2. Rapoo Microphone Series

Rapoo VS500 is the first game microphone product launched by Rapoo. In addition to the appearance and RGB backlight that young players value more, it also has built-in shock absorption frame, metal shell and base that can rotate 360 degrees, and supports dual pickup modes of omnidirectional and cardioid pointing, as well as real-time monitoring with 3.5mm headphone Jack. It can be said that it is a very comprehensive game microphone.

It uses a 14 mm diameter pickup head with a frequency response range of 20-20000 Hz and a maximum sound pressure level of 110 dB, and is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and Mac multi-systems, as well as mainstream live video platforms. Its sound reproduction and clarity are quite good, RGB lighting is also cool, can have a good desktop effect, but unfortunately only one spectrum cycle lighting effect.

The Rapoo VS300 gaming microphone has a bold, robust shape, a built-in shock mount, and a single heart-shaped polar pattern. The pickup head is 16 mm, the frequency response range is 20-20000 Hz, the maximum sound pressure level is 110 dB, and the parameters are exactly the same as VS 500. At the same time, it is also compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and Mac multi-system, as well as all the current mainstream live video platforms, with the simplest way to plug and play, without tedious operation.

The front of the microphone has a cool RGB backlight strip with 8 light effects: monochrome loop, RGB streamer, monochrome flash loop, raindrop, red backlight, green backlight, blue backlight and off backlight. Compared with the RGB lighting effect of VS500, its playability is higher, and it does not need driving adjustment, so it is quite convenient to use.

3. Razer Seiren Microphone

Razer launched its first Razer Seiren microphone back in 2014, and today, it has updated many of its products. Today, the Razer Seiren line of desktop microphones includes six models: Razer Seiren Elite, Seiren X, Razer Seiren Emote, and Seiren Mini. And the Seiren V2 and Seiren V2 X professional-grade live microphones. With more and more female players and female anchors, and in order to match its own pink crystal suit and mercury suit, it also launched the Mercury Edition and Pink Edition for the Magic Sound Siren X and Magic Sound Siren Mini Edition.

Razer Seiren Elite microphone is the flagship product released by Razer in 2018, which is a single-coil microphone with cardioid pickup mode, a single-tone head design, combined with built-in high-pass filter and limiter, can create a full, soft and warm sound effect comparable to that produced by top live broadcasting equipment. It can also be automatically adjusted when your voice is too loud, so as to avoid breaking the sound and so on. It has a frequency response range of 20Hz-20kHz, a maximum sound pressure of 120dB, a bit rate of 16bit, and a maximum sampling rate of 48kHz. It can be adapted to PC and Mac devices, and supports real-time monitoring function and plug-and-play mode, which is very convenient.

The Razer Seiren X microphone is equipped with a 25mm capacitive diaphragm chamber, which also adopts the cardioid pickup mode. It can accurately record the front sound source and shield the surrounding environmental noise and game background sound. It is very suitable for live broadcasting, voice communication and singing. In addition, it also has a built-in shock mount, which can avoid abnormal noise when the microphone knocks down or knocks on the desktop. At the same time, it also supports real-time monitoring function, which can monitor and adjust its voice at any time to maintain the best state. In terms of parameters, it is almost the same as the elite version, with a frequency response range of 20 Hz-20kHz, a maximum sound pressure of 110 dB (120 dB for the elite version), a bit rate of 16bit, and a maximum sampling rate of 48kHz. It is also suitable for PC and Mac devices and plug-and-play mode.

The Razer Seiren Emote microphone is perfect for anchors because it has an 8 × 8 matrix LED display at the microphone and comes with more than 100 animated and static emoticons that anchors can interact with and express their feelings at any time. Deduce a personal live show full of personality and fun. In terms of parameters, it is exactly the same as the Magic Sound Siren X microphone. The 25mm capacitive diaphragm capsule has a frequency response range of 20 Hz-20 kHz, a maximum sound pressure of 110 dB, a bit rate of 16 bit, and a maximum sampling rate of 48 kHz. The difference is that it has two different lengths of stand in the package, not only can they rotate and tilt freely, but also the long stand has an additional telescopic function, which can easily adjust the microphone to the most suitable position for you, so that you can show your little expression when you need it.

