Benro Announces Theta World’s First Auto-leveling Tripod

Benro Announces Theta World’s First Auto-leveling Tripod

Benro is back! The company is excited about its new release, the new revolutionary self-adjusting tripod. The tripod has an auto-leveling key powered by an inbuilt battery, and it can perfectly level automatically to give the best firm shots. 

Theta tripod also has new in-built features to ease the work of photography. Videographers will not waste valuable time setting up and managing the camera but will focus on capturing the best shots.

Features of the New Theta Tripod 

Here are some of the features to expect in the theta tripod

Revolutionary Auto Leveling System

The new tripod is all about convenience. The auto-leveling feature and the unique zero-position design of its ball head let you have clear and antishake videos.

Additionally, you can install an optical matrix sensor module on the Hotshoe to adjust the tripod. The optical matrix sensor function enables the gimbal to adjust the camera exposure settings for a smooth and high-quality time-lapse video. Optical matrix sensor is available on the theta app.

"We used an extremely accurate, reliable optical matrix sensor and gyroscope to detect the ambient light, adjusting your camera's parameters automatically, dynamically, and precisely." Benro wrote. 

BIG Structural Optimization

The design has been optimized to make the tripod more portable and not compromise efficiency. Its new structural design balances strength and portability allowing you to use your heavy camera and lens. 

The central shaft is key to its structural optimization. To achieve a seamless fit, the original circular contour is divided into three equal sections and convexed inward to create three inner arcs. The circumference after the concave is, however, unaltered, thus preserving its initial support's strength.

Its compact design also utilizes space. The trigonous center column and cylinder tube legs minimize the pack downsize and make it easy to carry around. 

Benro understands that a good tripod should be solid and stable to give users firm videos and photos. Therefore, they have developed cylinder tubes that provide excellent stability and strength on the new theta tripod.

Dual Multi-functional Ball Head  

Thetas has a multi-functional ball head. The ball head can turn 360° enabling you to shoot at any angle. Besides, its pan and tilt head allows you to capture smooth anti-shake videos. 

"Theta is equipped with a dual panoramic ball head, which can both meet the needs of photography and video filming. In addition to 360-degree rotation in any direction, it can also lock the pan and tilt axes separately for video shooting." Benro wrote. 

The Auto-Lock QR Ring Feature. 

You will no longer have to deal with the time-consuming and complicated aligning, sliding, and twisting of the lock knob to mount the camera. This feature has been revolutionized in the new Theta. Benro has developed an auto-lock release ring that simplifies the whole process. Press the QR plate, and the latch automatically turns and locks the camera. 

The Fast Mounting Secure Leg-Lock Feature.

Theta's unique self-locking system ensures the safety of your camera and lens. The safety mechanism automatically secures the gimbal legs even if you forget to lock them fully. This prevents it from toppling and ultimately protecting your camera and lens.

A Smart Console for More Professional Shots 

In addition to its tripod function, the gimbal has a smart console with multiple interfaces. Theta boasts numerous benefits, such as a go-live, battery, and optical sensor module. 

The battery module has an auto-leveling feature that supplies the gimbal with the needed power and acts as a power bank. 

Besides, the camera control module lets users adjust the remote live view to see all the camera live views on their phone in real-time when they use the theta app.  

You can also use the remote camera setting to adjust camera parameters, such as shutter speed, aperture release, focal length, and ISO, in one interface when using the app. 

The go-live module supports all live streamings. You can shoot and share all your adventures live on youtube or other social media. Simply click on the RTMP (real-time messaging protocol)

Thetas hot shoe system manages all camera settings and sends information to the connected mobile device. 

Theta is Available in Two Sizes

You can choose between the standard (travel tripod) and the Max (heavy-duty) Theta tripod. The standard version is smaller than the Max version. It weighs 2,98 pounds and is 42cm(16.5 inches) long. The heavy-duty version weighs 3.3 pounds and has a packed length of 45 cm (17.7 inches).

The company intends to launch this fantastic gimbal via Kickstarter early this year, the date still unknown. Its standard version will retail at $350 and the Max at $399. 

Additionally, you will add $50 for features such as an optical matrix sensor and battery module.  The go-live feature and camera control module for $99.