Sennheiser Profile USB Microphone Newly Launched

Sennheiser Profile USB Microphone Newly Launched

Sennheiser has announced the release of a new condenser microphone called Profile USB. Its simple usage and stylish design combine professional sound quality, rich functionality, and ease of use, providing a great solution for applications such as game streaming, live streaming, podcasting, and more. It is suitable for gaming streaming, voice recording, online learning, professional condenser microphones, and other scenarios.

Balancing sound quality and ease of use

The core of the Profile USB microphone is the award-winning Sennheiser condenser microphone head KE 10. Its cardioid polar pattern presents the typical attenuation effect of sound from the rear of the microphone, ensuring clear and prominent sound for broadcasters.

The Profile USB microphone's design takes ease of use into consideration - live streamers and podcasters can fully concentrate on content creation.

When designing the Profile USB microphone, product managers Benny Franke and Dennis Stegemerten also emphasized the importance of ease of use. "When recording a podcast or live stream, users already have too much to focus on, such as the content itself, room decoration, camera placement, audience interaction, etc. The last thing users want to think about is complex audio settings," Franke explained. "So we tried to use technology to eliminate obstacles on the way to content creation."

Stegemerten added: "The design of the Profile USB microphone is simple and efficient, easy to operate. Just plug it into the USB-C port of your computer or tablet, and the device will automatically recognize the microphone and start recording your voice. Users can easily adjust the microphone settings without any interface, software, or extra window. Direct touch on the microphone - that's what users need."

On the front of the Profile USB microphone, there is a touch-sensitive and silent mute button, a gain control knob for adjusting the microphone volume, a mixing control knob for balancing recorded sound with device audio, and a control knob for adjusting headphone monitoring volume. Headphones with headband or earbuds can be connected via the 3.5mm jack on the back of the Profile USB microphone.

The LED ring on the Profile USB microphone visually displays the working status. When the LED ring of the gain control knob is green, the microphone is ready. If the LED ring flashes yellow or remains yellow, it means that the microphone is clipping, and users need to lower the microphone volume. When the microphone is muted, the LED rings of the mute button and the gain control knob will light up red.

Flexible and easy microphone positioning

"The Profile USB microphone is ready to use out of the box, with natural warm sound quality that highlights the fullness and presence of human voices. Interestingly, even if the platform compresses audio, users can still hear the difference in sound quality," Franke explained. "Therefore, a powerful microphone head is crucial, but placing the microphone correctly is equally important. We recommend placing the microphone within 15 cm (6 inches) of the mouth or sound source to ensure clarity and warmth of sound."

The Profile USB microphone can achieve the best pickup angle by adjusting the tilt angle, and its self-locking joint ensures that the microphone is fixed in the adjusted position. The microphone can be installed on a third-party desktop bracket through the 3/8" and 5/8" interfaces on the base. For more flexible positions and angles, users can choose the Profile Broadcaster Kit, which is equipped with a three-point self-locking cantilever arm. The design of this cantilever arm is modern and fashionable, with a card slot for cable storage, making it very suitable for various usage scenarios that require being on camera.

Stegemerten summarized, "In short, this microphone is made of metal, sturdy and durable, and it will always be by your side whether you are a novice broadcaster just starting out or a seasoned player looking to simplify your setup. The Sennheiser Profile USB microphone will be your loyal audio assistant."


> Microphone type: prepolarized capacitor microphone
> Power Supply: 5V/200mA(Max)
> Frequency response: 20Hz-20 KHZ
> Port: USB-C(USB2.0 full speed) 3.5mm TRS
> Pick up: Heart type
> Earphone output: 3.5mm (16Ω20 Hz-18.5kHz)
> Sampling frequency: 44.1/48 KHZ
> Operating temperature: 0℃ to +40℃
> Quantization series: 16/24 bits
> Size: Ø50x152mm(microphone only)
> Sensitivity (minimum gain): -50 dBFS at 80 dB SPL
> Weight: 350g(Microphone only)
> Max Loud Pressure level (Min gain) : 125 dB
> System compatibility :Windows10.0 or higher,macOS10.15 or higher,Android90 or higher,iPadOS*14 or higher,* compatible with all Apple devices with USB-C ports
> Equivalent noise level (maximum gain): 28 dB(A)