The Seiren Mini microphone has a compact design that takes up almost no desktop space and makes it easy for the host to carry it out. It is equipped with a 14mm capacitive diaphragm chamber with a frequency response of 20Hz ~ 20kHz and a maximum sound pressure level of 110dB. It has only one cardioid pickup mode. With the built-in shock absorber design, it can well shield the surrounding environmental noise and avoid the abnormal noise interference caused by touching the microphone by mistake. It can adapt to a variety of devices such as PC, Mac and PS4, and support a number of mainstream voice software including OBS, which has a high degree of versatility, and the plug-and-play approach can also give users the simplest operation experience.
Seiren V2 X Microphone is a product that has been further optimized on the basis of Seiren X and upgraded its iconic advantages. It is equipped with a 25mm capacitive capsule, which provides a natural and realistic vocal performance, while the cardioid polar pattern can also pick up and highlight the voice more centrally, eliminate background noise, and it also has built-in analog gain limiter and shock absorber, which can prevent sound distortion and reduce the noise when the desktop vibrates. In addition, it also carries a 3.5mm monitoring Jack, which can monitor its own voice at any time.

Seiren V2 Professional Edition is a dynamic USB microphone designed for professional live broadcasters. For the first time, it activates the high-pass filter through thundercloud drive, which can present the same sound effect as in the studio. It can automatically filter out any low-frequency noise you don't need, such as the hum of computers, air conditioners, refrigerators, or the car outside the window. And it also makes your voice more real, full and magnetic. In addition, it also carries the analog gain limiter that appears in the elite version, which can automatically optimize the sound too loud, without worrying about the problem of sound distortion, and has simple functions such as real-time monitoring and plug and play.

4. USCORSAIR Elgato Wave: 3 condenser microphones

USCORSAIR Elgato Wave: The 3-capacitor microphone is equipped with a pickup head with a diameter of 17 mm. It supports up to 24-bit resolution and high-resolution audio with a sampling rate of 96Hz. The frequency response range is 70-20000Hz, and the maximum sound pressure level is 120dB. The hardware configuration is very powerful. The microphone uses a heart-shaped pointing pickup scheme and integrates audio technology from Lewitt, which can provide a recording effect comparable to professional level, and it also has a built-in sound filter, whether it is human voice or instrument, the acquisition effect can be clear and pure, which can well restore the real sound when recording. In addition, the bottom of the microphone uses 1/4 thread, and with the 5/8 screw adapter in the accessory, it can be easily fixed to various brackets, which is very convenient.

5. ROCCAT Torch USB Microphone

ROCCAT Torch is a USB microphone launched by Turtle Beach. Unlike the common desktop microphone, it has two parts: the microphone body and the bottom console. The console also provides the polar mode, volume adjustment, input gain adjustment button, and a small screen that can display the current status of the microphone. The microphone is equipped with three pickup modes, namely stereo mode, cardioid mode, and WHISPER mode. It uses a dual-capacitor design to sample 24-bit audio with a frequency of up to 48 kHz, which can bring users higher resolution and make the recorded sound more realistic, delicate, and full. This will also be more convenient for video workers in their later creation. In addition, it is equipped with AIMO lighting system, which provides multiple lighting areas on both sides of the main body of the microphone, as well as on the front LOGO, with a good sense of desktop atmosphere.

6. Immerse GV60 condenser microphone

The Immerse GV60 condenser microphone has four polar modes, stereo, omnidirectional/omnidirectional, cardioid and bidirectional, covering different scenarios such as vocal recording, conference, live broadcasting and interviews. Its built-in pickup head supports up to 24-bit resolution, high-resolution audio with 96Hz sampling rate, 20-20000 Hz response frequency and -36dB audio sensitivity, which can easily capture every sound detail, and it also supports lossless sound quality recording and zero-delay monitoring.

7. Blue Yeti Microphone

Blue Snowball-ice series is designed with classic retro ball shape, which is exquisite and small in shape and full of personality. The microphone uses a directional capsule digital condenser microphone with a cardioid directional pickup pattern for clear and focused vocal recording. Built-in digital sound card and professional audio processing chip, support real-time monitoring function, compatible with MAC and PC system notebook devices, USB socket is easy to install and use. As a classic model of Blue brand, the overall performance configuration of this series is quite good, reaching the professional sound quality level, suitable for all kinds of recording and dubbing, live chat scenes.

