BOYA Releases BY-CM1 Capacitive Desktop USB Microphone

BOYA Releases BY-CM1 Capacitive Desktop USB Microphone

Recently, the BOYA BY-CM1 capacitive desktop USB microphone was officially launched. It has been more than half a year since the last launch of the new USB microphone. Let's take a look at the "excellence" of this new product.

Plug and play, convenient and fast
No need for batteries and switches, connect the device to start using, say goodbye to tedious operation, recording work is faster and more efficient.

Heart-shaped pickup, clear sound
It is equipped with a heart-shaped pointing microphone, which can concentrate on picking up the sound from the front of the microphone, weaken the ambient sound from the back and around, reduce the workload of post-editing, and make the pickup more accurate.

Listen to the "purity" of sound
The noise reduction mode is automatically turned on when it is turned on, which can effectively reduce the impact of white noise and highlight the clear and pure main sound.

Radio "Quiet" Satisfactory
Configure one-button mute mode, turn on when speaking, otherwise turn off, pick up only the sound you need, and protect your privacy.

Wide range of application scenarios, compatible with Mac/Windows
Connecting computers does not pick the system, Mac or Windows system devices are adapted, can be used for live broadcasting, video conferencing, online courses, e-sports games and other scenarios.

90 ° rotation, precise pickup
The microphone is allowed to rotate 90 ° up and down, and the radio angle can be adjusted at any time according to the recording needs, so the pickup effect is more accurate.

Non-slip base, stable and practical
The base is provided with a counterweight, and an environment-friendly silica gel anti-skid pad is used to enhance the adsorption with the desktop, so that the microphone is stable, anti-skid and not easy to topple in the process of using.