SJCAM Launches All-New SJ4000 Action Camera Perfect For Vlogging

SJCAM Launches All-New SJ4000 Action Camera Perfect For Vlogging

Vlogging cameras are now high in demand because a large number of people are showing keen interest in vlogging. It’s the age of social media where everyday millions of pictures and videos are getting clicked and posted on different platforms.

In the present times, it has become one of the most popular ways of sharing thoughts, experiences, and expertise to a wide audience. Thus, there has been a growing demand for vlogging accessories as well. One of the most important and basic gadgets required for vlogging is a perfect camera.

Keeping this in mind, SJCAM has come up with an All-new SJ4000 action camera perfect for vlogging. Vloggers can benefit in more than a way when they choose to use to use a camera. Logging cameras are required to have some features that help in creating high-quality video content. When launching SJ4000 action camera, the makers have revealed that all the requirements of the vloggers have been taken care of so that things are easier.

This is one of the most affordable cameras available in the present times which has made it popular amongst the users. It is available in a compact design and is strong enough to withstand long hours of outdoor usage. It is available with a top-quality shockproof and waterproof outdoor casing that provides it complete protection.

For those who are interested in the camera and would like some more information, here are some of the best features of the camera.

High-quality video recording: Vlogging cameras are specially needed to record high-quality video.These should typically be of 1080p resolution which will ensure that the footage looks clear and professional.

Understanding the needs of the users, the makers have revealed that the SJ4000 Dual-Screen Action Camera is able to record UHD 4K30 and 1080p60 video. That is not all, it is designed to capture high-quality 16MP still photos that are realistic and the best in quality.

The Audio Quality Has to Be Perfect: Audio is an important part of any vlog or any recording which is the essence of the production. Thus, it is necessary to use cameras that have great built-in mics so that audio can be captured with great clarity. There is an integrated speaker and also integrated microphone so that there is no compromise on the recording.

The Different Modes: Footage is shot in different modes and vloggers usually shoot on the go. Thus, the device is available with two main types of mode – the photo mode and the video mode. In the video mode, there is an option to shoot in modes like internal recording, loop recording, normal mode, car mode and vertical screen. In case of photo mode, it is possible to choose between timed shooting, interval shooting, continuous shooting and single shooting.

Wide-angle lens: Vlogging cameras need to have wide-angle lens that helps to capture more of the surroundings and provide a better sense of place for the viewer. This camera is available with Ultra-wide 170° lens. Users can compose their shots and also review what they have recorded on the 2" onboard LCD screen, so that if anything is amiss they can record again.

Image stabilization: Vloggers capture videos and images on the move. Image stabilization becomes a big challenge because all cameras do not come with such features. Vlogging cameras should have good image stabilization to reduce shaky footage and make the final product look smoother.

Lightweight and portable: Vloggers often need to carry their cameras around with them, so cameras that are lightweight and portable are preferred.

Easy to Use – The camera is available with a number of mounting options so that the user can use it in any situation. It can be used under different circumstances and can be mounted on surfboards, handlebars, helmets and more.

Users do not have to worry about how to transfer the footage. There is a USB port that lets the user transfer the footage to a computer. It doesn’t require much of learning or practice and is simple to use. The camera can be used by anyone quite easily.

Peter who has bought the camera mentions “It comes in a great design and is super easy to use. I love the video quality and its different modes of use. It is one of the best things I have spent on in the recent times.”

About SJCAM:

SJCAM is a renowned brand that specializes in a range of action cameras. It was founded in 2013 and is based in China. The company offers a wide range of action cameras which are designed to be affordable alternatives to higher-end cameras from brands like GoPro. These cameras have become a popular choice amongst the users mainly for their compact size, durability, and versatility, and they are popular among outdoor enthusiasts and content creators.