Enjoy the sound quality!Saramonic Xmic Z5 Desktop USB Microphone Released!

Enjoy the sound quality!Saramonic Xmic Z5 Desktop USB Microphone Released!

On April 25, the Xmic Z5 desktop USB microphone, another member of the Saramonic Xmic family, was launched. Let's introduce the Xmic Z5!

    Saramonic Xmic Z5

Professional Radio Enjoys Sound Quality:-
The Xmic Z5 is a USB condenser microphone capable of recording audio at up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution, making it ideal for home studio recording, Vlogs, live streaming, and more.

Unique design and easy operation:-
The Xmic Z5 has a gain adjustment knob and a headphone volume adjustment knob, which can precisely adjust the gain and headphone volume, bringing you a professional recording experience.
    Saramonic Xmic Z5

Multiple collocations of two kinds of sound pickup:-
The Xmic Z5 is equipped with a polar mode switch knob, which allows you to freely adjust the cardioid and omnidirectional polar modes with a single turn, allowing you to switch between them according to the needs of different scenes.

Strong plug-and-play adaptability:-
Xmic Z5 uses the common Type-C Jack on the market to connect, which is perfectly compatible with Android devices, tablets, Mac/Windows computers, and achieves a plug-and-play efficient experience.
Saramonic Xmic Z5

Real-time monitoring to ensure sound quality:-
Equipped with a 3.5mm headphone Jack, it can provide you with low-latency real-time monitoring function and playback monitoring function, effectively ensuring the quality of recording.

Solid design and complete accessories:-
The Xmic Z5 features a stand design with a glossy metallic paint finish that can be rotated 360 ° to adjust the angle of use; it also comes with 3/8-inch adapter and microphone anti-puff cover provide you with more usage options.
About Saramonic:

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