Dual Thumb Action Camera insta360 GoBro is coming soon!

Dual Thumb Action Camera insta360 GoBro is coming soon!

53 G Lightweight Dual Action Cameras
Double Stands,N-fold play

Back-to-back suction = 360 ° panoramic camera
No matter how small it is, it can also record panoramas

Side-by-Side Adsorption = Ultra Wide Angle Action Camera
Dual-camera and dual-camera field of view

Travel for Two person, vision sharing
Share the camera with your Bro, double view recording,
Connect to lnsta360 APP, view the other party's camera pictures in real time, and don't be afraid of getting separated
You and my wonderful life can be kept
Al editing algorithm is upgraded again, and double template is added,
Intelligent selection of highlight clips of two camera positions

Solar charging lasts forever
When shooting outdoors, just place GOBro in a sunny place.
It can convert solar energy into electric energy for 10 minutes and charge for 2 hours.

More than a charging box
The top and bottom of the GOBro charging box are transformed into a touchable color screen.
Playback, preview and control are more intuitive and convenient.

35-85mm zoom second variable mini telescope
The location is further away,
But you can also watch a super clear concert with your Bro.

Changing Camera into Headphone Is a Feast for Audio-visual
Shooting too long, visual fatigue?    Then put on the headphones, switch the headphone mode, and enjoy the full stereo sound immediately.

Avatar iron and clothes no longer wrinkle
Turn on the ironing mode for quick heating,
The collar and cuffs of the shirt are ironed at any time, which makes it more decent for the camera.

Universal magnetic attraction can attract all things
Support arbitrary material surface and angle adsorption.