Blue Yeti Nano series is a classic USB microphone, which is used by many star anchors and Uppers. It adopts dual-diaphragm cabin array structure design, with high-sensitivity digital diaphragm capacitor sound head, the sound quality sampling rate reaches 24Bit/48KHz professional recording standard, and the voice recording effect is clear and excellent. It supports two pickup modes of omnidirectional and heart-shaped pointing. It has a built-in professional digital sound card. The body is equipped with an ear return monitoring hole and a volume gain adjustment function. The USB interface is plug-and-play. It is suitable for professional recording of live karaoke on notebook computers. This series is fashionable and exquisite in shape and excellent in workmanship quality. It is worth recommending.

Blue Yeti, as a high-end series of the Blue family, is a fashionable retro classic design with a strong appearance. It uses custom three-diaphragm capsule array technology, has broadcast-grade lossless sound quality, built-in four pickup modes, whether computer video recording, live broadcasting, podcasting or music recording, can achieve clear and authentic studio sound quality. On-board audio control design, MAC and PC system plug and play, this series can achieve multi-scene applications, for friends who have certain requirements for sound quality, you can consider starting.

As a professional live recording microphone, the Blue Yeti X series is co-branded with the customized design of World of Warcraft. The microphone is equipped with BlUE VOICE sound effect and built-in high-resolution voice meter, which has excellent broadcasting quality. It uses four sound head arrays, clear focus of voice recording, and four two-way switching modes of pickup, which is suitable for all kinds of live recording scenarios. Compatible with both PC and MAC systems, plug and play, equipped with anti-skid base, this series of performance configuration is remarkable, it is worth recommending.

8. Shure MV Series Microphone

Shure brand has always been well-known in the industry, and many professional stages use their equipment. The Shure MV5 series is designed to be small and portable with a retro and exquisite shape. Diaphragm level digital condenser sound head, comparable to the studio sound experience, excellent sound quality performance. Three DSP preset modes, adapt to multi-scene fast settings, compatible with MAC/PC/iPhone/iPad and other devices, can achieve zero delay real-time monitoring. This series is suitable for computer recording, dubbing, live broadcasting and professional anchors. Five-star recommendation.

Inspired by the classic SM78 vocal microphone, the Shure MV7 series features a high-quality dynamic microphone with an auto-level mode that improves live recording quality in real time. With voice separation technology, it can effectively reduce environmental noise and pick up professional voice recordings. Touch body panel and headphone monitor, quick slide gain adjustment, support for USB. XLR dual interface, microphone can be connected to professional audio equipment. The performance configuration of this series is very strong, the professionalism is high, and the detail innovation is quite amazing, which is worth recommending.

The Shure MV51 series is designed in a retro "Elvis Microphone" style, with a digital large diaphragm condenser head, high sensitivity, clear and natural voice recording, and true reproduction of the original sound effect. Built-in five DSP preset modes, intelligently optimize audio settings for different use scenarios, and the recording effect is brilliant. It supports multi-device connection of computers, notebooks, mobile phones and tablets, and can monitor in real time synchronously. The USB interface is driver-free. Overall, the performance configuration of this series is excellent and worth recommending.

9. Audio-Technica Large Diaphragm Series Microphone

Audio-Technica is a world-famous professional brand of audio equipment. Audio-Technica ATR2500X series adopts high-precision large-diaphragm digital condenser sound head, which has clear and sensitive pickup and a dynamic range of frequency response of 30Hz-15KHz. The sound quality sampling rate reaches the professional recording quality standard of 24Bit/48KHz. The microphone has a built-in sound card and a professional audio noise reduction chip, and is equipped with a cardioid pointing polar pattern, which can effectively suppress the interference of background noise and ambient sound. USB data interface is driver-free, plug-and-play, and easy to use and operate. Metal texture body design, the overall work is relatively strong, performance configuration has been upgraded, the recording effect is good, it is worth recommending.

Audio-Technica AT2020 usb series uses diaphragm level condenser sound head with excellent sound quality and resolution, which can record clear voice well. The clever mixing knob gain setting can better integrate the accompaniment of human voice and equipment playback. Built-in USB sound card and high-output headphone amplifier deliver clear vocal and musical detail at higher volumes. USB interface plug and play, driver-free design, easy to use. Compatible with all kinds of mobile phone systems and K-song software, this series is suitable for computer live recording, which is worth recommending.

Are there any of the Top 25 desktop stand game microphones that you like? In fact, the performance of most microphones is not much different, so if you just want to communicate with your teammates by voice, you might as well choose a compact and cost-effective one.