Feiyu officially launches the Feiyu SCORP MINI P smartphone stabilizer

Feiyu officially launches the Feiyu SCORP MINI P smartphone stabilizer

Feiyu SCORP family welcomes a new member, Feiyu officially launches the Feiyu SCORP MINI P smartphone stabilizer! Simplifying complexity and returning to creativity, Feiyu SCORP MINI P is committed to becoming a more convenient and professional tool for video enthusiasts to shoot with their smartphones! If you want to create stunning TikTok videos using your smartphone, then the SCORP MINI P stabilizer is definitely worth having.

Feiyu SCORP MINI P smartphone stabilizer adopts orthogonal three-axis technology, enabling stable and smooth shooting, allowing photographers to enjoy the creative experience. Retaining the classic Feiyu SCORP series integrated grip design, the grip is comfortable and effortless and enables more camera movements, giving you the freedom to shoot.

In terms of control design, Feiyu SCORP MINI P smartphone stabilizer allows photographers to easily control the scene through quick key operations, enabling them to focus on creativity while minimizing the complexity of operation. The installation is reversible, and it is ready to use once turned on. The quick switch between portrait and landscape modes enables shooting on the go, allowing you to switch freely between different scenes. The follow mode responds quickly, and it has built-in features such as track delay and zoom shooting, making your video creation more exciting!

"Three-axis motor lock, stable and easy to carry"

In terms of the overall appearance, Feiyu SCORP MINI P is made of metal craftsmanship, and the handle is designed with anti-slip pads, making it very comfortable to grip, even when shooting in the summer. Following the advantages of the SCORP MINI, each of the three axes has an independent motor lock, which can be locked in place during storage, making it stable and easy to carry.

"Keyboard-style control panel, ready to use"

In terms of the key layout, the functions are comprehensive, professional, and easy to use. Feiyu SCORP MINI P simplifies the function of the keys, making the operation more straightforward, concise, and efficient. The joystick key, shooting key, and mode switching key are the most frequently used keys for daily shooting, and they are concentrated in the upper part of the control panel. The lower area has left and right rotation keys, and an automatic rotation key. When the auto-rotation is turned on, you can press the L or R key to achieve the Inception-style shooting effect. The shooting process does not require continuous pressing of the key, and the speed can be switched between slow/medium/fast, meeting your creative needs for video shooting.

"Large carrying platform, unaffected by obstruction"

The load-bearing capacity and ease of installation and use are naturally important points to consider for a stabilizer. Feiyu SCORP MINI P can support up to 520g, and can carry most models and sizes of smartphones on the market. It is a professional-level smartphone stabilizer with outstanding compatibility, making camera movements during shooting more precise and exciting! In addition to horizontal or vertical installation, the phone lens can be installed on both the left and right sides, and can be used normally without worrying about the stabilizer blocking the lens.


The multifunctional knob can control the focal length and focus in Feiyu ON, and can also rotate the angle of the three axes accurately. Connecting to the Feiyu ON APP can enable remote control of the gimbal, parameter settings, object tracking, zoom shooting, track delay and many more functions.

Smartphone filming has become the mainstream photography equipment on social media. Feiyu SCORP MINI P smartphone stabilizer is the simplest and most practical investment that instantly transforms your smartphone into a professional camera, suitable for every short video creator.