Benro Announces Polaris Smart Electric Tripod Head

Benro Announces Polaris Smart Electric Tripod Head

Benro has announced the release of the world's first electric tripod head. The tripod head has a camera interface control system, a remote DSLR preview, and can be connected to Wi-Fi. You can also remotely adjust photo composition and capture a series of photographs. 

Star lovers can also enjoy star tracking by taking long star exposures and creating close-up shots with the motion time-lapse. 

Features of the new Polaris innovative electric tripod head

The new Polaris tripod head comes in two versions. The Astro version and the time-lapse version. In the  Astro version users are able to use all the intelligent modes including star tracking. However, the time-lapse modes have all other modes except the star track mode. Fortunately, you can buy the Astro module add-on if you wish to upgrade the time-lapse version. 

Benro Polaris App

Benro Polaris has an app with a database of all the astronomical objects such as satellites, stars, and planets. Therefore, users will be able to choose the polar alignment they would like to shoot. 

Besides, the automated panorama feature allows you to capture sharp images of the stars without trails. The Benro Polaris app is downloaded to the phone and then connected to the tripod head for a seamless shooting experience. 

Remote Control

You can easily adjust photos composition, program the geared head and camera for high-resolution photos remotely. 

With the use of the remote control on their smartphones, users can also control the camera shooting direction and preview, review and download files of all shots in real time. The remote control allows users to direct the camera to shoot in various methods such as time-lapse, panorama, and focus stacking on sunrise and sunset.

Polaris has intuitive app-based pre-programming and an electromotive system

The electromotive system and pre-programming allows you to customize the shooting schedule or routine. Do this by adjusting the pitch, and pan angles, then check and add other parameters such as aperture, ISO, shutter, and more. 

After completing all the settings, Polaris will capture stunning pro-level photos without you clicking the shutter.

Polaris will also analyze all shots and automatically dial in the exposure values. These will sharpen the details of your creation and save you from retouching images with time-lapse or focus stacking.

Polaris has High-precision Brushless Motors

The high-precision brushless motors let you have all the micro control on your hands, such as framing horizontally and vertically. This allows you to capture smooth and precise pictures whenever you want. You can use the app to fine-tune your capture or manually use the physical knobs for excellent capture and videos.

Inbuilt GPS and Compass

Polaris also has an inbuilt GPS and compass that helps you determine celestial paths and adjust camera angles. This enables you to capture the perfect starry sky shot. You can also hone on a breathtaking time-lapse to get amazing shots of landscapes at sunrise or sunset. 

Polaris is strong from the inside out

Do not be fooled by its delicate look. The gimbal is designed to withstand harsh environments when you are outdoors shooting. It is made from solid aluminum alloy, enabling it to endure a harsh working environment. 

It has an IPX6 waterproof level. Therefore, it is water-resistant and also dust resistant. You can still get fantastic astrophotography in heavy storms, light rain, or a splash.

Moreover, Polaris has a longer battery life of more than 24 hours and can charge while using, making it reliable and concise. It has low power consumption yet is highly efficient. Therefore, you can enjoy your star tracking all night without worrying about the battery level.

The Bluetooth function

Its Bluetooth function allows you to connect the camera head with the camera and the phone. This allows you to control all functions in real time remotely.

Polaris modes are compatible with most cameras  

 Polaris tripod has built-in features such as motion time-lapse, panorama, people remover, dynamic exposure time-lapse, star tracking, and focus stacking. These modes are compatible with numerous camera brands when you connect them with the camera control cables.

Polaris Astro has a swappable microSD slot.

The swappable microSD and redundant onboard ensure that you do not lose any images lost when shooting. It also enables the user to quickly edit photos and videos.

Benro is Known for its High-Standard Products 

Benro precision machinery company is based in China. The company is known for its developed and refined product lines. 

Their commitment to high standards in production has ranked them as one of the best-selling companies in China, and they are currently among the global market's rising stars. Their tripods are built to exceed the photographer's needs and demands for pro-level captures.

Polaris, the world's first electric tripod head, started shipping officially last year. If you would like to grab your tripod, just check out from the company’s website and other related stores.