DJI Gives Mirrorless Camera Owners A Reason to Smile -Travel Stabilizer RS 3 Mini

DJI Gives Mirrorless Camera Owners A Reason to Smile -Travel Stabilizer RS 3 Mini

DJI, a leading global dealer of civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, recently announced the introduction of the DJI RS 3 Mini, a new travel stabilizer. The lightweight handheld stabilizer is specifically designed for use with today's brand of mirrorless cameras and lenses. It helps photographers and vloggers capture smooth and stable footage while on the go. The RS 3 Mini is small enough to fit even in a shoulder bag.

According to DJI's Senior Product Line Manager Paul Pan, they've been working on bringing professional-grade technology to a wide group of vloggers and content creators. The RS 3 Mini is, therefore, a significant milestone towards achieving this mission, as creators with mirrorless cameras can now enjoy the same technology used by big corporations on film sets and studios across the world.

“Since the introduction of DJI’s Ronin series for cinematography in professional environments, DJI has been working on bringing professional-grade technology to an increasing number of content creators,” said Mr. Pan. “The DJI RS 3 Mini is a testament to DJI’s core value of bringing innovative stabilization technology to everyone with a love of capturing their moments in a photo or on video. Now, anyone with a mirrorless camera can experience the same industry-leading technology used on film sets and studios across the globe.”

Compact and Super Light

The RS 3 Mini has been redesigned to include a small body, integrated battery, and vertical shooting capability. The small body can easily fit inside your backpack or shoulder bag and allow you to travel long distances without feeling any extra weight. Compared to the RS 3 Pro, the RS 3 Mini is actually smaller, so it's more convenient for extended use.

And even In terms of weight, the PS 3 Mini is about 40% lighter than the RS 3 and 50% lighter than the RS 3 Pro. It weighs 795 grams (1.75 lbs) in portrait mode, though when the horizontal plate is included, it's about 850 grams. It also features a concentrated center of balance which ensures maximum stability when handheld. The RS 3 Mini can support any mirrorless camera as long as they weigh 2 kg or less.

Professional Stabilization and Advanced Camera Movements

The RS 3 Mini features the same high-quality 3rd-Gen RS stabilization algorithm as its predecessor, the RS 3 Pro. It, therefore, means that it can achieve professional image stabilization like the RS 3 Pro. Simply put, both users of the RS 3 Pro and RS 3 Mini enjoy the same advantages, though under different models. Whether you're just shooting in flashlight mode or running, you get high-quality and stable shots.

Being extremely compact while also coming with a variety of useful features, the RS 3 Mini achieves unimaginable camera movements. With the RS 3 Mini, you're not worried about reshooting due to camera movements or unplanned stoppages. This allows you to capture every moment of your activities with confidence and authority.

Easy Control and Effortless Connection Through Bluetooth Shutter

The RS 3 Mini comes with a Bluetooth shutter, also in the RS 3 Pro. And the Bluetooth shutter is compatible with most mainstream camera models that most content creators use. What's even more beautiful is that after the first pairing, the function allows the RS 3 Mini to reconnect with the camera automatically.

After pairing, you can now control the camera functions via the gimbal's record Button. It's even easier to use a Sony camera with a supported digital lens. You can use the front dial to access more camera functions eliminating the need for a camera control cable. The RS 3 also features a 1.4-inch full-color touchscreen, a front, and an M-mode button with easy one-handed access, ensuring quick and easy control.

Ronin App and DJI Care Refresh

DJI's Ronin App features several intelligent shooting functions which help users save time and maximize productivity. These include a Panorama which enhances the camera's field of view and provides a panoramic photo showing the whole scene. Others are a timelapse and track recording.

The DJI Care Refresh, on the other hand, is a comprehensive protection plan for all DJI products, and the RS 3 Mini is one of them; it's also available for it. So any accidental damage to the product is covered, and you can have it replaced for a small additional charge if it can't be repaired. One year DJI Care Refresh plan includes two replacements within one year, while a two-year plan includes 3 replacements in 2 years.

Enough Power

The RS 3 Mini features an integrated battery handle that provides up to 10 hours of charge, meaning you can shoot for a whole day without going out of power. Plus, it supports charging while in use, and it needs only 2.5 hours to charge fully.