RØDE Releases Wireless ME Creator Wireless Microphone

RØDE Releases Wireless ME Creator Wireless Microphone

April 4th, RØDE, the Australian microphone brand, announced the release of a wireless microphone named Wireless ME.

Wireless ME inherits the iconic design of the previous generations of Wireless GO, consisting of a single transmitter and receiver that pair automatically. It adopts RØDE IV series 2.4GHz digital transmission technology, proprietary nearly zero-latency encoders, 128-bit encryption technology, and a built-in broadcast-level microphone.

Wireless ME also features another innovation, the "ME Microphone," a "voice-over" microphone built into the receiver. This innovative function supports creators recording audio from both the front and back of the camera, making it ideal for two-way interviews or voice-overs. To enhance creative potential, the receiver also supports connecting a second Wireless ME or Wireless GO II transmitter, enabling multifunctional, dual-channel recording, and even a unique three-microphone wireless system.

Wireless ME seamlessly connects to all cameras, iOS and Android smartphones, Mac and Windows computers, and comes with all necessary adapter cables.

Highlights of RØDE Wireless ME include:

  • Compact and easy-to-use wireless microphone system
  • RØDE's most advanced IV series 2.4GHz digital transmission technology supports transmission distances of over 100 meters
  • Intelligent gain-assist technology automatically controls audio levels to obtain clear and perfect sound
  • Both the transmitter and receiver have built-in broadcast-level microphones, enabling multifunctional dual-channel recording
  • Supports connecting an additional transmitter, allowing for the use of three microphones simultaneously
  • Seamlessly connects to cameras, smartphones, tablets (iOS and Android), and computers (Mac and Windows), and comes with all necessary adapter cables
  • Easy to set up through RØDE Central and compatible with RØDE Connect, RØDE Reporter, and the new RØDE Capture App.