Saramonic Announces Blink500 ProX Q Series Wireless Microphones

Saramonic Announces Blink500 ProX Q Series Wireless Microphones

The Saramonic Blink500 ProX Q Series Wireless Microphone was officially launched on the evening of November 21. As the smallest model in the Blink500 ProX Series, the Q Series has excellent pickup capability and a smaller, lighter design that makes outdoor recording easier to carry. It is very suitable for live broadcasting, Vlog, street interviews, online teaching and other scenarios.

As a professional pickup device, Blink500 ProX Q series is equipped with advanced 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology, which can further reduce the interference of the environment to the wireless signal. The signal transmission is more stable, the delay is as low as 8 ms, and it has a transmission distance of 100 meters, which truly realizes the synchronization of sound and picture. The user-friendly design of plug and play enables new users to use it quickly.

The Blink500 ProX Q Series Wireless Microphone has eight sub-models and four different types of RX receivers. No matter what kind of recording device you use, such as mobile phone, camera, camcorder, tablet, notebook, etc., you can find the right model for you.

In order to pick up pure sound quality, the TXQ transmitter has a built-in high-quality omnidirectional microphone with -39 dB sensitivity, 48kHz sampling rate and 20-20kHz frequency response, resulting in fuller, high-resolution lossless sound quality.

In order to make outdoor recording and carrying more convenient, the TX transmitter of Blink500 ProX Q series is specially designed to be miniaturized. Its appearance size is only 44.5 * 30.5 * 12mm, and its weight is as low as 16.5g. It does not drag the collar when worn on the collar. The RX receiver is equipped with an OLED visual display screen, which can clearly and intuitively understand the current signal strength, remaining power and other recording status.

It is equipped with 7-gear gain adjustment and real-time monitoring function to help you record more sound details and meet the high requirements of sound quality in different scenes. It also has a self-set mono/stereo output mode to meet the radio needs of two people appearing at the same time. The TX transmitter/RX receiver is designed with a built-in lithium battery. When fully charged, the TX can provide 6 hours of battery life, and the RX can provide 10 hours of battery life, which can meet the needs of long-term outdoor recording.